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Friday, March 2, 2012


Wow. Looks like some of you anon's are on a roll. I think one of you needs to consider upping your meds. To the rest of the readers, no need to thank me for the entertainment. Rob, you forgot to invite me to the ambush. I picked up my packet this morning. I think I'll go mow my weeds.

This from Bryan Hoerner:

1. Why are you running for this office?

To help make the council a proactive one and one that is in tune with the majority of the city’s residents.

2. What city committees have you served on in the past and when?

I served on City Council from July of 2007 until May of 2010, which triggered the start of an Era, excuse me, Error.

3. Tell us about your education and any degrees you hold.

I hold a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Orleans with a minor on common sense.

4. Do you have any professional designations, i.e. CPA, RN, etc.?

No, I do not.

5. What is your work experience?

I have worked in the Engineering and Design/Project Management field since graduation from college in 1994. Prior to that I delivered newspapers, bagged groceries, stocked shelves, ran a Produce Department, co-managed a supermarket, and worked on elevators. That last one was pretty up and down which drove me to college to get a degree.

6. Describe your most important personal characteristics or traits as they relate to the office you seek.

I take a common sense approach to things. I do not get my feelings hurt very easily. I have no problem with agreeing to disagree. I get things done. I am committed, dedicated, and dependable. I give credit when and where there is credit due.

7. Please describe one to three accomplishments or contributions of which you are most proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to the office you are seeking. These accomplishments may have occurred at any time during your personal, professional or public life.

I have always taken on an assignment and given it my all. I have always been promoted as a result of my performance and contribution, but not at the expense of others. In the grocery business I advanced from grocery bagger to Assistant Manager in 2 years. In my current line of business I advanced from mechanical designer to Project Director in 5 years.

As a City Council member I had the honor of serving on what is considered by many to be one of most cohesive and successful councils the city has ever seen, a far cry from what we are experiencing today.

I initiated the effort and worked on the team that eventually led to the city purchasing the property it currently owns on FM2094. That was no easy task and it many long hours and teamwork by a number of people to make that happen. I was also on the team that worked with the architects to develop the original Town Center Plan.

Lastly, along with my wonderful wife Diana, we started the Annual Island Wide Garage Sale about 7 years ago, a Civic Club sponsored event which we still organize to this day.

8. Please describe the duties of the office you seek, in your own words. Which are the most important duties and why?

Attempting to understand the city’s and resident’s needs is a big part of the job. Also, understanding that you will never please everyone, but that does not mean you turn your back on the opposition. An example of that is the Scope Reduction Committee I created and chaired when we reached an impasse on the amount of money the EDC was attempting to borrow. One side wanted to borrow nothing, one side wanted to borrow a much larger amount. The committee was an attempt to agree on a middle ground. Even though the members of the opposition never did act in good faith and refused to back the majority decision of the committee it was still an example of attempting to work together despite differing opinions. This is very important as it helps keep the community together. Divisiveness is not a tool, even though a certain faction of the city seems to think so.

Obviously, city council also has fiscal responsibility. We really need to get a handle on that, regardless of the outcome of the election, and get the budget back in line.

9. What are the City’s strengths? What are its weaknesses?

The city’s main strength is its people. To this day I can make a few phone calls if I need some help and within 30 minutes I will have a yard full of golf carts carrying volunteers. The fundraisers/benefits we have had are also evidence of that. No matter how hard certain factions try to disrupt that it will never end, in my opinion. The community spirit of CLS is an eternal one.

The only real weakness, in my opinion, is the refusal of the old guard to compromise, sometimes using lies and deceit to promote their agenda. Remember the “Don’t Let Them Raise Your Taxes, Vote No to the Town Center” signs? There seems to be a sense that new people and/or people with proactive ideas always have ulterior motives. They just can’t seem to grasp the idea that we love this city as much as they do even if we have not put in the years here that they have. There are a lot of people in this neighborhood with ideas and opinions that come from the heart, but their motives are questioned and they run the risk of their reputations being tarnished. That keeps many of them from getting involved, unfortunately. It does not bother me, fire away.

11. Do you think Clear Lake Shores is a well-run city? Why or why not?

Even though the city staff has been thoroughly demoralized by the current Council and by a certain faction of residents, I think it is still well run. Part of my mantra at work is that we, as managers, need to do everything we can to develop an environment for our people to be successful. I do not think the current Council does that, and we need to focus on that. In other words, I think the current staff is doing the best they can given the current situation and negative environment, and I am very thankful they have stayed around and weathered the storm. It is admirable, in my opinion. I know they hope, as do many of us, that the upcoming election will bring blue skies to all of us. Well, to most of us, anyway.

