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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Like it

or don't.

I think what happens next is going to be entertaining. So how do you get your neighbor thrown in the slammer? Starting next week I’ll tell you. I’m going to follow the trail from Blue Point to Galveston and back. It’s probably just me but that seemed a little too easy. Ding, Round three is about to begin. Get a good seat.

Looks like Arizona is off my list of places to live. Annoying? You have got to be kidding me…

This is mostly for all our marina dwellers. Having been a live aboard and cruiser for many years I know that everyone has a book swapping library. To add to that there is one here on the island. It’s fairly easy to get to by car or dingy. Your can find out more here.

there is an article in this months Islander

I gotta get going so much to do for the CRAWFISH BOIL AND MEET AND GREET this afternoon at 2. Jarboe pavilion is the place to be. Roselyn, we will have a special treat just for you.

I can’t close without telling everyone how much I appreciate your kind words and support through this little adventure. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Except for the commenter that wished me beaten and raped in prison. Dude, you need to get help.

Have a great weekend!


Roselyn said...

Great news! And if my surprise today is that I am being arrested for impersonating a watermelon or can of spam, then please let me know so I can hide out on the other side of the lake until its over.

Anonymous said...

Hey .... GREAT NEWS !!!

Way to go Island Warrior Poet !!!


Bev E said...

Good to know someone out there can sense injustice when they see it! Glad your not a fellon AB, lol

Adelia said...

I am glad for you Alan. Can we still have spam-a-rama?? I am sure you can still use the legal fees and we could use the extra to pursue other issues. Have a great time at the meet and greet folks. Hopefully all of the candidates will show up and all of the islanders will get a chance to get informed on the issues.
Viper Girl

Roselyn said...

What a fantastic party at the pavilion this afternoon.

Thank you so much Greg for being in charge of cooking, thanks Tom for cookers and mud bugs, thanks to whoever donated the keg and water.

It's been years since Joe and I have participated in any community events and we realized today that there are many good folks who live here.

Glad Amanda and Carlo got to meet a lot of new voters. Glad I got to meet Charles Russell who seems like a very nice man. The surprise though was seeing others there campaigning like Judge Mark Foster who resigned Friday so he can run for Galveston County Commissioner (love Mark, he grew up in Kemah). Also there was our Nancy McDonald to get re-elected to water board. Then there was Ray Lease for Sheriff and Pam Matranga hoping to be re-elected as our Constable.

This link above is a website that gives all the political contributions to candidates so I was surprised that our own Bill Young running for Sheriff has donated money to Rick Sharp who is trying to replace Pam Matranga. And in reverse Sharp has donated to Youngs campaign. so in my opinion a vote for Pam Matranga is In order.

Click on all the candidates names that you know. Interesting to see individuals who have made contributions. All public information.

DaveC. said...

If we can get all the people who showed up to the meet and greet we have a good chance of winning! make shure Jackie does not use those Vietmanese names like last time and if he does CHALLANGE IT, because some people on the island know they live in San Leon and have their real address. Play fair and move foward!!


Adelia said...

An old woman (you know about my age) was sipping on a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband and said "I love you so much, I don't know how I could ever live without you" Her husband asked "Is that you or the wine talking?" She replies, "It's me talking to the wine" I will still be out of town on Thursday but will be there for sure on Sunday with some wonderful stuffed eggs and a side for the crawfish. Can't wait

Anonymous said...

well I guess it's my turn. I got a call from officer Mccarrol, sorry if I spelled your name wrong, he told me Bernie had called and reported I pulled in front of him the other day. I explained that the other day I was driving by Bernie's house and he backed out of his driveway in front of me. I had glanced toward the turtle club and when I looked back he was across the road. I reacted first swerving to the left then to the right going around the rear of his car. Bernie started screaming something and as I passed and I said, sorry, I guess Bernie thought I needed to be arrested because he backed out in front of me. officer MCCarrol was very nice and thanked me for my explanation. NS Shore seems to be in panic mode. they are offering up nothing positive, using the anon button in an attempt to trash potential candidates and now are trying to have anyone that is outspoken thrown in jail. Watch your backs folks, it's getting crazier everyday.


Anonymous said...

Craig, Be very relieved there was not an accident. Can you imagine what the results of that would have been? If I tried to put on my NS mind set I could see where it would have been your fault, since nothing is ever their fault and they are entitled to do whatever they feel like. (Throwing tp into the neighbor's yard, taking the neighbor's yardart frogs, etc.)Similar to your neighbor that places their rocks on your property then yells at you when you try to talk to them.

