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Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Birthday to Star Wars.

No, the real one. In 1983 President Ronald Reagan proposed the development of technology to intercept enemy nuclear missiles; the plan was dubbed "Star Wars" by its critics. I had the honor of working on that program in 89 and 90. Cool stuff.

Days like this make me so glad I own a ragtop.

Got a fabulous email from former and soon to be neighbors again the Foleys. They have transited the Panama Canal. Here’s Lisas email.

Hi everyone,

After a long wait and multiple changes in dates and times for various reasons, we have successfully transited the Panama Canal!

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day was the day Albatross transited the Panama Canal. It is required to have 4 line handlers and a Canal Advisor aboard, as well as the vessels captain and crew. We were lucky to have other sailors offer to come along with us so Rick and Sue from s/v Moonshine and Mark and his young son Oscar from s/v Xanadu accompanied the Albatross crew. All said we had 6 adults and 3 boys ages 10-12 aboard our 32 foot boat. It was a bit crowded but with a bit of food and storytelling we made it work.

We had a great advisor, Carlos who's regular job in the canal is working one of the largest cranes in the world - Titan. Every 3 months he gets to climb to the top and inspect the pulleys. Not sure what danger pay is here in Panama.

We went thru the 3 Milaflores Locks with a 450 foot Pleasure boat - Serene and two ferries fully loaded with of tourists! The kids had fun and sold lanyards and palm frond birds to the tourists, they got lots of cash and even had the steward toss them several cans of soda - great for the sugar burst and nowhere to go later!

As we transited the Guillard cut and Gatun Lake the winds built but our advisor was very knowledgeable about the canal so lots of stories.

Carlos even drove our boat and was happier than a clam, even when it started to rain he stayed driving and when we could put the sails up and motor sail for extra speed he did very well.

Still after trying hard we did not make it to the second set of locks in time so we anchored in Gatun lake in 70 feet, there used to be a buoy to tie to but things change every day in Panama and it has now been removed. Sleeping was a bit of a challenge but the boys got 3 in the V-berth and only one person had to sleep in the cockpit.

Unfortunately, we had a canal workboat wake us (zips past us at high speed and creates huge wakes just for the fun of seeing us rock and roll - happens way too much here in Panama!) We rocked rail to rail and didn't lose a person thankfully, but the solar panels which had to be removed for the transit and were just being repositioned to allow for sleeping, took a dive, never to be seen again!

After a somber night, we did some early morning fishing but did not come up with any panels. Our second day of transit was with a different advisor who we all disliked immediately, we got into the 1st lock and tied up to a workboat, then watched as the Nord Spirit ship squeezed into the lock and settled close behind us. We went thru this routine 3 times, but the third was not charmed and we got a bit of a bump from the workboat that didn't stay tucked into the wall as we approached. So, Albatross now has "Canal Rash" on the starboard side and two bent stanchions. All cosmetic thankfully, but a girl does have her pride so she'll just be showing her port side off.

But she did make a dramatic exit and stuck her tongue out at the entire canal!

Finally the last gates open, as the fresh and salt water mix it creates great turbulence along with the very strong winds blowing into the canal it makes our exit very difficult and we begin get swirled around. Captain has it all under control and we make a dramatic exit backwards out of the lock and into Limon Bay! The entire crew of the Nord Spirit (the huge cargo ship behind us) gave Captain Kevin a big cheer and a round of applause! Never done before and never to be done again!

We are just happy to be on the Atlantic side!

A big thank you to all of you who diligently pray for our safe passage, it's working and as you can see we need all the help we can get!

From Kevin and Lisa and the Albatross Crew, Teagan and Mick Working our way home to Texas from here but our route is not yet planned as we lost 3 weeks waiting for the canal transit to happen.

Still need to get there before June 1 and the start of hurricane season.

This just in from neighbor Senor Beans!

Hey Friends! Just got a last minute booking for Jackie B's for Saturday night, 8:30 ~ 12:30 (or so).

Jackie's is the bar at Sudie's Catfish Kitchen on the East side of the Gulf Freeway and just North of FM518. (League City)

The food and drinks are great and the deck will be rocking. This would be a good stop after the Boat Show! Hope to see you there!

Senor Beans

Remember, if you get bored Saturday swing by the Shivers.

Hospitality: making your guests feel like they're at home, even if you wish they were.

Have a great weekend!


SPorter said...

Hey Folks ... I will be at Sundial Park around 6:45 tonight to hand out Amanda and Carlo signs ... Have a great Friday.

AB ... I would have loved to come help you Saturday ... tearing stuff down is so much fun!!! However, I have a previous engagement. Later Dude.


Anonymous said...

I have been around Amanda. They are fun at football events and you will get plenty of opinion about the suspension of New Orleans Coaches over a beer but she isn't a political science major by any stretch. A good person, doesn't make a good candidate. The video on Utube and her statements on Twitter are her. As a spokesperson that is what you get and that is why Sam Jac hasn't tried again with her. No more videos for the school, they know she isn't up to it and that is also why she puts her boss down too or should I say if she had the balls she would tell them what she really thinks. Rumor has it she holding on to her job barely and needs to find something else. Notice she hasn't disputed anything and is actually posting on Twitter how her rants came back to haunt her. I will support Carlo but won't help with her.

Anonymous said...

To 4:18 May I suggest you go post on Jean/Larry's website. Maybe somebody there would be interested in your negative lies. What you have to say does not interest me. Oh, I forgot, you can't post there.

