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Monday, March 26, 2012

Numbers Part Two

Thanks to everyone that showed up to help the Shivers remove the old building on Saturday. We showed up at 8 and went home at noon. BOOM! The men from the KVFD that followed Mark Z made short work of a structure built over 60 years ago. I do need to add that it did not go easily. They built them to last back then. Just think Carla, Alicia, Ike and we still had to break two sledge hammers to coax it into the trailer. Great job neighbors! That’s the spirit that makes this place so much fun.

This from neighbor Marshall,
Everyone needs to write their Sen & Congress reps to keep on this before they are lost to US citizens !!!!
If you haven't kept up......find your current reps:
Collectible Firearms Protection Act - Amends the Arms Export Control Act to allow the importation of certain firearms listed as curios or relics into the United States by a licensed importer without the requirement of an authorization from or payment to the Department of State or the Department of Defense (DOD) upon certification to the Attorney General that such firearms are lawfully possessed under the laws of the exporting country.
Latest Title: Collectible Firearms Protection Act
Sponsor: Sen Tester, Jon [MT] (introduced 2/17/2011) Cosponsors (13)
Related Bills:H.R.615
Latest Major Action: 2/17/2011 Referred to Senate committee.
Status: Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations.
Latest Title: Collectible Firearms Protection Act
Sponsor: Rep Lummis, Cynthia M. [WY] (introduced 2/10/2011) Cosponsors (137)
Related Bills:S.381
Latest Major Action: 2/10/2011 Referred to House committee.
Status: Referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in addition to the Committee on Ways and Means, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.

Neighbor Jim has a pile of brush and tree cuttings headed for the dump. Anyone know of a place that will mulch this sort of debris? Give us a shout in the comments sections.

Here’s a HEADS UP to everyone who is looking for a Amanda/Carlo sign. Neighbor Steve is down to his last couple of dozen. He’s at sunset often but not every night so try him there first or drop him a line here on the blog. If you don’t get one it’s your own fault.

The first quarter of 2012 is almost over. To all of my Mayan readers you have 27o days to go. Period. I would say Merry Christmas but it looks like you’ll miss it. Bummer.
47 is the number of days until our City election for three council seats. That is May 12th
40 days from now is the last day for early voting is May 5th.
35 is how many days before early voting begins on April 30th
17 days is all you have left to register to vote because on April 12th It’s done
5 days to go until out meet and greet at the pavilion, That’s Saturday from 2 till 5 or so. Odds are it will go on longer because Greg is in a cooking mood! Lucky us!
3 more City council meetings in the current configuration.

Anybody know who’s boat is sporting the LowTide sign by the bridge?


Craig said...

The mulch yard at the corner of 646 and Tuscan lakes blvd. Lliving earth. Or throw it in my trailer and give me the 20 for the dump fee and I will deal with it

Roselyn said...

My indoor dog is in this photo and I never saw those tents across the street from me! Go figure.

That Jim is about the best Dad in the world. Always has something going on for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Someone who is friendly with Rabbit could ask him about the boat with the sign. It's sitting close to his house. I think the building inspector was in the process of telling all those folks with boats that the law says they have to be registered with Texas Parks and Wildlife so you might see if it's got a registration number and then look up the owner with that agency.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the sentiment Roselyn. Ironically this particular camping excursion in my front yard happened when we were out of town. No one has ever admitted that it happened. Pretty funny, sorry we missed it. Might have to have another soon. Also funny that they snapped Bullet coming over for his daily visit!

Dave C, stop by if you need to borrow a bilge pump.

- Jim

DaveC. said...

Thanks Jim!!!!

Roselyn said...

My friend Nancy McDonald just sent me her bio asking for my vote to keep her seat on WCID#12.

With elections approaching, another important vote will be for the WCID#12 candidates. There are 3 seats to fill this year. The folks who have filed to run are:

Teresa Vazquez-Evans

Bernie McIntyre

Bill Kerber (who spoke on Paul Shelley's behalf back in June at council meeting)

Nancy McDonald

Ed Linck (I was on the Kemah Historical Society with him a few years ago and he is a great guy. Responsible for the moving and restoration of the old Kemah School House which is now visitors center.)

I assume that is the same day as our election at city hall, but I think we vote for them at the fire department.

Anonymous said...

Surely that boat in question has a current TX Registration sticker on it! Aren't Jackie's boats all registered?