Glad to hear the officer was pleasant. Glad they were not convinced a warrant should be issued. We are very interested in how Sgt. Denise got involved with arresting Alan. The most recent comments in the GDN suggests the ADA and arresting officer were in the wrong. I can't wait to hear how Allan and his attorney will handle it. Someone needs to pay to have the charges cleared from his record, reimburse him for his bail, attorney fees and damages. In my opinion his reputation was damaged since the media was all over it locally. The story even made NPR.

The only thing that baffles me is how Barbara figured it out. Could she have had help? Maybe Jean or Kathy? To me those two would fit the roll.

Glad you are off the hook, Craig, for now, any way. I agree NS seem to be in panic mode. It will get worse.

Anonymous said...

Anybody hear how much we raised in donations Saturday?

Anonymous said...

I just saw John Nichols new sign in Tamis moms yard. his claim to fame seems to be transparency and integrity. really? Isn't that what Tami and her gang promised us in the last two elections and we got exactly the opposite? isn't,t he married to the woman who got ahold of a mailing list and sent out a bunch of rambling unsolicited seemingly illiterate emails then had Allan arrested on bogus charges because he was pissed she hijacked his email list? didn't she then lie and say she got the list from the blog which from what I know is impossible? Integrity??? i guess the red horses that talk to her in her head told her do those things. If you dont know the red horses reference you missed one of her best ramblings. Yes that is his wife and not him but they seem to be pretty tight so I have to believe they think alike. first I will admitt I do not know much
about John other than he is Barbra's husband and it
seems he is supported by NS which is all I need to know. we don,t need more of what we have been force fed for the past year. we were lied to in campaign promises for the last two years. Don,t let it happen again. hold all of the candidates to the fire and make sure they aren't,t just filling us full of BS like some of our current council members did to get in office. We have fought hard to keep this renegade council from doing even more damage than they have. don,t let our efforts go to waste. talk to your neighbors that havn,t been paying attention and let them know how important this election is to fixing the damage. in my opinion And from what I can see from my porch John is just more NS. transparency and Integrity? Im not believing it. Prove me wrong John. stop by tomorrow evening and convince me you aren't just a NS puppet. I will listen with an open mind. I look forward to hearing what you have to say. Transparancy means laying it all on the table to any citizen who asks. I have asked. let's see how transparent you are to a citizen who is not on your side at this time. We know how Tami and Jackie treat us. if you are different prove it. I will be waiting. If anyone else would like to hear from John, let him know right here on the blog. then we can see how many want to hear from him and see if he responds to ur or selectively chooses who he will speak to. then we can see how trans parent he is.


Anonymous said...

Hell yes he is NS look who has his signs in their yards.......I know two neighbors who don,t have a clue what is or has been going on for the past year and they have his signs they are pulling their old tricks of getting to the people who don,t know what is going on....Carlo and Amanda get out there and knock on doors walk around on weekends and talk to every living soul you see on the streets.......this is the only way to get the uninformed informed.....I think with the turnout at the meet and greet you have a huge majority of the support but NS will dig deep and do whatever it takes to get voters. ......even if a lot of them don,t speak English or have any idea what they are voting for

Anonymous said...

You had a hugh majority with about 25 golf carts. LOL You sold beer for a donation and Kenny didn't do a thing about it. Kenny was probably ordered by Vern to be there in case TABC showed up. No wonder he was bored.

AdDum, please come out and play. You can't see anything of her but signs by the pus gang. Carlo is staying quiet and making no waves either but that may be the smartest thing do. You vote him in and then he can do what is right instead of what he is ordered to do.

Oh, the poor innocent little minded Allan. You tried to screw somebody else and this time a woman took your sexist ass down. LOL You got lucky. Dam, what an education you got in just 6 minutes. Your story was a whopper. I will bet it was more like hours. Allan, you have never shut up long enough to listen to anybody, so "Bitch", you are probably still scraping the shit out of your pants and dusting off your knees. Great listening position for you. LOL

JanetReese said...

Roselyn, Post from 3.31.12. Rick Sharp did not donate to Bill Young's campaign it was Rick Sharpe he also lives in League City and is a helicopter pilot. Please verify your facts people.