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Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to

Larry the Cable Guy.

Yes that is going to be a bus stop. I’m talking about the slab up at the Club House. Since that’s where a lot of our little darlin’s meet to catch the school bus the city thought it would be a good idea. I agree. Thanks y’all.

A couple of neighbors are working on a voter registration party. From what I’ve heard it could be fun. More as I get it.

I sent out an email earlier telling everyone about the change for the Golf Cart Mardi Gras Parade. If you didn’t get an email from me you are not on my (private) email list. If you would like to be on the list drop me a line

I’ll post next weeks agenda as soon as I get it. It sounds like “they" are launching a brand spanking new investigation. Make sure you’re at Tuesdays Council meeting. It should be interesting.

Did you know… Only one McDonald’s in the world has turquoise arches. Officials in Sedona, Arizona, thought yellow would clash with the natural red rock.

Have a GREAT weekend everybody. Well, almost everybody...


Adelia said...

I got a note from the city secretary that we were signing up at 12:30 and parade at 1. I plan to show up at the early time and visit till the parade begins. I sure hope we have an opportunity to buy those cool new Civic Club Sweat Shirts and sign up new members. This year looks like it will be more fun than ever - don't be left out

Roselyn said...

Items on the Tuesday agenda. I assume Mr. Fuller will have to recuse himself from voting:

c. Filing suit in County Court against Jackie Fuller for violations of Municipal Code
Sections 42-51 and 82-53 (Mayor Johnson)
d. Filing suit in County Court against Tim Johnson for violations of Municipal Code
Sections 42-51 (Mayor Johnson

Also an agenda item is the three stooges asking for special funding for a new audit investigation.

How many more days Allan? and Paul how many more days before you file your lawsuit?

Click on the link on the right side of this page to go to Clear Lake Shores, then click Calendar, then click Tuesday's council meeting. Hopefully at least the 50 that signed the complaint to clean up Tindel and Aspen will show up to see the law be put into action.

Craig said...

It is my understanding the three stooges will be asking for $12,000 to initiate another investigation. Get your Asses to the meetong Tuesday and voice your opinion. Don't let these three pull this sh-- without a fight. This BS crap of 20 to 30 folks showing up for CC meetings is not acceptable. For Gods sake get off your butts and stand up for your Island. Its your tax money they are throwing away how can you sit at home and do nothing? Granted NS is outnumbered 5 to 1 every meeting and they have to drag in a new flunkie every meeting who rarely ever come to more than two or three meetings to try and fill a seat for them but where are the 150 to 200 folks that were here when this mess all started? I know you all are still pissed off and upset by all of this nonsense, I hear it all around the Island but this lazy attitude of let someone else go to the meetings is just more apathy and lazieness that got us here to begin with. Have I made you mad? Do you think my attitude towards everyones apathy is out of line? GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Come to the meeting Tuesday and tell me about it. Then sit down and let the NS know what you think as well. If nothing else you can witness the beginning of Jackies new troubles. His buddies can't protect him this time.

February 17, 2012 4:56 PM

Craig said...

OK, I'm feeling better now. I think everyone that comes Tuesday needs to come prepared to ask good hard questions and make the three Stooges give us answers. It is too late to be scheduled visitor but once they make a motion for this rediculous request and get a second it will be open for discussion and we need to hammer them until we have satisfactory answers as to why we need to spend another $12,000.00. Hasn't The Frog, Wrongway, Sunshine, Bawbraaa Larry, Tami" " Perkins and Stephen Dean already investigated the crap out of this? It is my belief that this was a presonal attack by NS from day one and I am sick of paying for their revenge and entertainment. We need at least 100 folks to stand up and ask questions. If nothing else it will be funny. Jackie will just sit there and smirk, Arlene will most likely stammer and babble and God only knows what Tami will blurt out. I am sure Wrongway, Sunshine and Larry will have entertaining input as well unless Kathy is still busy trying to get the EDC to clean the ditches. Come on out folks it is going to be more fun to watch than anything else you have planned. I think maybe Sunshines little buddy from the Houston Press needs to come also to make sure we aren't drinking. There is a good chance I will be.

Anonymous said...

Come on Arlene, STEP UP and vote against NS on the audit. Why waste more of our money? How about developing rules and regs. for the city's credit card use instead? Look forward and not backwards. Prove there is hope for you during your last year on Council.

I will be more than disappointed if you allow Trash Tim and Junk Yard Jackie to contiue their ghetto lifestyle. Put some pressure on those that break real laws. Paul did not violate any law.

Anonymous said...

Arline I know that anon 6.03 is right do it! PLEASE............Draw a line in the sand and stop all this silliness. Put an ordinance in place that will not let the credit card mistakes happen again, but another audit????? The cost of it will be more than what could ever be recovered! Let us all move forward, enough is enough. Don't waste another penny of our taxes on this futile pursuit.

Anonymous said...

To anon 8:08, there is nothing to recover. All charges were paid back. Paul repaid every cent. Why waste 12K to find out what we already know?

Huh said...

they should vote to investigate the investigation, then they could vote to investigate the next investigation and then...oh wait--didn't they already do that?

Anonymous said...

Forget A. Laughter. She is a joke. Didn't you notice the 3 blind mice are co-sponsoring the audit? Once again they are violating the City Council rules on open mtgs. Come on Vern, stop the three of them. Say it out loud they cannot co-sponsor their crap. Can't the City Attorney put a voice to it, too?

Thanks, Rosie, for directions to the agenda. I like how the agenda is listed on the calendar.

What's with the police dept. stuff on the agenda?

Craig, Did you call Kenny about the headless rat? I sure hope it is on record.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:47 that is just mean, shame on you!

How far back will the audit go, will it uncover stuff pre Paul I wonder that has not been paid back? I doubt it just another witch hunt.

Michelle said...

Does anyone know if they're still going to have the tree sale this morning, or has it been cancelled due to rain?

Anonymous said...

anon at 6:20....and you don't think what Arlene has done to the Shelley family is mean?

Anonymous said...

Maybe but I have not heard her slander them so publicly as these despicable comments of yours! I truly believe she thinks she is doing her public duty but yours are way too personal and hurtful. I state again SHAME ON YOU!

Craig said...

You are way out of line 1047. You need to take a huge step backwards and think about what you are throwing out here. If you are as pissed off as I am get to the meeting and ask questions. I don't know who you are as you are too cowardly to say but I would bet you don't even go to the meetings. Prove me wrong. Show up Tuesday and let Arlene know how you feel in person.

Anonymous said...

Have you no shame 10:47? Absolutely despicable to trash anyone in that manner. Others may chastise her for the actions Arline has taken as on the CC, but all of those who have know her should shout this Bozo down.

Rob Scherer said...

Anon 10:47, It's trash like that to give merit to those who accuse this blog of inappropriate postings. Ask yourself before you post, if what you have written serves in a positive, factual manner. I do not post anon, and suggest others to do the same. Nor do I post anything I feel is not accurate. Name calling, false allegations serve no purpose here. It only intensifies an already fragil situation