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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday?

My instinct said something like “publish a lady’s age? No freakin’ way!” But then I thought Ya know, 90 is something to celebrate. That’s a bona fide milestone. So here goes. Happy Birthday Juanita Flurry, may you have as many more as your heart desires. There. I said it. Plus I think I can out run her. I hope.

A lot of you got the email from the Civic Club but for those who didn’t here goes. Wait. Lets talk about why you didn’t get the email first. Odds are you’re not on the email list. And the only reason you’re not on the list is you’re not a member. THAT has GOT to change. $20 a year? Now email..

“We missed you at the last meeting! We had our meeting around the dinner table and talked about we need help to decorate for the MANCAKE breakfast. Kindly respond if you can meet at the Club House at 1:00 FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10 to help Beverly. The time had to be set forward and her helper can't make it that early.

The very popular MANCAKE BREAKFAST will be served Saturday morning, February 11 starting at 8:30 and going until 11:00 am or the food runs out. Come on out and enjoy this special Valentine's gift to the ladies of the Island - thanks to Allan Batchelor and his crew. Price $5.00.

President Dennis Roberson announced the MARDI GRAS golf cart parade will be held February 18. Get those golf carts decorated - there will be a trophy for first, second and third places . . .

The Club voted to donate $200.00 to the Parks Committee to purchase trees

It was announced that the April Childrens’ Easter Party and Easter Sunrise Service can now be written in ink on your calendar. The Ward Boys and friends have again agreed to run the Easter Egg Hunt. THANKS. Stepping forward to set up Deep Hole Park for the Sunrise Service: Al Burns (and his truck,) Dennis Roberson and Richard Sowrey. Elaine Sokoloff offered to make a run for the donuts and juice. NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER MEMORIAL EASTER LILIES - call Chairperson Neeltje Burns at 281-538-2707 or put the order form in this months ISLANDER and check for $10.00 (payable to the Civic Club) in the Civic Club Mailbox in front of CLS annex.

Volunteers are still needed for the rest of the proposed events on the calendar - they won't happen without you.

The date for the ISLAND WIDE GARAGE SALE has been changed to May 19 (the same day as the Talent Show). Sign up if you want to appear in the Talent Show - each "segment" should last 6 - 10 minutes or less. Reply to this email with details of your proposed performance.

Come on folks this is your Civic Club, help out if you can please.

Thanks to neighbor Marshall for the article in the NY Post. It was about 900 lbs of Butterfinger candy bars being delivered to Boston to celebrate the Pats receiving efforts in the game Sunday.

A few months back I asked for input from you. What questions you would like your prospective Councilmen to answer. Well here is the first and as yet only reply from a neighbor who is willing to volunteer his time for the effort. I must add this. It is edited a tad. One of the questions was something like ..’are you a democrat or republican..” Mr. Ianni did indeed answer that question in his email to me. I, for the love of God fail to see any relevance in the question. I removed the Q and the A. If you want to know go meet Carlo and ask him. That said, Mr. Ianni, you have the floor.

Carlo Ianni – 615 Narcissus Road

1. Why are you running for this office?

· To make a difference, and to bring civility back to council.

2. What city committees have you served on in the past and when?

· I have served on the Park Committee for the last year. I resigned my position in December 2011.

3. Tell us about your education and any degrees you hold.

· I hold BA in Social Studies Education from the State University of New York College at Fredonia. I plan on starting MBA within the next year to year in a half.

4. Do you have any professional designations, i.e. CPA, RN, etc.?

· N/A

5. What is your work experience?

· I have worked in Healthcare Receivables for the last 19 years. Fifteen of those in management. Seven years as an operational consultant, 5 years as National Director for a publicly traded company, and I am currently the Manager of Patient Business Services at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

6. Describe your most important personal characteristics or traits as they relate to the office you seek.

· I am fair. I don’t act on emotion or allow others to cloud my decisions. I listen carefully, look over the

options and choose what I feel is best, even if it is not the most popular.

7. Please describe one to three accomplishments or contributions of which you are most proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to the office you are seeking. These accomplishments may have occurred at any time during your personal, professional or public life.

· Chaired the committee which organized the 125th Celebration of my home town’s founding. This include a craft show, volley-ball tournament, street dance, beer tent, a parade with bands floats, political dignitaries, horses, etc. An event of this size had not been seen in my town for over 15 years. It continues today 18 years later.

· Running marathons, and half marathons. I have completed three full and a dozen halves in the past 4 years. The dedication to training is pivotal to a successful run. I like to think I show that same dedication in my daily tasks as well.

· Managed a staff of 52 people who were responsible for generating the first million dollar invoice the company we worked for had ever generated.

8. Please describe the duties of the office you seek, in your own words. Which are the most important duties and why?

· A see a council person as being a steward of the city as well as a representative its citizens on city matters. They are responsible for overseeing responsible fiscal spending, balanced city development, and addressing the concerns of its citizens in a legal and diplomatic manner.

10. What are the City’s strengths? What are its weaknesses?

· One of the cities strengths is it people. The citizens of CLS are always willing to come together to accomplish a common goal. HWY 2094 outside our front door is also strength, and an untapped resource. Guided development of this resource, as laid out in the City Center plan can lead to positive things for CLS without having a negative impact on the residential aspects of the island we all love and enjoy.

