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Friday, February 10, 2012


Well look at the bright side, We’re 2 ½ inches up on our rainfall total for the year. We ended last year over 2 ½ FEET behind. At least I hope that’s why my grass looks like crap.

ManCakes in the morning!! I just picked up all the goodies. To the “Crew” (you know who you are) I need a hand unloading at the Clubhouse at 5. If you can’t make 5 be there at 7:30 for a walk through.

To the entire rest of the Island We look forward to serving you the second best ( I am NOT competing with Moms) pancakes you’ve ever had starting tomorrow morning at 8. We will serve until 11 or we run out. So Walker if waltz in at 10:55 and find out everyone is done I don’t want to hear any whining. Again.

Hot off the wire ----That Island Favorite, The annual Soup Cook off is looking for a sponsor! They had one but she just found out she can’t be there. Here’s how these event work. First an event is proposed. Then it is voted on. Then a chair has to volunteer or the event is not scheduled. The Civic Club puts up most of the colatteral stuff required but someone has to provide the organization. SO. Come on, you know you want to. It’s a fun time and some great eats and truth be told it’s just not as much work as you think. Interested? Good! You can contact Dennis or reply here and I’ll get Dennis to contact you.

More on the villainous goings on around the Island

We currently have two banners displayed in residences in the residential zone. One is a banner on Craig Wards house advertising an event and the other is displayed on the McIntyre house advertising a web site. In researching the sign ordinance I have found the following related to banners in a residential zone.

1. Section 8 of Article III of the sign code requires a permit for the erection of any type sign within the City. Neither applied for a permit.

2. Section 20 of Article V of the sign code allows one permanent sign per single family residence not exceeding 2.5 square feet of area. This section does not address temporary signs on a single family residence.

I have not measured either banner but suspect they both exceed this requirement.

3. Section 32 of Article VI of the sign code addresses temporary signs generally. Relative to Banners it reads "one banner sign not exceeding 32 square feet in sign area may be displayed by a business for a maximum total period not to exceed 60 days per year".

CONCLUSION: After studying the ordinance I have concluded the following regarding banners in the residential zone.

1. Banners are temporary sign thus cannot be displayed longer than 60 days per year.

2. All signs, including banners require a permit.

3. Banners in a residential zone cannot exceed 2.5 square feet in area.

See the Space Station

Friday, Feb. 10, 7:20 p.m. (Duration: three minutes)
Path: 11 degrees above SW to 59 degrees above NE
Maximum elevation: 87 degrees

Saturday, Feb. 11, 6:24 p.m. (Duration: five minutes)
Path: 12 degrees above S to 10 degrees above ENE
Maximum elevation: 29 degrees

Sunday, Feb. 12, 7:05 p.m. (Duration: three minutes)
Path: 28 degrees above WNW to 12 degrees above NNE
Maximum elevation: 33 degrees

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Craig said...

My bad, as the kids would say. Anyway local contractor Rob
Scherer(e) immediately upon finding out I was in violation came to my home, untied the banner from the pileings, removed it from the nails, dried it off, rolled it up and gently placed it back in my storage room. Seems like alot of ass kissing from someone who already has the tophy at his house. I guess he thinks it will earn him points for next year. It probably won't but thanks anyway Rob. Alan, Thank you for makeing an example out of me for being in violation but did you do it for the common good or sour grapes over where the trophy ended up? If it was the latter, no hard feelings as I feel your pain but you have to remember I wasn't a judge. I apologize for my blatant failure to recognize this ordinance but if you were at Raynels birthday you have to admitt it made up for my ignorance of the law.


Scott said...

Way to man up, Craig. Now, let’s see if the curmudgeon on North Shore does the same.

Anonymous said...

Drove by and saw Jackies car at Jeans today. Wonder what they are cooking up for the next meeting? Didn't see Kathy, she must have been busy finding a new place to hang her sign. I wonder what the three stooges would do if they didn't have Jean and Kathy to lead them by the nose?

Roselyn said...

Amanda Booren, who lives on E Shore, picked up a packet to register for council. I am happy and think she is another excellent choice. She is currently coordinating an event for the Governor's Office which is a business forum for small businesses.
The website for her event is

Smart woman.

