Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Looks like winter is back. Whatever. It's kinda nice getting out the sweatshirts I forgot I had. Speaking of, if you haven't bought your Civic Club sweatshirt yet you need to hurry. As far as sweats go they're pretty nice. I'm greatful for the rain though. And what the heck is going on with my lawn? Do we have any grass doctors in the house? Just when I though my St. Augustine had survived the summer heat and the drought what little was green is turning ugly brown. Yikes! Anybody else?

And what the hell happened to LSU? Not that I have anything against Alabama you understand, but a shutout? Ouch.

17 days until the Big Chili Party at Raynel's. I think Walter was trying to give me grief about it Saturday night but one of was had been over served. OK maybe both of us but I still think it was Walter. I'll have an email invite sent out tomorrow.

I think I've heard there are two serious bodies in the running for Council in May. Bryan and Carlo. What say you to that?

And in case you haven't heard the City Council's next meeting is Tuesday the 17th.
And this from the Mayor's office
Clear Lake Shores has been in a clean-up mode ever since Hurricane Ike in 2008. Most all of the storm related problems have been solved although there are a few cases that need to be addressed. In addition to storm related problems there are several violations to the current ordinances relating to trash,etc. Some violations are very minor with perhaps a boat or utility trailer parked on a vacant lot while others are major. The City has received a petition from over 50 residents requesting that two of the violators be made to clean up their property.

Since selective enforcement is objectionable to everyone, I have asked the Building Official to have all property in the City brought into compliance with our ordinances. Specifically, the particular code being violated is Section 42-51.You can go on line at and scroll down the left hand side to "ordinances". You can then go to section 42-51 and read the entire section 42. In summary, sec. 42-51 requires that property be kept free of brush,refuse,rubbish,weeds and other objectionable unsightly or unsanitary matter of whatever nature. For vacant lots this means that no boats on a trailer can be permanently stored on the lot. Also no other type of trailer or vehicle can be stored,nor can there be piles of trash or tall grass and weeds on these lots. We also have Sec. 78-167 declaring junk vehicles as being a public nuisance. Sec 78-166 defines a junk vehicle.

The Building Official is currently assessing all property in the City and will be sending letters to everyone in violation. The letter will describe the violation and will allow you 30 days to cure the problem. Please do not ignore the letter as this could cause legal action.

Your cooperation in this project is appreciated.
Vern Johnson, Mayor, Clear Lake Shores


"When women enter middle age, it gives men a pause."


Roselyn said...

I think Brian and Carlo would be excellent candidates. I think Allan should be Mayor at some point in time.

I would also like to hear if Jim Mago, Pete Carrothers, Allen Cruthirds, Mr. Shiver, Jim Bragg or anyone of the "older guys/girls (my age) are interested. While we have everybody's attention at this coming election, I would like to have these current candidates selected and the candidates for the following term. That would insulate us from the bullshit for at least 4 years. When Paul Shelley leaves in 2 years as CA, we are going to be up shit creek so we need to think long term about having smart, strong people in the drivers seat.

I want to be sure whoever we back for council has the guts and brains to undo some of the crap that has happened (i.e. that NO ONE at city hall can be fired without council approval) and someone who will determine how we can recall council people without going to court, when the majority want them to leave. This has been an eye opening experience to see how government works, or better still, doesn't work.

We need someone that will solve the problem about the girls at city hall being constantly harrassed by the north shore annex party members who are still bombarding our girls with open records requests, the latest being for approved council minutes for the past few months because Karen has been too busy to post them on the internet. She has been busy trying to fulfill their previous open records requests and do her norman job, and be on vacation, and be sick and have sick kids.. Why would it be so important for Katherine to have the approved minutes when she is at every meeting? This will be tragedy #2 if Karen throws up her hands and quits because of this continuing bull shit. Its time for council members to stand up to these trouble makers They are mean and hard headed, so it wont be an easy task. There have been a couple of men telling Katherine to sit down and shut up at council meetings, they might be good candidates as well. Its time for new council people to proceed with the development of the front of the island in a manner that can please everyone who lives close to it, as well as making those who do live close to it clean up their derelict properties to not contrast with the improvements.

I will step down from my soapbox now.

Keeping Watch said...

I'm pretty sure there are NO approved minutes since May -- not just none posted. Approved minutes mean those that are presented to the Council for approval and I don't think any have been on the agendas since the last one posted on the web site was approved (May 24, 2011). Getting behind is one thing, but since memories fade and disagreements occur as to what has actually been said, passed, and who voted how, I think current approved minutes are important. They are also important to those who don't attend meetings. Attendance is not possible and should not be required for every voter who wants to keep informed as to what the city is doing and wants to read about it in an impartial format.
Also, calling our hard-working city employees "girls" is a bit demeaning in this day and age.