Its so obvious that NS knows Amanda is going to get the most votes of any candidate, so NS is already starting with their lies and spin that they do prior to every election.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you meet a woman that might know more than you. Why is it wrong for a woman to actually know something about football. By the way we don't even know if you have a job. Maybe you are registered with the state and that why we all know as anonymous. You sure seem to have a lot of time on your hands or maybe it's in your hands. I don't see your name out there. It looks like she is not trying to hide anything and has set a path for communication for any body that would have any questions and I'll bet you get an answer. You can vote for who ever you want but not sure I would want your endorsement if was her.

Anonymous said...

Mark said... who in the H - - L are all of these opinionated ANON people anyway..!?? No brains and NO BALLS!!!

Roselyn said...


Just remember folks there will be lots of lies and spin just prior to the election. It's a tradition with the "old guard".
In the past they had to spend their own dime mailing anonymous propagandada. Now they can just use Allan's blog.

So buckle up buckaroos as its probably going to get ugly with the anon button engaged.

Roselyn said...

To Anon at 4:18 where you say " She isn't a political science major". Tami was a political science major and look where that got us. She even brought the framed certificate to council to prove it because many did not believe her, thinking she had lied in her campaign letter.

We don't need a person with a political science degree and we don't need a "spokesperson". We need a person who tells the truth and who has common sense and Amanda has both those qualities.

Anonymous said...

Roselyn: If you got get that from her Twitter Account and from her Video then you are lying to yourself and trying to get everyone else to buy into it. If everyone is lying then why aren't there any attacks on here against Carlo. If NS was doing it, I do believe they would go after both. More importantly, Amanda posted the comments about her lack of ability and you can read for yourself how insecure she is. As far as the Video someone got it right with AnDum. We need someone who can speak up and stand up for getting this Community back on a road to recovery. So, I will continue to support Richard and Carlo, but don't keep shoveling the manure. She could end up being worse than Tami, she could end up supporting them. Apparently she can't even speak her mind to her boss or on here.

Anonymous said...

Allan is anyone going to get a TABC Temporary Permit or are the adult beverages not going to be served on the 31st?

Anonymous said...

Anon, 9:16 I was there Tuesday and I am definitely not NS. I can safely say Carlo was not my first choice for candidate, there you go! Way too much testorone..... Neither was John Nichols way too much oestrogen.... Amanda I have no problem with so get over your negative spin,she obviously has you running scared!!! Go Amanda they are really worried about your chances!!!!

Anonymous said...

Spaghetti Monster 2012

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I love it ... Pastafarians, Unite !!!

I can't listen to anyone who can only insult candidates who have the courage to run ... and especially those slinging mud from behind the ANON button.

I will be back at Sundail tonight with signs ... for Amanda & Carlo.

Thanx ... SPorter

Craig said...

This week I was talking to a fellow Islander whos political views are slightly different than mine. I told him I thought it was crazy how folks are attacking Amanda without really knowing her or giving her a chance. My friend said that I was being a hypocrit because I have said alot of negative things about NS. I thought about that for a minuet but had to disagree. We all know what Jean, Larry, Kathy, Bernie and their associates are all about. They have had years to prove themselves and have failed in my opinion. Majority Council are all NS associates and we see what they have done for this community. They brought all of the negative opinions upon themselves by their actions. Not only over the past year but for decades. Anyone who lived through Kathys attempt at being Mayor and Jeans attempt to represent us on council, before she quit to go sailing then quit sailing because she couldn' handle it, knows what I am talking about. Now we have John that appears to be their next puppet. I think it is unfair to attack Amanda because she has done nothing wrong, has done nothing to hurt the city and appears to want to help get us back on track. If we get John we get more Kathy and Jean as far as I can tell. You don't need any degree to be a good council person. You just have to listen to the majority study the issues and do what is best for the city. Our current council has failed to do that even with Tamis fancy degree. If you are going to attack Amanda at least have the balls to sign your name. That seems like a fair thing to do. I am going to listen to what each candidate has to say and vote accordingly. Everyone should try that approach.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone supporting John tell us why and what he will bring to the table, without putting down any other candidate? I haven,t seen one anon post saying why he is the right choice. Please be specific. Watch this neighbors. I will bet no one can answer me

Anonymous said...

Craig you must have voted for Obama. No vetting, no discussion, no putting forward what they themselves have said or done, just put another Obama in Office without vetting them. Look at what we got with your vote, a dope dealing, backyard Chicago tactics and may Allah take America. Where is she from Ohio or Illinois?

Apparently she can't speak for herself, she has to get little men to stick up for the poor thing. Get a life Craig and go home. She has done nothing to prove she deserves my vote. What evidence there is of her, doesn't reflect a very appealing candidate. Just because Allan's questionnaire was filed out and submitted on here where other women were affronted by Allan's and Bryan's attitudes toward women doesn't speak well of her either, especially when Allan is one of her greatest backers.

Just like Roselyn was told, stop shoveling the mature around for it still stinks and no one is buying.

Bev E said...

Anon 10:58 I have seen Amanda at all the CC meetings I have got to know her over the past months as somebody who cares sincerely about Clear Lake Shores and participates in all the events. She is assertive, fun, articulate & seems genuinely a good candidate to vote for. So stop all this negative trashing say something positive about the candidate you would vote for instead and have the courage to sign you name to it!

Anonymous said...

All I can say to the above is "AnDum". LOL

Anonymous said...

ANON 8:11 ... You are a cowardly waste of Carbon.

Anonymous said...

Touch me with your noodley goodness.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I go to council meetings and sit on the same side of the room as the NS gang, I feel creepy and almost like I need to take a bath. Starting to feel the same way about the anon poster at 10:10