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Monday, February 13, 2012


We have an update for Ms. Val. They successfully dealt with the aneurism so she is halfway through this ordeal. There is still much to do and the schedule hasn’t been determined. She is resting and is at Methodist. I have been asked that we not call Phil for updates. It sounds like he is really upset and rightfully so. Keep them in your prayers. More as I get it.
Neighbor Malcom is progressing albeit with a setback or two. Again, more as I get it.
We have a busy week coming up. It starts with the EDC meeting Tuesday. If you haven’t been you really should go. They need our support and they have a lot of stuff on their collective plate.
Saturday at 0830 Jarboe Pavilion is the place to be. It’s Tree Day! 120 trees will be available for a small donation. It’s a good start to help us replace some of the beautiful trees we lost to Ike and the drought. See you there.
Then it’s the Mardi Gras golf cart parade! Watch your inbox and this spot for details.
Here’s a place to watch. It lets you see who has registered for the upcoming election.
To date only Carlo Ianni has taken advantage of this spot to post his response to submitted questions. I offer this space to any who choose to serve.
Just when you thought it was FINALLY over. It looks like we have a brand new quest for yet another stack of receipts to be sorted and supplied by the office staff. Can’t you people just pass them around between you?
Did anyone get a chance to go up to the Pavilion Saturday evening and meet a couple of candidates for County positions? I did. I got my questions answered. And some pretty tasty BBQ. What did you think?
There are less than 11 months until election day when the people
will decide who will be the next President of the United States …
The person elected will be the president of all Americans, not just
the Democrats or the Republicans. It’s that time that we all need to
come together, Democrats and Republicans alike.

If you will support the Republican nominee, please drive with your
headlights ON during the day.

If you support Barack Obama, please drive with your headlights
OFF at night.

Together, we can make it happen.


Anonymous said...

AB, Can you name the person requesting the receipts?

Thanks for the update on Val. She is so valued in CLS. If Phil or Linde need anything, please post it.

Anonymous said...

Paul has plenty for a harassment suit. Go get em!

Perhaps it would be a good time to post the bank where legal fees are being collected.The last request for receipts may have been enough to decide to lawyer up. I would have done it way back when. Hope he is printing out clstide.

Anonymous said...

Its BARBRAHHH requesting receipts.
She is the newbie that North Shore is going to put her on the front line now to take the bullet.

Anonymous said...

How can people be so stupid to buy into NS?

Anonymous said...

other possible mini mob nicknames for our little southern belle.

Barbra "Red Horse" Nichols
Barbra "What do I do Next Kathy" Nichols.

why in the world is she requesting records Bernie "The Frog" McEntyre and Sunshine Garst already have? The mini mob is doing nothing more than harrassing City Hall.

everyone needs to go to the edc meeting and get her and tim off of the board. Barbra seems to be clearly toubled and Tim is getting ready to be ticketed for his junk yard over in the part of our city he is on the board to clean up. This city is seriously screwed up.

Craig said...

Anon at 1210 on 2-13-12 asked why Barbra would now have a problem with multi family dwellings when her own son rented one of the mini mobs targets. It is the same reason that Tami had no problem with Raynel giving swim lessons while her son was taking them from her but now its a problem. Its the same reason Tami has no problem with her moms businesses she runs out of her home or Charlie parking his semi in his driveway everyday, working on it and preassure washing his truck several times a week. Its the same reason Pam House and Steve Bowden had no problem with Ryans landscape business when Ryan was mowing his yard practically free but now it is a problem. It is the same reason Pam and Steve had no problem with the Chili cookoff and attended every year untill they turned into NS groupies but now it is a problem. It is the same reason Jean Garst has a multi family dwelling but doesn't want anyone else to have one. It is the same reason Pam and Steve feel it is fine for them to run a large business out of their home that has included employees working in the garage office for years, a shipping and receiving department that ships and receives several shipments each day and includes retail customers coming to their business several days a month but they want me out of business because I park my golf cart and trailer in the driveway. Sunshine, Larry, Pam, Steve, Tami and now Barbra seem to want to control everyone around them and if you do not comply you become a target. They act like selfish petty pepole. They seem to cling to each other spread lies to each other and convince thenmselves what they are doing is for the better good. The truth is they are only out to serve themselves and NS. At least that is how I see it from my window.

Anonymous said...

anon 328. because they are stupid. did you read barbras letter? her letter says it all about her.

Anonymous said...

Poor BahBrahhhhh has no idea what she is stepping into. Her "friends" dont want her to know. They will want to keep her drunk.

Tim has already been ticketed is my understanding and he, like Jackie, said they would go to court to fight it.

Anonymous said...

What is the rational in going to court for an obvious, long-standing violation of the trash and debris ordinance? What good could come out of it for them other than possibly buying some time? Since Jackie will be a repeat offender, would his fines be higher? Do our attorneys represent the city along with Jack Friday? What a waste of the city's resources and time. Can citizens testify?

Sorry for all the questions but I really hope someone answers them. I just don't understand. No one with such a background belongs on CC or EDC. Having such a bacground is an slap in the face to the city.