· The passion of the citizens can be weakness. As seen with recent events this passions prevents the island from coming together, communication becomes hostile, and individuals tear each down rather than build the island up. CLS need leaders who will work together to re-build the strong since of positive community we all have enjoyed in the past. You can never please everyone or eliminate all negative detractors, but you can approach them all with a more positive attitude and make life more enjoyable for the remaining 90%. Another negative is the present council. They have allowed personal agendas, self pride, and the desire of a few citizens to cloud their judgment on what is best for CLS. Until they start working together and for all the citizens of CLS nothing positive can be generated by them.

11. Do you think Clear Lake Shores is a well-run city? Why or why not?

· When I first moved here the city was well run. The police patrolled nightly shining lights in the yards looking for intruders. Our property taxes were eliminated and trash pick-up became free. The city sponsored events that enhanced the quality of our life. In recent years it feels like the city is going backwards. Delays in the city center have stunted our growth. Those who ran on fiscal conservatory two years ago seem to make decision and spend the city’s money with the impunity of a drunken sailor. $30k plus on an investigation that proved no one did anything wrong. That could have and should have been addressed without spending all that money. The creation of a second $80k position for the city without looking at what the budget could allow. The lack of business related experience on council created that problem. In addition certain members of council appear to be on an ordinances passing binge for their own selfish reasons rather than looking at the long term impact of what they are imposing on the citizens.

12. Where do you see Clear Lake Shores in five years and what role would you play to get it there?

· I see CLS being much like it is today, a great place to live. Only in my vision we have an improved entrance and increased development along 2094. My role would be to be supportive to the EDC and allow them to do the job they were appointed to do. In order to maintain the life style we all enjoy I would be resistant to the establishment of any ordinance that serves only to limit our freedoms. If you want to live in an HOA environment there are multiple options for that lifestyle with 5 miles of here.

13. If elected, how would you handle a constituent's call to complain about a matter?

· Citizen’s concerns would be handled directly and immediately within the allowed frame of the policies and procedures of the council. This is the way I have always handled issue brought to me by my employees and it has always proven effective.

14. What issues would you like to see the council address?

· Continued development of the City Center

· Glass & Christmas tree recycling

· Continued development of the sales tax base

· Review and development of HR and operational procedures for the city and police department.

15. Please list your top three to five priorities you will champion to move the city forward.

· Review and development of HR and operational policies and procedures for the city and police department.

· Continued development of the City Center

· Glass & Christmas tree recycling

16. Describe how you plan to implement your top three priorities. (50 words or less)

· Review current polices/procedures with city management and staff for effectiveness, legality, and identify areas needing further development. Allowing the EDC to perform the function they were appointed to do will allow the City Center to progress. Review the contract for the city’s waste management provider for the availability of recycling options. (52 words sue me J)

17. What would you like to change about the council?

· Less combat more cooperation.

18. What would you like to stay the same about the council?

· The continuation of hardworking individuals who have the best interest of the city in mind.

19. What in your view is the relationship between the Mayor and City Council? What is the main function of each, and where are certain responsibilities shared?

· The relationship needs to be close and communicative. The Mayor is the CEO of the city and council is the Board of Trustees. The Mayor is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the city while the council is responsible to see that the city’s best interest is being met. They are responsible to one another and need to communicate affectively for the relationship and the city to function well.

20. How do you propose to create a positive working relationship?

· This is easy to accomplish by respecting those you work with, treating them fairly, and communicating regularly not just by talking but listening as well.

21. Is there anything else you would like our residents to know about your candidacy?

· I am not perfect and never claimed to be. Dig far enough into my past and you will inevitable find something some people will be opposed to. What I am is honest with no hidden agenda. I want our city to come back together and be all it can be. I am not looking to make huge changes just enhance our little slice of paradise.

And there ya have it. This is no way meant to compete with the Civic Clubs Candidate night. But this venue has no restrictions. Well, almost no restrictions.

" The solution to a bad hair day is to wear a low cut blouse"


Roselyn said...

Excellent Carlo! I like this forum for candidates to express their view because they will be nervous at Meet the Candidate Night. This is more in depth.

I understand Jeff Terrell has also filed and would like to see his answers as well.

Great job again Allan.

Craig said...

Carlo in one of my neighbors and I can attest to his credibility and desire to bring this Island back to life. Kudos Carlo and Thank you for throwing your hat in the ring.

Craig Ward

Crystal Rose said...

You would have my vote Carlos, a voice of reason and fairness! Well done Allan for the forum. Feels like progress is in the air on all fronts.

Anonymous said...

CarlO not CarloS. There is only one of him.

Crystal Rose said...

Oops sorry Carlo, I look forward to meeting you, sincere apologies..

Adelia said...

I am so glad you are running Carlo. I wouldn't expect that any city council person would side with my views at all times and I hope we get more including Jeff that will listen to both sides and make decisions that will benefit everyone on the island. EVERYONE PUT ON YOUR CALENDAR TO VOTE!!! It doesn't help to have good candidates if you don't vote. Jury duty is based on your drivers license so that excuse just doesn't work anymore.

Anonymous said...

Charles Russell has also filed. He lives on Narcissus behind Tami and friendly with North Shore annex.