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Thursday, January 19, 2012


OK Tomorrow I’ll have the scoop on Frank’s new place.

Here’s the skinny on the Trees! The city has ordered the trees below and will sell them for $35.00 each. First come, first served at the pavilion. So be there on Feb 18th at 8:30.
60 live Oaks
15 Cedar Elms
15 Bald Cypress
30 assorted bottlebrush and anacuita (short trees) for under high lines. They will give advice on planting also.
Thank you,
Paul Shelley

Ever watch Titanic? Of course you have. Remember how you felt watching those left onboard who in the face of certain doom held their stance. They knew they were in the crapper but managed to maintain their dignity to the end. When everything is falling down around you there are two types of responses. Thank you officer Akin for holding the line and giving us a glimmer of hope that not all is lost.

Monday June 20th 2011. Not only was it my birthday but it is also the post that contains some of your City Council’s favorite quotes. I have a new fav, It’s from “Councilman Perkins
“No matter how it’s presented – there is no way the town center concept can materialize except when the houses on Aspen and Tindel are gone because there is not enough land for all that otherwise.
So let’s recap…The City (pronounced US) voted to proceed with the Town Center…………

Removed docs due to formatting error. If you want a copy just email me.

The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of the brain, involved in many kinds of motivation, among other functions. The hypothalamus controls the "Four F's": 1. fighting; 2. fleeing; 3.feeding; and 4. mating.


Anonymous said...

North Shore & Tami: while I must admit that most of the commenters here are a bit short of a full deck, you need to remember that the majority of the folks on the island are not so radical and perhaps even well read and thoughtful. Your actions, and reactions to the response, are disrespectful and condescending. I realize that your response is geared toward your immediate opposition, the reactionary 'pinks', but you have cut yourself off from the mainstream population. The FU's at council are meant for a small, loud group of dissenters, but remember that the majority of voting residents are not on either extreme of the argument and we also have questions, and those questions were answered with that same FU but nothing more substantial. So it becomes difficult for a serious person to respect your opinions when you are acting in such a manner, especially while sitting in a council seat representing us, to use one example. Most folks are for annual audits and transparency, we don't want to become Bell, CA. But we want to work together toward common goals. This has all been very obviously personal, or at least started that way. And there are many groups involved with their own agendas that are playing each other in an attempt to fulfill those agendas. NS working the PD against the Chief, the PD working NS against the Chief, the PD working Council and NS against Cook, etc. So anyone looking for 'all the information' is staring into a black hole as no one knows all the pieces. The latest of the Rovian tactics, saying that your opposition is to blame for the debacle of a meeting Tuesday specifically regarding the letter from PD, is a bit too much to swallow. This was obviously choreographed and wasn't even subtle in execution. To say that the letter wasn't meant to be opened during the meeting is a ridiculous falsehood. Make sure you know that there are many educated, intelligent people on this island that do not necessarily spend a lot of time being loud about CLS politics, but that find your actions callow, aggressive and not at all serious. You're not always incorrect but your methods are divisive. Yes, there are several 'pink' commenters here that are also acting irresponsibly, but quite honestly, you have the majority & power right now. Use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

Last comment on old page:

1 I din't claim to know what happened in the meeting I simply said you have no idea why she quit but pretend you do. Where did I say I knew what happened in the meeting?

January 19, 2012 4:19 PM Your Statement: Paul made a great deal Tina made none and to date every investigation has turned up nothing on Paul.

My Statement: Tina quit under investigation.

2 The abuse Tammy took? She started it. Pity party, Victim

Answer: Tami didn't answer questions fast enough for some. So that allowed for the threats, harassment and her Mother to even be threaten.

3 I have no idea what source you are talking about I talk to alot of folks everyday

Answer: January 18, 2012 5:24 PM "Hopefully when you meet with Vern we will get some answers NS already has as usual."

Apparently you had inside information on Vern calling the meeting for the Police Officers for everyone else believed it was Kenny until your Post.

4 Adam was the one who faced the boy with the gun

Answer: No, Milliken. Adam is at Kemah if you want to ask him who was in the room with boy or you can read the Police Report or the Police Blog.

5 I have never done anything to cover up anything. Example please.

Answer: Twist the facts. Just like the above and below.