Craig said...

It is going to be important for all GOOD candidates to get together and agree on who is going to run. If we water down the votes we will lose. It is as simple as that. The two most likely to be electable and qualified should run. Whoever that may be. Period. Just my opinion but I think I am right. Amanda might be one of those two but we need to remember at the end of the day this is a numbers game.

Anonymous said...

craig is right..... watered down votes and apathy got us in this mess to begin with...i hope all potential candidates realize that and do what is best for the city even if that means not running to keep thaat from happening again.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see amanda answer the same questions Carlo answered so we can get a feel for her. I have never heard of her. Has she been involved and attending cc meetings over the past 7 or 8 months. To me it is more important to know how someone feels about our Island, understands its history and wants to keep it likeitwas a year ago than how smart you are or what off Island projects you are involved in. I want someone who loves and understands our Island and understands what the majority of us want. Right now we are being led by Jean and Kathy who are about five years away from the nursing home and along with their puppets on council are trying to screw it up for the rest of us. Amanda, let us know who you are answer the same questions Carlo answered we may need you. Maybe not

Roselyn said...

I suggest that after the March 5th filing deadline that we somehow have a straw poll and narrow it down to the best three.

At that time I really want input from Paul, Vern, Karen and Ronnie who they would prefer to work with. At the end of the day its about City Hall getting along and moving forward and who would have better insight than the people who work there?

From this process though we can also see who might be interested in running next year to fill Arlene's seat. We can also get some people shaking down from the tree that have a good business sense and could help Ronnie on EDC........Remember Allan set up a petition back in June, maybe he can do something similar after March 5th so we can have a straw vote and narrow it down to the best three.

Roselyn said...

Last Tuesday was the first meeting I have missed since our famous June meeting where they were trying to fire Paul. I see Amanda there at just about every meeting. They are golf carters, bought Perry Segal's old house and went through the rehab after Hurricane Ike.

I think she has posted on this blog before but its been a while since I saw her name here.

Anonymous said...

if we run three and they run two we might jus lose so few pepole vote it can be that close alan lost by one vote would one of hanbys supporters put him over the top who knows but we cant take the chance

Anonymous said...

Somebody posted Charles Russel is going to run. If he is the guy with the semi in his driveway he is definately a NS member. I would like to see him answer those questions too

Anonymous said...

I agree with Craig, that too many Pinks running is not a wise move. I would not pressure Charles Russel to post his questionare here if he is one of NS's potential puppets. He can't be trusted no matter how good his answers sound. Like Arleen did on Candidates' Night, lies will flow. I think any Pink candidates would realize their importance of posting here.And will do so honestly like Carlo did.

Are you kidding me? Candidates submit their applications to run and then Allan is suppose to have a straw poll? You have strange ideas there lady. Savy people are working on strategies to win and changing the rules are not among them. Ronnie is perfectly capable of finding strong business minded people to support the EDC. You don't support Town Center(admitting you voted for Tammy) and are willing to buy property near it to prevent the ampitheatre. why would he even give your suggestions the time of day.

An endorsement from Vern would be wonderful. Since Paul and Karen are paid employees, I am not sure if they can legally back anyone. I have asked Paul in the past and he would never comment. Let's find out for sure.

Anonymous said...

Don't know Roslyn. Not sure if I want to either. I think the straw poll idea is out there to. So you are backing someone based on they own a home and a golf cart and have posted on the blog. Oh, wait, they plan big parties for our ho hum gov.Hmmm... I am not saying the woman would not be a good candidate, I just have to hear more than what Roslyn stated.

I was hoping to hear Jean was fined for distributing trash to everyone's yards. Does anyone know? It sure would prevent more of the same as we get closer to the election.

Getting tired of hearing we have to get things back the way things used to be on Council. We have to make up for a lost year - since Arlene got involved and it went backwards and crazy. We have to move forward in a very accelerted speed. It will take very special people to do that job. Most of all it will take a record high turn out of voters.

DaveC. said...

We only need 2 candidates and get behind those 2 candidates. If we have more then it will thin out the votes needed to get the losers out of office.

Dave C

Anonymous said...

Agreed Dave that is a good plan!