12. Where do you see Clear Lake Shores in five years and what role would you play to get it there?

I think the CLS will always be a great place being a great place to live and raise a family. I think the sense of community will always be there despite a handful of negative people that will likely always be around as they tend to add new members to the club every election year. One thing we really need to do is clean up the entrance and add small businesses within the Town Center footprint that will enhance the quality of life of our residents.

The role I will play to get there is to find ways to get out overall budget back under control and support the EDC 100%. From what I can tell our sales tax revenues are back where they were pre-Ike, yet we are budgeting a deficit this year? What does that not seem to bother anyone? It was stated at a recent meeting that the Public Works budget has increased over 100% since last year? Why? It was also stated that cost cutting measures may need to be taken (you think?) but a couple of options mentioned were eliminating the Property Tax Relief and the free Trash Pick-Up. Can we maybe get a little more creative than that? Why we we also to afford those thing 2 years ago and still run a budget surplus?

I also think we should once again look for financing opportunities that will allow the development of the Town Center to actually progress. “Pay as you go” was a concept sold to a majority of voters 2 years ago through lies and rumors. Well, look where it has gotten us. Due to limited funding and lack of support by the current Council we are struggling to even get a tree in the ground, through no fault of the EDC. I think we should all be thankful folks like Ronnie Richards have stayed involved and remained dedicated as long as they have, especially given the deplorable current state of Council.

I will also work outside of the normal meeting hours to look for opportunities to enhance the city and the resident’s lifestyles. Being a council member requires more than showing up twice a month for a meeting. As I mentioned earlier, I had the honor of serving on a very proactive, creative, and successful council. Our record speaks for itself. On the flip side, a quick run through the Meeting Minutes from the least 2 years shows a vastly different story. There were an embarrassingly few number of “New Business” agenda items submitted that did not deal with the police department investigation. I’m not sure if Councilman Fuller has ever sponsored an agenda item in 2 years other than the ones he tags along on. He recently said he disagreed with the ordinance dealing with trash and rubbish on vacant lots. Well, 2 years should have been more than an adequate amount of time to lead the effort to revise it. It is a little late now, though.

Let’s get back to answering the original question. I will be a proactive Council Member. Not everything I do will be supported by the majority but I will always do what I truly feel is in the best interest of the city and its residents. And I will never sit back and ride out my term. I will resign if I ever get to the point when I feel I am not contributing something.

13. If elected, how would you handle a constituent's call to complain about a matter?

A return call or e-mail ASAP, with a face to face meeting if necessary. Simple common sense – communicate with the people who elected you. To ignore them is reprehensible and terribly immature.

However, I will not respond directly to an Anonymous complaint. If I feel the complaint is legitimate and needs to be addressed then I will respond to the residents as a whole.

14. What issues would you like to see the council address?

Rapid development of the Town Center

Budget reductions and growth of the Rainy Day Fund

Improved operational procedures for the city and police department

Repair of our reputation (which has been tarnished terribly over the last 2 years)

And last but not least…….Reinstatement of the Jammin’ on Jarboe original budget (will you still vote for me Roselyn?)

15. Please list your top three to five priorities you will champion to move the city forward.

Rapid development of the Town Center

Budget reductions and growth of the Rainy Day Fund

Full support of the EDC

Improved communication between Council and residents

16. Describe how you plan to implement your top three priorities. (50 words or less)

Work with EDC to develop a more aggressive plan for Town Center development. Take another shot at EDC obtaining financing for the project as I think if that same vote were held today the financing piece would pass with flying colors. Reinstate Council liaisons to Committees and rejuvenate them. Get new residents involved on Committees. Consider some third part help with budget review and budget streamlining.

17. What would you like to change about the council?

Get back to the days when we worked together and shared a vision. We will never all agree, but that does not make anyone right and anyone wrong. I also think each Council Member should establish and broadcast their 2 or 3 top priorities and report on progress toward those ends at every meeting. Saying “Nothing” at the beginning of every meeting for 2 years when the Mayor asks Council if they have anything to report is not acceptable.