6 Anyone can see f they read todays posts all of the facts are just sound bites

Answer: You wanted a law, you got two. Paul admitted to using the credit card after being confronted. The law doesn't talk about if you paid it back or if you are going to pay it back. Besides, there is no prove he ever paid it back. That is part of the problem and why didn't Karen report it.

7 I respect the job and service all of our officers do for us. I don't respect they way they have handled this whole situation. I have said that twice now. Where did I ever ask for their respect? Are we reading the same blog?

Answer: January 18, 2012 5:24 PM Since McMillian didn't have the courage or respect to speak and none of the rest of you had the stones to show up and let all of us lowly citizens know what you all are up to we can only speculate. The good news for all of you is there is plenty of blog space for you to respond and explain your concerns to the citizens of this community that pay your salary. Then sign your name just like I have. Do any of you have the respect for us to do that?

8 When did I show up drunk, threaten a public official and use the credit card for my own personal use? I think it was Tami, Larry and Mary that have offered to fight or squared off against other citizens.

Answer: Between your lack of memory of what you write and your paranoid I can't help you further.

Tami, who I don't always agree with, I do respect for she has done a job under such pressure few could have handled and is still handling. You want her job and the answers put your name on the ballot.

Paul has the City in another lawsuit for mishandling employees and wrongfully firing another over his paranoid. TCLEOSE's decision came after the report.

January 19, 2012 8:25 PM

Anonymous said...

Seriously, did Tami submit the document with all the strike outs? So it included the previously denied c o n f i d e n c e issue.

Anonymous said...

Cheers to anon 8:56 last night. Thanks for not being crazy.

I question the assumed majority statement however. My guess is that this community is tired of these childish games and we will be in the mood to "throw the bums out" come May. Not that Tami would run again, but I'm sure there will be a replacement candidate and I would think that most folks will be inclined to vote against anyone associated with Pinks or with NS and ready to have some leadership concerned with our city's future as opposed to perceived personal agendas.

Anonymous said...

The level of ignorance has exceeded the alotment of bandwidth?

Anonymous said...

We need to find another Al Burns to run for Council in May. He is one of a kind though.

Thank you Al, for being the strongest current member and for putting the envelope into the right hands Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

I think Sowery has shown to be quite reasonable considering what he's faced with.

I would like to have Al Burns opinion on that. Maybe an endorsement?

Anonymous said...

Lets all go to the P.D and get answers form those officers who sign the letter against Kenny. I'd like to hear some good excuses.

Anonymous said...

That is an incredibly great idea! Head on up there. We're on the way!

Crystal Rose said...

Anon 10:14 it's your browser that is the problem not the blog bandwidth. Try Google Chrome that works, we would hate to miss your vitriole....

Suzanne said...

Anon 8:56 Wish you would have revealed your idenity since you are obviously articulate and intelligent. Your writing skills are beyond any we have seen on the blog.Any chance you would throw your hat into the ring for the May election? On behalf of all of us, please keep posting since your objective point of view is refreshing.We need you.

Anonymous said...

Take your drink with you, so you have an excuse for your stupidity.

I thought Travis wasn't welcome here, now you want Travis to run for Office.

Anonymous said...

That aint Travis.
I'm fairly certian that being literate may make one more qualified than some of the current council members, however let's not go supporting candidates just becuase they rite purty.

Besides, I think that is PD. He is smart enough not to get involved.

Anonymous said...

Possibly an attorney for a past PD who might be trying to make Bill Young look nice.

If you read the redacted agenda item Tami submitted before Allan took it down today, there is no way in hell Ms. Hillbilly wrote that complaint. Probably an atty. of a PD officer helped her. I think they thanked her after that memorable council meeting in June.

Barbara Nichols (one of those black taggers) said...

Just reveiwing these posts and even though these comments are anonoymous, they remain cowards. One and all. state your name and stand proud. if this is your belief or is this just a bully fight from years ago.

this kind of behavior is what we teach our children and they have been taught well.

this woman also has a child and he is learning the worst cruelty, that adults are terrorists, bullies, despots, and just plain mean.

Have your fights without the name calling and watch who is listening to you talk about things and what goes in the beverage bottle. they're smarter than you give the credit for.