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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Ides of March

Explorer update. This is hot off the wire from the PR guy at KSC.

To: Batchelor, Allan
Subject: EXTERNAL: RE: Explorer

Mr. Batchelor:

Below is the latest status on an arrival date for the shuttle mock-up in the Clear Lake area. My source for the information was Paul Spana, Exhibits manager at Space Center Houston

Linda Matthews-Schmidt

Communications and Outreach Branch

NASA Johnson Space Center


The shuttle mock-up will come through Clear Lake by barge and will then be transferred down NASA Road 1 into Space Center Houston's parking lot. The mock-up will be installed on the east side of the visitors' center.

Space Center Houston (SCH) is currently working on the logistics to bring the shuttle mock-up to Houston from Florida. SCH is exploring different options for moving the mock-up through Clear Lake.

Until some key details regarding the move have been resolved, the move is temporarily on hold. Depending on which plan is used, the move may not happen for several more months.

Meetings are ongoing with several organizations to discuss the best logistics. Meanwhile, the site is being prepared for the arrival, no earlier than July 2012.


From the Civic Club…


Please join us for lunch tomorrow at the 11:30 am --Orient Cafe (2800 Marina

Bay Dr # A League City, TX 77573 -- just down from South Shore Grille).

Last month Beverley Emans and I were a little lonely, so we hope a few more

will join us tomorrow at a "politics free" gathering!


Pam House






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