18. What would you like to stay the same about the council?


That does not mean I would not support the two standing members that will continue on. They deserve their seat and an opportunity to work in a better environment.

By “nothing” I mean none of the inter-workings that exist now. There basically are none to begin with.

19. What in your view is the relationship between the Mayor and City Council? What is the main function of each, and where are certain responsibilities shared?

The relationship needs to be a working one and an amicable one. As I already stated – we will never all agree. However, it is both the Mayor’s responsibility and every Alderman’s responsibility to not hold grudges and not let losing on a position influence whether or not you support the next one.

The mayor functions as the chief elected official of the city and is responsible for representing the city and has responsibility for the general public relations of the city. The mayor acts as the presiding officer at all regular and special council meetings. The mayor signs on behalf of the city. In the event the city is operating with an even number of councilmen the mayor may vote to break a tie vote on motions.

City Councilmembers are the city’s legislators and are responsible for policymaking. This includes identify the needs of residents. Other responsibilities include monitoring the effectiveness of municipal services and other programs within the city.

20. How do you propose to create a positive working relationship?

By being a mature adult.

21. Is there anything else you would like our residents to know about your candidacy?

No. Most people know enough about me to decide. If there any additional questions that someone feels a need to ask I will be happy to answer them, assuming they reveal their identity, of course.

Here is a cartoon my WIFE gave me from PINTREST! This is me turning on CAPS lock. IT IS NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT AND I DONT CARE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT.

But it is a clear copyright violation by whoever made it. ab


Bryan said...


Thanks for well placed cartoon, bud....

Adelia said...

Lucy - you got some splainin to do. That is almost as good as an am bush.

Adelia said...

Yea Bryan - thanks for running. Now we have a bunch of wonderful candidates to consider!! I would like to meet Amanda - not sure who she is.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you read this differently, but according to the Sales Tax Collection info on the City Web Site, we are still running considerably behind Pre-Ike levels -- and it is declining from last year:

Roselyn said...

Adelia, Amanda was sitting directly behind you at the Council meeting last week and she is the one that read back verbatim the amended council minutes to Tami and Jackie since they were trying to twist what was recorded regarding an immediate audit. I believe she is Director of Communications for San Jac College. If she doesn't run this time then I hope she runs to replace Arline in a year.

Adelia said...

Thanks Roselyn


Bryan: Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You made a great council person when you previously served. I look forward to pulling the lever for you. Folks... if you vote for Bryan Hoerner you will be voting for one of the most level headed and fair minded people I have ever known. Allen Cruthirds

Roselyn said...

Bryan I loved your intelligent, well thought out answers and I think you make a great candidate, but you do have one interesting anomoly I would like explained please.........I realize it might be difficult since you live on the other side of the island from me and that sometimes if one is not affected, then one does not care........but, #14 (e) and #20 oppose each other in my thinking.

For the FINAL time, I am not opposed to music and parties. I am opposed to frequent and loud music in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

If elected can you please tell our little group over by Jarboe Park if you intend to limit the number of bands in the park per month and if you have a solution for a noise level that would not affect folks who live next to it?

The level in effect now is a decimal level that is equivalent to a telephone dial tone. So image watching TV on Saturday night and hearing a dial tone in the background for 3 hours. The City also tells the police dispatcher that its a city party and to not respond to citizen complaints until 10 PM.

In other words, do you have a solution that would make everyone happy?

Thanks for having the courage to run and get us back on track.

Anonymous said...

Bryan you are going to start your Political Campaign by insulting women and copyright theft. You can now be our Clinton, you horse's ass.

***A tweet from the @Peanutweeter account, sent just after noon PDT, claimed that the site had been taken offline following a DMCA claim by Iconix Brand Group, which owns copyrights on the Peanuts characters and comic strip.

ab said...

Not sure why you would think the cartoon posted in my blog was posted by anyone other than me. Feel free to apologize to Mr. Hoerner now. I think it's funny that's why I posted it. Not sure why you feel insulted unless you chew with your mouth open. You have to be new here or you would have read my disclaimer to leave your sensitive nature home. This is as close to an apology as you're going to get. Enjoy you're day.

Anonymous said...

Read this and you may learn something. In the mean time I will be filing a complaint. This is pure sexual harassment at it's worst by a want-to-be Politician. Allan you should have had better sense then to allow this on your Web Site. I so angry I can't see straight right now. You call yourself a leader, I going to use this show my daughter's what pig is.

