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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year!

To all our Chinese friends.

What a great weekend here on the Island. I did manage to pick up a bug from someone but it was still worth it. Thanks Rob and Paula and Neil and April for kicking off the weekend in such a grand fashion. Saturday was mudbugs at the Fishers and then on to Masseys’ for a Great Saturday night. Congrats to the newlyweds Mark and Wendi. Sunday was football and Monday is gorgeous. I’m sitting here with the doors opened up listening to somebody and their chainsaw.

Next weekend is a chili party like you’ve never seen. Some of our neighbors submitted a petition to get it stopped but the latest news has it on much as it has been for the last 25+ years.

In case you didn’t see this. Congrats to Mrs. Mericle. Karen Thank you for your dedication and all your hard work. We, as a city are fortunate to have you.

City of Clear Lake Shores

Mayor’s Office 1006 South Shore Drive, Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565


January 23, 2012

City Secretary receives Public Finance Certification

Karen Mericle, City Secretary for the City of Clear Lake Shores, recently graduated from the

Institute of Governmental Finance.

The Institute of Governmental Finance is sponsored through the Texas Tech University

graduate program in Public Administration and is a professional education program in

governmental budgeting, accounting, and finance for local and state government employees in


Mericle was one of 20 students accepted to the program in the state and was placed in the

inaugural session. The program consists of a total of 36 contact hours of on-site instruction from

known experts in each of the three areas: budgeting, accounting, and finance. In addition, the

program includes a competency examination at the end of the coursework.

Mericle has been the City Secretary for Clear Lake Shores since August 2004 and also serves as

the city’s accountant. She has over 16 years of governmental experience and also has the

designation of Texas Registered Municipal Clerk.

Who’s up for a short stroll down memory lane?

“One person wrote:

“The City Admin job was created for Paul Shelley. He was performing the duty so a group of "reasonable heads" prevailed and created the position to justly and rightfully compensate Paul Shelley for his service to this community. Like him or not he worked hard here. Successfully for many years.”

This is a somewhat positive comment but not accurate as to why the job was created. The CA job was not created for Paul Shelley. In 2006, Mayor McIntyre and Council was focused on some strategic thinking ( a unique process given our current council) as to how they wanted to organize the city going forward. Up to that time, there had been only a part time mayor, city secretary, a police chief and, in the last year a Public Works Director who was doing a terrible job and was costing us almost $100K with benefits. They all recognized that things were getting too complex and the city needed more continuity and a full time administrator, what we called a City Administrator. (Note; the term City Manager has a legal distinction and cannot be used by General Law City. If you want a GL City Manager form of government voters have to make the decision and if approved the CM is appointed by Council.)

They hired a former city manager as a consultant and went through a planning process to define the role of CA. In doing so it was decided to redefine the role of the mayor which they did. By the end of the summer of 2006, we had unanimous agreement on the definition of those jobs.

When we got around to figuring out how to implement this new organization, things got interesting. McIntyre wanted to hire a half time CA at $40,000- $50,000 a year. Some disagreed that this was practical. Instead it was agreed that we would:

1) Do away with the Director of Public Works job, saving $100 K a job.

2) Give Paul the job on a one year trial basis with a raise; I think $10,000. He had not been involved in the city administration at all but had a lot of knowledge about the city and was a known commodity.

3) Appoint Kenny as Asst Chief. He was expected to handle the day to day police dept stuff to free up time for Paul to do the CA job. Paul could keep the title so he could keep his peace officer license.

McIntyre and Cummings were pissed but it got passed in September 2006. A year later, everyone thought it was going well and we made the arrangement permanent. A final draft evaluation Discussed and signed by council shows he was doing a good job but also identified areas for improvement. Too be expected!!

Last but not least, This is to the spineless anon poster @ 10:56 and 11:04. You suck. And leave a bruise. To throw out accusations that have no basis in fact and then attempt to perpetuate same bullshit is exactly how all this started in the first place. Your tactics reek and you are a steaming pile. Get off my blog you troll. Go to Jeans website. You’ll be right at home. Get comfy, anon is dead.

" You have the right to remain silent, anything you say will be misquoted then used against you"


Crystal Rose said...

Let's hope that this year of the Dragon brings some really good candidates forward to represent us here on CLS! True honest representatives with no hidden agendas.....

Anonymous said...