Roselyn said...

Glad you brought all this up, because I would like to see our new candidates move forward to televise our council meetings so that our citizens dont have to attend every meeting to keep up with the bullshit going on at city hall.

Oh, so now I get it, the witch hunt has turned and is after Vern. Did he forget procedure to call for a vote that the minutes be approved? This is laughable.......If you think anyone could read a set of approved minutes and understand what is going on at City Hall, you have been misled.....Tami's cussing, smirking and laughing at people who asked for her resignation is not in the minutes. Sanford Manning loudly saying that Tami, Jackie Arlene and Catherine have torn this city apart are not in the minutes, Mr. Shiver telling Katherine to sit down and shut up, I doubt that the long line of unscheduled visitors with the list of 300 names asking for Tami's resignation is in the minutes, etc. etc. So now I get it, they are after Vern.

I personally know all those "girls" at City Hall and doubt VERY seriously that anything I could say would offend any of them. They know I have their back, best I can.

Keeping Watch said...

Wow! How was my comment aimed at Vern -- that is quite a leap. I'm just pointing out that there are no minutes available, approved or otherwise, since May.
I'm glad to know that the women at City Hall have a friend in you -- but it helps to promote respect in others to not address them as "girls" just as most would not refer to the men employed by the city as "boys."

Roselyn said...

"I call the City Administrator "Bro" and I call the Police Chief "Kenny", I call the Mayor "Vern" and I can publih what I sometimes call my husband and they are not offended. Does it offend you that I refer to you as "coward" since you dont sign your name?

Keeping Watch said...

Sigh . . . I thought I was trying to have a very civil conversation about the absence of recent City Council minutes and to express my opinion about the use of "girl" to describe adult employees of the city. Nothing was intended to make you angry. I don't see how the substance of what I said is affected by knowing who said it. It's either true about the minutes or not. You can agree about "girl" or not. There are many reasons that I prefer not to sign this with my name, but I will not post again, so you can relax.

Roselyn said...

Thanks Jean at 11:50

Eileen Ponton said...

I have it on good authority that the North Annex is going after Karen at the January 17th council meeting. PLEASE everyone come out & support her. With CA Shelley leaving in 2 years we certainly don't need her leaving with him. Personally I'd like to see her as our next CA.

Asking Questions said...

Since you're so busy "Keeping Watch", you've forgotten to think or ask questions.

How are you "pretty sure there are NO minutes"?

Did you do a records request or (gasp) ask someone at City Hall?

Did you realize that you are complaining about minutes not getting done and then turn around and call the girls/females/women/ladies "hard working" in the next sentence???

Keeping Watch said...

I'm not Jean -- have no idea who she is or if she agrees with me or not -- I'm not coordinating my comments with anyone else -- never have seen my name mentioned by anyone in these postings and want to keep it that way.

Keeping Watch said...

Yes, I think they work very hard in the office and I respect all that they do and feel that calling them "women" indicates my respect. Recognizing that they work hard and deserve respect does not mean that I think they are above any criticism.

There may be some minutes prepared, but not submitted for approval. (You're right, I haven't asked anyone at the office.) However, none have been submitted for approval (according to the agendas) since those published on the web (May 24, 2011). Therefore, it isn't simply a question of Karen being too busy to have posted already approved minutes to the internet which is what Roselyn first said.

Allen Cruthirds said...

Allen Cruthirds says…..I can definitely get behind Bryan and Carlo for the upcoming City Council election. I hope they call on me to give aid and assistance in their efforts to return the city to the place we can all appreciate again. Bryan has pervious, and I might add “outstanding” city council experience. He is forward thinking, gathers facts, synthesizes facts, and then presents cogent ideas to the city for consideration. Bryan is not argumentative, not agenda driven, listens to the citizens regarding all sides of a particular issue, and then votes his informed conscience. Carlo is an excellent listener, a good presenter, hard worker, and always thoughtful, as well as most considerate with regard to the well being of the Islander’s. Two Good Men!

Suzanne said...

So glad a non pink spoke up. Keep it up, Keeping Watch. I wish others, such as a few on council, would join in the dialog here. Perhaps it would help the 99% see another perspective. I am not saying we would agree. It may help us answer, "what are they thinking?" or not. If they feel so strongly about issues why not make it public. As Allan has said even the warts can post on his blog.

Our collective prayers have been answered with Bryan and Carlo throwing their hats into the ring. I have gotten to know both men this past year and look forward to seeing them on CC. If too many pinks run it could work against us.

