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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday

To the Oreo! 100 years and still going strong!

Next Up is the Civic Club Soup Cook-Off! More and more folks are signing up so don’t wait any longer. If you do you might not get a good spot! Last day to sign up is tomorrow COB so Hurry!

No clear answers yet on the next tree shipment. But know they are working on it.

Any Pool Committee people left out there? The pool needs to be drained to address the algae issue. Several times over the two years I served on the pool committee it was brought up by some of our older pool users just how really, really nice it would be to have an assistance rail by the big steps. Some of our neighbors who are real pool enthusiasts have to walk all the way over to the small steps then back around to the other side of the pool just to use the assistance rail. We couldn’t pull it off because we couldn’t afford to drain the pool to have it installed. Get it? Now is the time to bring this issue up to council. Don’t dawdle! I personally think the Pool Committee should be rolled under Parks but that’s just me.

To correct a statement by anon earlier Mr. Chernecke did run for Council. In 2004. The results are posted below.

Georgia Brandon 68
John Bueche 21
E. Brian Chernecke (I) 67
Tommy Delesandri 71
Vern Johnson 148
Bill Kielman 119
K. Scott McDonald 91
Jim Moncur (I) 110
Scott “Scooter” Sorensen 61

I heard Councilman Sowrey did his homework and explained to Councilman Fuller that discussion of selling off the property was not a legitimate reason for holding an Executive Session and it got cancelled. It seems the property Councilman Fuller wants to sell to his pals at Skippers belongs to Plaza Ten Corp, the independent corporation founded to oversee the town center development. Check it out at and scroll down on the left hand side. Plaza Ten consists of 3 Councilmen and two independents. He’s a member of Plaza Ten but apparently unaware of it’s or his duties. Big Surprise. So he wasn’t trying to ease the City’s budgetary shortfall because what little money they got would go back I assume to Plaza Ten. So where do you think he was going? What are you up to Councilman? Do we have time for an ethics investigation? See folks, I’ve been telling you this isn’t over. The councilman ran on two platforms that I’m aware of. One was to get the Chief fired and the other was to stop development of Town Center. Once again, Good job Councilman Sowrey! And about last nights meeting I’d like to add, nice job Councilman Laughter. You handled that well.

Anybody up for another little meet and greet?


Craig said...

Thank you Councilman Sowery, I forgot about the Park Ten Corp. How could Jackie be on the board or whatever and not know how it works? What a full blown dumb A--. I am guessing this won't be over after the election either. These folks are out to destroy everything the majority wants and will say and do anything it takes to get it done. The closed door meeting last night is a good example. Watch your backs folks our Island is being stalked by some crazy ass pepole

Adelia said...

Another act of wisdom by Sowrey. He is always the voice of reason and does do his homework for council. I will clearly support Carlo and I am getting to know Amanda better. Bryans record speaks for itself. I will however campain for Sowrey - I believe he is the best council person that we have with a close second Al Burns.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, though Sowrey has proven that he is perfectly capable and has earned our respect - he was opposed to the Town Center and he and Al are both ¨somewhat¨guilty of not moving towards it's fruition over the last term.

Craig said...

OK lets ask the how they feel about Town Center. Richard, Al you have the floor. What is your position on town center?

Roselyn said...

Al Burns wont post here.

Before we get the cart ahead of the horse with a large, complex issue of the Town Center and dividing our "party" I suggest we focus on narrowing our candidates down to the ones we are going to elect. Tomorrow is the last day for a candidate to pull out so we shall see what happens there.

Town Center wont be built in a day.

Newly elected will need to appoint new folks to Town Plaza and EDC Boards. Jackie and Bernie are on the Town Plaza board. Tim who is mad about cleaning up Tindel is on EDC. So we need to be sure who we are electing has the balls (no offense Amanda) to appoint new board people first. They do have the power but taking it is another matter. Newly elected needs to have the balls to make it right with the folks who have been damaged by all this. Newly elected needs to have the balls in 60 days to vote to sue Jackie and not start backpeddling because Arline says we are broke and can't afford the attorney fees. I have already heard from some of his neighbors that he knows the City isn't going to do anything about him.

So, to me it doesn't matter how anybody feels about the Town Center. Its going to happen, the voters voted on it 2 years ago. The new council just needs to appoint the right people to get the job done.

My two cents Craig.

Anonymous said...

I hope someone respectable will clarify (tell the truth) to Skippers about what happened. I can only imagine what Jackie's version will be.

Anonymous said...

I hope the new Council will realize what it is costing the City N O T to clean up Aspen and Tindel. The real estate values are lower let alone the eye sore it presents. Send a strong msg. and take his sorry ass to court.I have heard several people refer to that part of the Yachting Capital of Tx. as the ghetto. How sad.

Thank you, Richard, for last night. You are appreciated. The only thing I ever heard him say about the Town Center is he was against the loan, not the development.

The only thing I ever heard from Al was the artist's rendering had way too much in it versus the actual square footage.

Anonymous said...

Allan, Would you please post tomorrow which candidates are dropping out. Thank you.

I made a mental note of all the rocks close to the street today while driving. It opened my eyes last night, talking about emergency vehicles not being able to easily access homes, let alone cars or golf carts getting damaged due to swirving for whatever reason.I wish all of the homeowners would push them back a minimum of three feet. Craig, I noted that Pam's are on the street and most definately on your property. If I would you I would move them back into their yard. How balsy. Some people just don't make good neighbors even when simple solutions make peace.

DaveC. said...

Amanda, carlo and Richard are who I am voting for!

Anonymous said...

I agree with adding the rails to the pool. On my wish list is to heat it, too. Think solar. It would extend the pools usage two or three months.

DaveC. said...

The Town Center will be built and Jackie can move!

Roselyn said...

WOW! For those of you who have not discovered Adelia's THE SPICE LADY shop in Kemah, you are really missing out......I just fried my eggs in her jalapeno olive oil and topped it with her dried cilantro, and then her combo black pepper, bell pepper and garlic spice. What a fantatic, easy, low cal breakfast. So glad I was told about her shop, so passing that info onto you.

Anonymous said...

re: pool. I would also like to see cup holders installed along the sides and perhaps a swim up tiki bar. The tiki bar would easily pay for Town Center development.


Adelia said...

Thanks Ros.

I would love to see some shade over the pool maybe one of those sail type shades. Tiki bar is a great idea but who could we get to bartend? Another great thing to have over the summer would be a grill for hot dogs or hamburgers. Maybe even some fish tacos. We can always dream. It would make a good fund raiser.

Anonymous said...

We need some solar lighting by the pool sidewalk, too.