What happen? Did it get to hot in the kitchen so you shut your web site to just those that agree with you? I never thought I would see the day that you would buckle under and let them get to you. You were the tower of strength for so many. I hope you calm now so we will have someone to jest with again. From 11:40 until 1439 you have had only one post. It is boring on here now.

Crystal Rose I hope you are right. I think we will see a number of new faces who are middle of the road candidates that are fed up with all of this. I'm just sorry to see that it took a private citizen to disclose these activities. It is always better to own-up to what you have done. It dam sure is less embarrassing for all involved. The Pinks my be come the Crows after this.

Bryan said...

How about you run for one of the spots, JFishing? It does take a little courage. Judging by your use of an alias I assume that is the issue?

ab said...

O Come on J. It's just a little culling experiment. It didn't stop you from posting now did it? Sweet Jesus tell me you've noticed that not everyone who posts here agrees with me! I'm just jfishing for a way to keep the really dumb basterds away. Look at all the perfectly good little electrons they're wasting.....

Anonymous said...

It was informative while it lasted. You were able to see both sides of the argument. It was a good valve to let off steam. It also allowed you to judge your neighbors and maybe even friends by what they agreed to, or disagreed with. I hope you bring the anon button back, because that valve will be needed in the next few weeks.

I know this is better than "Meet the Candidate Night" for exposing people's personal feelings and the Candidate they support. Especially those that condoned the use of the credit card for personal business. Those of us that have owned, or do own our own business have a different outlook with that kind of behavior. You receive a paycheck for a job well done and that is what I expect you to spend on your personal business. Don't dip into my till, or conceal it from me.

Suzanne said...

To Jfishing, The Pink Party evolved slowly. It consists partly of old timers, like me, that remember Paul Shelley as a cop on the beat. I am loyal to him because over the last 22 years I have gotten to know him as a hard-working, dedicated man of character. He has held up over time and proven himself to want what is best for this community.
Those of us that have lived here for that long are well aware of NS’s negative and destructive ways. I will never understand the influence NS has had since it is more than obvious they never get the facts straight nor do they want to better this community.
When the bomb went off in June that Tami (representing NS) wanted Paul fired residents started working together not only to support Paul but to clearly take on NS as openly and assertively as possible. The Pink Party evolved to be the anti NS Party.
Okay, we had some fun with it, too. After all this is CLS and the silliness helped with the high stress level.
I wanted City Council to have a good visual of how many people were anti NS so I passed out pink ribbons prior to a City Council meeting. It was fun but the objective was achieved, in that, the majority of the residents were wearing something pink.
Nothing could be further from the truth that the anon feature is gone so only those that post will be people that agree with Allan. Great dialogues have occurred here. Wonderful, credible information has been disseminated on the blog. It has allowed a place for healthy venting, too. Way too much bs though. Most importantly the true colors of NS have been revealed here.
I hope many intelligent, forward thinking, visionaries will run for Council in May. CLS needs individuals that will give of their time to invest in this community. Our current Council has been a train wreck since June. We need leadership that will get us back on track, but more importantly get us thriving again.

Craig said...

Hey JFishing, You make it sound like the blog has been shut down. All Allan did was take off the coward button and you found a way around that so what is the problem. Allan doesn't owe us this blog. He does it because he chooses to do so. He isn't censoring anyone so why are you so upset? It only takes about 15 minuets to set up a blog why don't you start one? Jean started her preach sheet where she can say anything she wants and no one can comment at all. Do you have a problem with that? You have had the opportunity to voice your opinion twice today. You should thank Allan for the opportunity. By the way I have been self employeed for over 20 years and I do not have a problem with Paul useing the card if it was repaid. So don't throw out blanket claims. You do not speak for me and you don't need to be upset with me I didn't use the card we just have different opinions. Respect mine and I will respect yours if you will grow a pair and sign your posts.


Craig said...

jfishing, I forgot to ask how is it shut down to only those that agree with Allan?

Anonymous said...

There would be substance to your straw pole if pink wasn't the color for women's recognition of cancer. Pink was all over this summer including on the football field in support of this worthy cause. I have seen enough personal attacks and name calling on here to know that most don't want to endure that type of behavior for expressing their opinion. The Anon button has both good and bad results. Personally, I am willing to endure the bad to have greater audience participation. I think Allen has done a good community service, but today may show he has an agenda too by blocking the greater audience participation.