Training Manual


Gender Awareness/Sensitisation Workshop
for Community Representatives

Anonymous said...

Bryan is not in charge of adding the cartoons to the blog page or anything but comments. Besides that is not an insult to women it is an insult to people who chew with their mouth open. I love that you are feeling sexually harassed and yet plan on showing it to your daughter. Shame you didn't leave your name so we could report you as a sex offender

Bryan said...

Relax Roselyn, #14(e) was a joke. If you think my attempt to add a little humor to this mess makes me immature (your reference to #20) then I apologize.

As far as music in the park goes - in my opinion I think we have a solution now that should make everyone happy. I was the one you originally asked to have the speakers turned, which we did. If I recall you posted the request on the website and Karen in turn sent it to me since I was the original sponsor of the concert series. In any event I also had the volume reduced. If this is not happening I will be happy to look into. I will also make sure the music ends promptly at 10:00.

To the ANON asking about the sales taxes - yes, I may have looked at it wrong. I will take a second look at it tonight and let Allan post a reply to all.

Anonymous said...

Changing it now won't help. I saved it and am forwarding to AG and Galveston Daily News.

Anonymous said...

If women are sex offenders for showing their daughters what a male pig is then lets see what the AG things of your little joke Bryan along with these post. Go Girl Go

Anonymous said...

We all hope they get a good laugh. Heaven knows they have heard enough whining from you about your mistreatment and the corruption on CLS.
Why would you show your daughters a picture you find so offensive. Please include the messages. THE AG WILL PROBABLY GET THE MESSAGE THAT IT IS NOT BRYANS POST!!! He will probably also inform you that while there is a lot of talk of politics on this site it is not a political or city web site. You might want to stay off the internet if this offends you.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but did someone force you to read this blog? I have the solution for you.. Quit typing the blog address into that long space thingy at the top of your screen. There, now you wont ever need to be offended. Ba bye now.

Roselyn said...

Thank you Bryan. You have my vote and I will appreciate you continuing to be aware of the folks that live close to the park and the impact on us.

I think the cartoon is funny. What is indecent is what was done to the Shelly family and now Karen.

The person posting above that is offended would probably like the Garst tide blog better. Go there and try to post.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the AG have caller ID yet?

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Bryan H. You have my vote. Please list what I can do for you to help your campaign. Diane has my email.

I am so excited about the possibilities for the future of CLS I can barely stand it.

Anonymous said...

I think the pavilion can be rented out. So anyone that rents it can have a band.I am a music lover and would not want bands limited. Nor would I want to have the close neighbors to Jarboe wearing ear plugs those nights.

Could it be? In CLS, a POTENTIAL councilmen got back to a resident in a timely manner? OMG! Still waiting for " " to get back to me. I called. I wrote. Can't wait to see her away from the table / chair. We need to party hard that night. Do we have a celebration planned? Can we run naked in the streets?

Roselyn said...

Tuesday's council agenda just got posted on the city website and here is an item Arline has placed on the agenda. I am speechless.

"b. Proposal to eliminate audience participation and visitor comments during council meetings when the City Attorney is in attendance (Councilwoman Laughter)"

Anonymous said...

To 1:44 I would not go to sites that would offend me. It is a free world. You made the choice to go to this blog. Now you are filing a complaint? Duh? That would be like me buying a Playboy and then being offended to see naked women. Good luck with your complaint. Are you familar with the pesty document that includes the freedom of speech? I wish Allan could block people like you.

Adelia said...

Not without someone calling the AG and Galveston County Daily News oh and maybe that Houston rag.

Roselyn, there is some talk about raising funds for garage like doors for the pavilian that could be shut against the bad weather but would also help to contain the noise. I think I heard it from Dennis but I am not sure. I have no idea of the cost but I would be willing to participate in raising those funds.
Allan - Most of us are not afraid of the "V" word. (Sorry don't want the AG on my tail - no pun intended) After all the threats if you take it down now I will personally call you the P word. I am tired of people on this island threatining each other. Get a sense of humor or go read readers digest. Viper Girl

Anonymous said...

For the love of God, what is Arlene thinking? The residents are the ones that Council represents. I know it has been hard to determine that with all the personal agenda items of " " and Junkyard since June.

Roselyn said...

Arline is trying to pass an ordinance to eliminate free speech!!

I wonder if the other stooges will vote with her to pass it. I wonder how 'Ms. Political Science Degree' will vote on that one.

