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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In 1836

The Alamo fell to Mexican troops after a 13 day siege. A butt whopping followed.

Anyone heard of any movement on our City’s birthday? This is March already and I haven’t heard a peep. Anyone?

This from Nancy:
Would you please put the upcoming monthly Water Board Meeting on your Blog?
Details are:
Meeting- Monday March 12 at 7:PM
- Location- The Fire Station at 905 Highway 146

The Regular Meeting of the Water Board is held on the 2nd Monday of each Month.

Thanks for this and all of the great things you do with your Blog.
Nancy McDonald
Director WCID#12

HUGE Garage Sale at 131 Clear Lake Road (weather permitting)
Tony & Lezlie Smith’s house
Friday 3 to 6
Saturday 8 to 2

And from Bud Solmonsson:

Roommate Wanted In CLS

Private with own bedroom, bath and TV room.

Boat slip available to share

409 789 7310

Don’t miss the City Council meeting tonite! 66 Days to go! See you there.


Bryan said...

The word on the street is that the Executive Session tonight is in regard to putting the property currently occupied by the Farmer's Market up for sale. For the current Council to even discuss selling property when there are only 4 meetings left is unethical and irresponsible, but not at all surprising. Fuller has done absolutely nothing for 2 years so maybe this is his attempt at a legacy. He should do the right thing: put in 12 more hours (4 meetings @ 3 hours), take his gold dollar, and then head back across the bridge.

The residents approved a Town Center 2 years ago. The property in question is part of that. Hopefully the 3 members on the current Council who have shown in the past to have a conscience will do the right thing and stop this dead in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

We can not possibly recover our cost on that property in today's market. Why would this be a private executive session issue? Who is being protected - why the need for privacy. Shouldn't the citizens have a right to know this is being voted on. On the agenda it is noted as deliberation involving real property. Is the role of the council to hide actions from the citizens when they think it may be controversial.

Anonymous said...

So a sitting councilman has brokered the sale of City Property to his neighbor and adjoin property owner behind Council’s back and now wants to take it to Executive Session away from the ears of the public where he has a majority vote? No shit.

Anonymous said...

I sort of wish the decision to purchase all that property in the first place hadn't been handled in executive session -- surely better deals, even at that time, could have been made. Now that we have it, it would be nice if someone came up with a PRACTICAL plan that included actually knowing how big the various properties are. The initial plan for the Town Center was that a developer would come along. Given the empty offices and stores up and down 2094, it is hard to see any development other than infrastructure is a good idea right now.

Anonymous said...

What??? We were worried a developer would come along and buy that property and we would have no say in what was developed on the entry way to our city. Town center was to develop the property and lease it. Take a look at all the new places that are leasing on Lawrence road. Sounds like more BS against the town center to me. Be honest with the people of this city - council members. This all started when you tried to secretly fire the city manager/police chief without us knowing.

Anonymous said...

That area is where the parking (a great selling point) for the town center would be. Selling it would make the town center design unviable because there would be no parking for the businesses.

Roselyn said...

If it will be designated as parking then why would Skipper want to buy it? Save your money Skipper and use the cities public parking area for free.

Ricky B. said...

I support the Town Center and the vision of the concept. Stay positive and move forward. Thank you to the past and present Leaders on this project!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Junkyard good friends with Skippers? He is the a lot, bashing CLS. Can you imagine a Councilman bashing the city he leads? Well, Jackie hasn't been a leader. That is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Rocks - I hate them. Wish they all had to be at least three feet back.

Anonymous said...

Was it me or was Pam H. taking forever and I could not what her point was?

Anonymous said...

As far as the rocks go, the people with them close to the street should be made to move them back.

Good to see Arleen was flexible. It still amazes me how suddenly the city is in the red. Yet, " " and Junkyard wanted to throw another 12 thousand at an audit to no where.

Anonymous said...

Richard and Al are awesome. Can't wait until Amanda and Bryan join them.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the community garden is a go. Too bad Bud doesn't get to the mtgs.

Black algae in the pool can be one horrible problem. Get it done right or it will be horrible!

Suzanne said...

So glad I got to meet Amanda and Chris tonight. I enjoyed our chat prior to the CC mtg. You have my vote!

I have to giggle about your home getting Yard of the Month and one of the Christmas decoration awards this past year. That stuff needs to be known about you. It tells me you get into the spirit of CLS.

Anonymous said...

Sure wish it wouldn't take so long to hear what happened in the Exec. Session about the sale of the City's property. It is not right that this would be Junkyard last sell of key property to the Town Center.

Tom J said...

If the to rocks are in the easement they should be hauled away.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Brian Chernecke at CC? I can't say I have noticed him attending the mtgs. this year. Yet, he is running for a seat? Odd. If you spotted him, please note it here. I still think he will get more votes that Junkyard Jackie.

Anonymous said...

I wish you were right, that Junkyard Jackie would take his buck are go back over the bridge but I don't think that is the case. How dare him think of running for Council again. He hasn't done a darn thing but cause fiscal damage, hurt feelings and unrepairable damage to the Shelley's. Sure wish we would hear what the implications are for him if he does not clean up his lot ALREADY.

Anonymous said...

In the last council meeting (before last night) the mayor asked permission to file charges in court to enforce. They gave him the extra time and then agreed that charges could be filed with Galveston county after that.

Roselyn said...

Now that the deadline to file has passed, its time for the viewers of this blog to narrow it down to 3 candidates that we are going to vote for.........I talked to Al Burns and he wont post to this blog, but he tells me he would like to work with Richard Sowery, Amanda Booren and Carlo Ianni going forward. I have asked Paul and Karen who they would like to work with and of course they can't say, but I know they do like working with Al draw your own conclusions there....I heard a rumor at City Hall and that is if we elect any more nuts they are all gone at City Hall. They have said enough is enough. So the vote is more important than ever this time for the sake of our efficiently run city.

Anonymous said...

@ Roselyn,

What about Bryan H.? He has the experience. Hmm...

No one would blame everyone at City Hall to go elsewhere if more NS nuts are elected. They have put up with more crap than most people would. Since June I bet they have had more sleepless nights and health problems due to stress. They could easily secure jobs elsewhere and would more than likely make more money.The loss to CLS could not even be imagined.

Something tells me this news will have NS drowling at the possiblity. I think one of their motivations has been to put a McI's in the CA position. God help all of us. Luckily Charles Russell is not impressive. He has not been involved in attending CC mtgs. ever let alone since June. Brain Chernecke is a bit of an odd ball. He did not run once he was able to after he was appointed to a seat a Council. That makes me wonder how much he even wants it. John Nichols appears to have an anger issue and couldn't be quiet at the last mtg. To say nothing of the unusual person he married. Junkyard is a joke. Who could they rally for that even a bit of the 95% might vote for? They can get pehaps 50% of their former supportors. Have they thought through what it would cost the city financially? We could not replace Karen or Paul for what they make now. DO THEY GET THAT? NO, no no.

This election is more important than any has been.

Anonymous said...

Pam H seems to be sort of a nut. She fits right in with the NS group. I have spoken to her a few times and she seemed nice enough but I didn't realize she was a NS groupie. Isn't she and her husband the ones that tried to stop Craig and Raynels party. I didn't know she is an attorney. After hearing her speak last night if I am ever in a legal bind I will know who not to call.