8 post in approximately in12 hours? 5 contributors not counting Allen in 12 hours. That speaks volumes in my book. Allen doesn't need my thanks, only my willingness to participate.
I never have a problem with someone's right of free speech, I have defended that right. I don't fault Jean for be frustrated and posting. I find fault with those who are responsible and haven't acted to resolve this.
As to your reference to business, do you have employees with unlimited access to your finances? Do your employees even carry your credit cards, much less a credit card with limits in the thousands? As I understand your statements, your employees can charge anything against your business as long as they have an intent to pay it back? Is this correct? For myself, I had employees carrying gas cards, cash and credit cards. They were fully aware of my position on company funds. If used, for personal use, you are fired. My accounting processes confirmed each month’s charges and question anything without a receipt attached, or a questionable purchase. It never was allowed to go beyond one billing cycle and most times not beyond one day after I was notified. Same with advances, one advance in years of employment is not a problem, more than one and I began to pay attention to a possible problem. My policy was to call the employee in for counseling. Each situation was handled individually, some cleared up, some let to drug screens and some let to computer checks. Every business today is dealing with abuse, what makes a business profitable and healthy are the safeguards.

As to Paul, personally I think he is a nice guy. Paul did a great job during Ike. I don't believe this current problem is all Paul's fault. I believe he was a great Officer when that was his job. Placing two full time positions on one person is not a good business practice, the more time you invest in one the more the other suffers. Time has shown, "All power corrupts", right or wrong reason. The signs of a problem were ignored. The problem is a position created with no oversight. (One point of difference, as owner, Paul isn’t, I have the choice to run my business as I see fit and to ignore my own rules) I agree with the Poster who said it is time for a change. I believe a Mayor with oversight from the City Counsel would be better. Vern has taken on more for less than anyone I know. As to our accounting, the suggestion to an explicit set of rules not guidelines, with it clearly stating that abuse means termination is great. An Audit by an outside firm of the City records each Mayoral term sounds like a good business practice. But for now, the allegations are against the City's top people. I see no place to go but to our City Counsel, an outside CPA Firm (not our current firm) and the Galveston DA to determine if there is a criminal and/or a civil litigation required. The responsibility for it coming to this is the people involved that were not forthcoming with documents and accountability of what has been. It should not have required a citizen to post City records on the internet for the community to view of possible and I reiterate possible wrong doing. We as a City should be embarrassed that our business practices were so lax as to allow this to even be possible. Paul please bring this to a conclusion and I don’t mean by quitting again.

Anonymous said...

Anyone watch the Debate tonight? If I were Santorum, or Ron Paul, I would have just walked out. Their handlers need to insure that the next debate has equal questions and time. Neither Romney nor Gingrich have any vision for NASA. Romney talked in circles and Gingrich wanted to throw more money toward the private sector. Any opinions?

Anonymous said...

That answers that question? My answer to Suzanne and Craig was deleted by Allen. So long free speech!!!

Allen said...

Our City Secretary (Karen) is a great asset to our city. We ought to respect the hard work and dedicated effort she puts into her duties. So let's give her a big pat on the back for achieving her Certification in Public Finance. She is a hard working mom who I am sure has sacrificed time with her family to make Clear Lake Shores better. Thank you Karen for all you do. Your friend and supporter….Allen Cruthirds

Anonymous said...

I see my answer to Suzanne and Craig is now back on the Blog? I saw it post and saw it taken down just as quick, Now why was that? Is there that much fear on here of a person with a different opinion? Is censorship the answer to this mess.

You can pat Karen on the back but why didn't she use that education to make sure that this did not happen? Last time I knew there was an ethics class taught in that curriculum and if it isn't now it should be. Her position is one of trust and she should have been forthcoming. Like I said earlier, this isn't all Paul but others who had responsibilities to their Office and this community. This statement isn't about the allegations being right or wrong but the failure of it being disclosed.

Bryan said...

I ask again, JCoward: will you run?

Michelle said...

Just FYI in case anyone is interested in talking to Bill Young...he is standing outside the Galveston Co. Annex in League City today, handing out his business cards to everyone who walks by.

Anonymous said...

Bryant, for you to borrow a slur from Craig to elicit a response doesn't make you a shit for that smell will wash off but stupidity won't. The crowd is to overwhelming here to make such an announcement anyway. See you at polls.

Bryan said...

I thought we had found a leader. My mistake....