Now finally something the AG MIGHT be interested in.

I wouldn't miss this council meeting to hear the logic behind this for anything in the world.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Supreme Court needs to be notified, too? LOL! Get a life folks, grow up or move.

Arlene apparently is still influenced by NS. Which means she is NOT thinking. What a fool.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking they would like the general audience to never speak - in fact it would be there preference that we don't show up at all. Perhaps they could get Al and Richard to stay home and just hold the meetings at Kathys

Anonymous said...

Certainly the CITY ATTORNEY or the MAYOR will shut Arlene up prior to any discussion? What the hell difference would it make for the audiance to have duct tape on their mouths if the city attorney is present? Oh, wait, I am trying to find some logic in what she is doing. F--- me. What am I thinking?

Anonymous said...

We are not the voices in your head and you can not shut us up either. We are the 95%.

Anonymous said...

Four more CC mtgs. before things become normal, sane, progressive, constructive and effective. In the meantime, one just never knows the crap the 3 stooges will come up with.If it wasn't so biazarre and sad it would be comical. Nothing that has occurred since Arlene took office has helped this city. So much as been hurtful and destructive.

Anonymous said...

LOL 3:18! You hit it! In NS's dellusional minds that is the reality.

Anonymous said...

The pavillion is ugly now and garage doors would not help its appearance.

Anonymous said...

Bryan H., You rock. You are the best possible candidate for CLS. Thank you for throwing your hat into the ring.

Anonymous said...

What great news, Bryan is running for Council! I read the above about 5 times since I am so darn excited. My favorite line is, "Improved communication between Council and residents". Does that mean you will listen to us? Does that mean you will talk to us? What concepts!

I know you worked tiredlessly last time you were on Council. I hope it won't be so hard this time around.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who read Bryan's words more than once. Thank you, Bryan, we need you. CLS lives!

Anonymous said...


Also found this link on the state's web site showing the sales tax receipts:

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:44 You get my award for the stupiest post of the day. You said," I so angry I can't see straight right now." Seriously? Thousands of people lost their homes today due to weather. Thousands are being killed over seas. And you can't see straight right now because of a cartoon. Seriously? May I suggest increasing your meds? Perhaps focusing on what is really important in your life? A cartoon upsets you that much. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bryan H. So proud of you for being willing to lead CLS forward.

Anonymous said...

Carlo and Bryan H. have my vote for sure. I can feel the positive changes already.Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

I wish Bryan H. lots of luck in his campaign. Since NS is coming apart at the seam there is no telling how crazy things will get with them. Something tells me Bryan can take it and more.

I have been imagining the possible outcomes with some unbelievably good.Perhaps Junkyard sells his property and disappears into San Leon. " " is never seen or heard at another CC mtg. That last one is too good to be true. More likely she will be the first person escorted out of a mtg for being her loud-mouth, self-centered, immature self she has proven to be. Kenny, we will all tip you that night!

Anonymous said...

I think Carlo will be a very fair councilperson. He impressed the heck out of me when he took " " on at one of the CC mtgs awhile back. He was calm and composed. He articulated himself very clearly.

Bryan has already proven himself.

I hope both men reach out to the entire Island. Look for the new folks. Look for those that do not go to the mtgs. Look at the renters. In other words, go outside of your circle. Get more people motivated to get involved. Yes, it is lots of work but you will have much help. Just ask for it.

Anonymous said...

8:44 Too funny...Kenny escorting " " Perkins out of a CC mtg. I am sure it will happen. Shall we bet on how many mtgs. after her term it will take the idiot to get thrown out? Hmm... I say the first month she is out of office. If feels so good just to say she will be out of office soon.

Anonymous said...

I will bet " " will never show her face again in politics. she will work under cover doing grunt work for Sunshine and Wrongway. Hell she won't even shop in our local stores so I am sure she won't show up at meetings. Although she isn't real bright so who knows what she will do next

Anonymous said...

how can you say " " isnt real bright... she has a degree and she brought it for everybody to see at a cc meeting... don't that mean she aint not stupid?

Anonymous said...

Lol - I forgot " " brought her degree for everyone to see at a CC mtg. Hilarious.

If I was a betting man... I think " " Perkins is so full of herself she will show up at future CC mtgs.She has proven time and time again she is obnoxious.Yes, Kenny I will tip you, too. After I climb down from my chair applauding like an idiot. I see a standing ovation when her ass is kicked to the curb.

