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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday

To the Corps of Engineers! You folks are awesome by any measure.

It has happened before, just not in a long time. We got zero comments on Friday. Zero. Why do you think that is? It's not that I live for the comments as much as I enjoy them for what they are. They are the thoughts of our neighbors. The Good. The Bad. And God knows the Ugly. Call me nosy but it is what it is. If you keep up with the comments like I do and discard the overtly stupid comments its a little like having a pulse on our little slice of paradise. A kind of electronic voyeurism. Yeah thats creepy enough but. I know it seems we were on the verge of cardiac arrest a few times over the past 10 months but I think I can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and I can asertertain, it is not a train. Not one. I'm good with that. A tad curious but OK none the less. Is it the politics? I really want to know. Really.

Since the inception of the soup cook off by Candy J and Kimmy J I have been elsewhere. I had every intention of going to this one but a leaky roof brought on by Fridays rain re arranged my to do list. What the hell is blackJack and what is it made of? Craps nasty. Lets hear some soup stories. What was your favorite? Who won?! I heard from Councilman Laughter there were 11 entries! That's awesome!

Happy Sunday Y"all.


Crystal Rose said...

You missed my Gumbo which would have proved to you us Brits do like it spicy! Next year I will do a Curried Parsnip, so watch out for that it has repercussions..... The winner was next to me and was his own concoction and a variation on the Cabbage Soup diet recipe, it came with a kick too. A very nice young man whose name escapes me, must be my age, but he lives in the Tree House on West Shore. Kudos to him it was a good soup.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone. The Soup Cook-off was a blast. Our kids decided they wanted to play, so our two girls each made thier fav soup ... Minestrone and Cheddar Broccholi. And my Son made a box full of double chocolate brownies. The soups around us were great, and the 1st place Cabbage soup was worthy of the prize. But we won an unrecogized category ... we had about four gallons of soup, but were the first to run out. Both crock pots scapped down all the way to the bottom !!! And three hours of enjoying our neighbors ... You missed a great time if you you did not make it.


Amanda B said...

It was tons of fun!! Jennifer makes a yummy french onion soup, which I will soon be making to stock my freezer, and the Porter girls know how to whip up a mean minestrone and broccoli cheddar. It was good to see a lot of people come out and support the scholarship committee!

Tom J said...

We saw sunset tonight! Had dinner first, too. It will only get better!

DaveC. said...

The days are getting longer come to sunset and find out why its soooooo much fun and fellowship. where can you meet your neighbors and spend quality time with friends!!!!!

Dave C