Anonymous said...

hey alan, your new photo hits the nail right on the head but i bet the educrat pinheads you are trying to point out won't even get it

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:05, on what committee are you serving? Or do you just criticize others? Maybe that's how Barbara got on a committee. The critics stayed out of it and gave her plenty of room.

Anonymous said...

1000 why would you put someone down for not being on a committie. This is still America and we are free to voice our opinions if we are on a committie or not. I know Obama and other socialist libs like Tami, Jackie, Kathy and Jean would like to take those freedoms from us but so far we still have them. 505 didn't say anything offensive just asked questions. Why is that a problem for you Jackie or is that you Tim

Anonymous said...

Never having gone to an EDC I am going to make it a point to go tonight just to meet Tim. Do they have name plaques like CC? If not, what does he look like? Can a resident approach him or does he run out quickly like " ". <- Tami.

As far a the loss of our freedoms, let's not forget the Patriot Act and all the freedoms lost due to George W.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I use to think a lot of Steve and Pam although I did not know either real well. Is it really true they are violating the work at home ordinance? Craig said Pam and Steve feel it is fine for them to run a large business out of their home that has included employees working in the garage office for years, a shipping and receiving department that ships and receives several shipments each day and includes retail customers coming to their business several. Sounds like they need to rent some space elsewhere to me. Is Jack Friday aware of what they are doing?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the court date for Junk Yard Jackie or Trash Tim? As a realtor, I have an unique perspective of the harm they are doing to CLS. Like 5:05, I want to know if it will be worth my time to go to court. Will someone plz find out if residents can testify? Something tells me many of us will go if that is the case. It is about time we do whatever we have to to clean up the ghetto of CLS!

Craig said...

They used to have employees pre Ike. They no longer do but the rest remains the same and I think it is great. I have worked out of my home off and on for 25 years and I think it will become more common in the future for everyone. My point is that the NS shore gang are hypocrits. They want to do what they want and they want others to do what they want. Thats not how it works. Or at least that is not how it should work. Don't judge them on if they run a business out of their home or not. If you do that then you would have to lower your opinion on the other 70 plus businesses registered out of their homes in CLS. Get to know them then judge them based on their actions and ideals.

Anonymous said...

Barbarah is on the EDC? How did that happen? More importantly, how do we get her off of it?

Craig said...

Go to the meeting tonight and make your case to remove both Barbra and Tim. I understand neither of them attend many meetings, Barbras actions at the CC meeting and her letter to Paul show there is something wrong and Tim has allegedly been ticketed and is refuseing to clean up whatever they ticketed him for right in the heart of the area he is supposed to be part of improveing. Lets all go tonight and get some answers.

Craig said...

Im sorry 804 I didn't answer your question. How did Barbra get on the EDC? You didn't volunteer, I didn't voulunteer and apparantly no one else with any sense did. It happened because of apathy the same thing that got us into this mess with Council. I have learned my lesson have you? If so I will see you tonight.

Anonymous said...

@10:31, please do tell how anon 10:00 "put somebody down". The comment/opinion was simply that anon 5:05 is very critical yet unlikely to DO ANYTHING. Just as Craig said, these people are on the committee because others do nothing.
And, what has Tim done to warrant such a rabid attack? If he's not cleaning up then there are ordinances in place to enforce and take care of that issue. Have any of you contacted the City regarding the same? What about Vern's house? Is that in violation? What about my house? If you want to live in South Shore pack up.
Unlike Roselyn I support the Town Center, Tami is an idiot and Jackie is worse, but THE RESIDENTS ON TINDEL HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE REPRESENTED. (as do the illiterate fake accented pill heads)

OBAMA 2012! Four more years of Bush!

Roselyn said...

For the record Mr. Anonymous, I did NOT support the BORROWING of $1Mil to construct a town center. I was 100% FOR proceeding with the town center that we already had $1million for.

I was totally AGAINST an amphitheatre with music going across the water and into our homes. I was told by Jackie that an amphitheatre would be built and when I went to city hall to look at the architectural rending there was an amphitheatre on the drawing. And yes, I asked the owner of that property to give me the first option to buy it. You know why? Because I can.

I was totally AGAINST our city constructing, owning and managing any type of commercial businesses, as I do not believe we have anyone at City Hall capable of managing a commercial venture.

Also for the record, I voted for Tami and Jackie because our small group of people irritated by the loud music in Jarboe Park had contacted all candidates prior to election and those two were the ones most sympathetic to our problem.

So, I dont give a shit if you like me or not. I am not running for office or dictating any policy. Just get the facts straight if you are going to use my name.

Suzanne said...

Mark your calendars CLS got some positive press. Thank you, Ronnie, for the hard work you are doing to improve our community. Frank, I cannot wait to buggy on over and CHILL!

Anonymous said...

NS has bernie the kook.
We have roselyn the kook.

= Facts straight.

roselyn roselyn roselyn roselyn.
(because I can)

By the way, I prefer MRS. Anonymous.