For her own sake, and I mean that, I hope she realizes how NS sucked her under. And I hope she does not do any grunt work for them. She will probably have fewer friends left than Arlene will.

Anonymous said...

Has someone faxed the CC agenda to the AG? DA? TX Rangers? Supreme Court? They won't believe it. Is the mtg. going to be filmed? Arlene, I was sorta thinkin you mite finish the rest of your term without having to hire an attorney if you would stop listening to NS. I am not so sure anymore. You are a laughable joke and an embarrassment to CLS.

Anonymous said...

Will Amanda B. be available Saturday? I see she has submitted an application for Council.

Barbarraaawwa's husband is running, too. God help us. Maybe she will be his campaign mgr.!

Did I hear Junkyard picked up a packet? Seriously? Maybe that was a nightmare I had. I can't be the only one that has lost sleep since June with all the sh__ happening. I can not wait to rest well again knowing Al, Richard, Bryan,_________,_______ will be our new leaders.

Anonymous said...

Looks like NS found 3 candidates. They will work this election like a well oiled machine. They will have a list of all the early voters and drive anyone to the polls that hasn't voted.

I certainly don't want the anti NS party to put all of their cards on the table here, but please assure me you are going to have great campaign mgrs and work the streets. Perhaps you can have emails posted here or on our FB site asking for volunteers. If there ever was an election that the majority of citizens will help with it is this one.

Anonymous said...

1035 i think you made a spelling mistake. its spelled Bawwwwwwbraaaa. the only thing i need to know about john nichols i already know he is N through and through from what i hear and he is Bawwwwwwbraaaa's husband. thats enough for me. take a hike john

Anonymous said...

Sounds like John, Charlie and Brian C. have already lost. GOOD! Bye bye NS. Arlene is going to get herself arrested soon. Does that mean the Mayor gets to appoint her replacement? This is getting better all the time.

The anti NS party has Richard, Bryan and Amanda so far. Not sure if we want more fearing it would split the vote.

I agree NS organizes well for elections. Wonder how many people will slam the door in the face of their candidates? Perhaps all of their candidates loosing is what it will take for them to wave the white flag. Nah, they will only get nastier.

Amanda B said...

Anon at 10:35, unfortunately I will not be there tomorrow. However, I am working on answering the questionnaire, and am happy to talk with you and whomever else next week and in the weeks to come. I'll also be at the council meeting Tuesday!

Craig said...

At the last CC meeting Barbra spoke on an issue then sat down relinquishing the floor. She stood back up and with out being aknowleged she started speaking again. Vern ask her to stop and sit down as she did not have the floor. He did the same thing to me and several others that night as it was rather rowdy that night. When Vern ask her to sit down her husband started chastiseing Vern and was completely out of line. Tami had hollered Point of order every time someone spoke against her but she didn't yell point of order when Barbra and her husband were clearly out of order. I wonder why? John was angry and wouldn't shut up. He seems to have anger problems and he does not have the temperment we need for a councilman as far as im concerned. When Vern told others to stop interrupting they did. I guess John felt Barbra had something extra special to say. I think 1053 is right that John is NS all the way.

Anonymous said...


I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Would it be possible for you to be at the CC early? So glad you are filling out Allan's questionaire. It will mean much to the anti NS party. You know, the majority of residents. I hope you are prepared for NS to go nuttier as it becomes obvious they will be losing the majority on Council. I am saying that as a proud Pink party member. I have observed them going over the edge mental health wise and there is no telling what they will do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Craig, for your observation of John's behavior at the last CC. He couldn't shut up? Not good for him to be behind the table then.

I hope Vern throws " " Perkins out prior to the end of her term. He has come so close so many times. Come on, Vern, don't hold back. You know it will feel darn good AND the residents will support you. I doubt if we will get as loud as we did supporting Paul this summer, but it will be close.

Anonymous said...

I heard today that NS was under the Kemah bridge near Portofino and on Tindel registering every Vietnamese fisherman they could. Dont sell them short.

Anonymous said...

That is a perfect example of how some people will miss the reg. drive on Saturday, What about Legend Point? Are signs hanging there? And all the marinas? We don't have their organized experience and better learn a lot quickly. How do we make donations to our candidates of choice?

Amanda B said...

Anon at 11:25, yes, I am planning to be at Tuesday's council meeting a bit early. Thanks!