Does a junk boat qualify as a junk vechicle? Ones without registration or proper paperwork?

With the technology we have couldn't CC on video and placed on the website? As Rose said, the minutes don't tell the whole story. One of TP's classic comments was referring to the residents as meanies.

Will Richard get his reworded ordinance passed on the 17th or will there be more wasted time over SHOULD and MUST?

222 said...

222@656 back in the house!

Keeping Watch, you seem like a nice person. Don’t take these paranoid attacks personally. This comments section is a snake pit of angry people that have little respect for anyone not aligned with their narrow ideas. It’s fun to dip a toe in every now and again but it gets old pretty quickly.

For instance, selecting candidates for council? Let’s have a dose of realism here, shall we? Any serious person running for council is not going sit through any sort of ‘Pink Party’ primary or selection process. Reasons:

1. A serious candidate would do well to distance him/herself from the vitriol often spewed in these blog comments. Remember that the vast majority of the CLS voting pool does not have the emotional investment in the recent ‘outrages’ that have filled these pages with a rebuttal of nonsense and hatred. While disapproving of and frustrated with the actions of the current council regarding the investigation and the inaction regarding any sort of progress, there are a great many people that aren’t ‘on a side’ and like to take each argument on its merits. And judging from the previous exchange, pinkies just fell one more voter (Keeping Watch) short of a full deck. I have no confidence in the current majority on council, but we need responsible adults, not reactionaries. But there always has to be reasonable compromise, you can’t have it all any way you want it. Who’s crying now that there’s another kerfuffle brewing? Any time the slightest little issue is raised it’s like the end of the world as we know it, and lights out for civic dialogue. We need to come back together (yes, leaving out a few folks that have irresponsibly and selfishly done harm to our community) without the sanctimonious condemnation of those who don’t agree with us.
2. Why would anyone subject themselves to a vetting process by a small, extreme minority, when all they really need to do is walk over to City Hall and fill out a form? Any time someone wants to run, they can run.
3. What are the odds that the pinkies, pinkos, or whatever can agree on any subject/issue beyond the great investigation fiasco of 2011? A reasonable candidate will not be welcomed with open arms, but will be hated for something. Does not being willing to vote to shut down the noise at Jammin’ ring a bell? Don’t stop believing that this is true. Only solutions that are within their narrow scope of ideas are welcome and they are not going to leave the lights on for you.

- 222, coming at you from the middle

Craig said...

Wow Roselyn,

You shook the tree and the nuts started falling out. At least they claim to be keeping watch and asking questions. Did you notice keeping watch claims not to know who Jean is. How could you be keeping watch and not know who one of the key players for NS is. Keeping watch either has no idea what is going or is lieing. Either way Keeping watch is a waste of everyones time and energy. Just ignore these goofs. Instead of entertaining these friends of NS, we need to spend our time positively supporting Carlo and Brian, do everything we can to help make Karen and the rest of the "girls" work life bareable until we can get through this, keep posting updates and hard facts to supress the lies that are sure to come over the next few months and inform the uninformed citizens who have not been involved over the past pathetic half year or so. We all need to keep telling everyone about this blog so they can read all of the posts from each side and vote based on facts. Lets not sink back into our low points in 2011. The more you respond to these nut jobs the more they get off on it. Everyone needs to ignore them and focus on fixing this mess not entertaining long winded anons who don't even know who is who, or claim not to know. I see the anon button is back. I am not really to happy about it but at least it will allow NS to post again and show their true colors. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE AT THE NEXT CC MEETING

DaveC. said...

Dear 222:

This island is a small community and people are polarized. This all started when Arlene got elected then Kathy had a majority and without the proper proceedure wanted her council to fire chief Shelley. He was aquitted of all wrong doing and it cost us 60,000 dollars, for nothing. Kathy has 3 people on council that represent her and not this island. that is why we are narrow minded to get her minions out of office so that the majority of this island will be represented. Are you with us?

Dave C

I am not afraid to use my real name, why don't you!

Bernie McIntyre said...

Dave C got one thing right: the city is polarized. Just what is the proper procedure to fire a police chief ? The chief iss responsible for the proper administration of the department The chief is responsible for maintaining morale and professionalism amoung the police. A council member presented a case to the council which indicated the chief was not maintaining case evidence and allowed morale to go to a very low level. ALL FIVE council members voted to have an investigation of all the allegations. Open record requests indicate the cost of the investigation was more like 23 K$
A two page summary of the investigation was released to the public which was interpreted by some as a statement of complete innocence. Not finding a person guilty of allegations is not the same as a statement of innocence. We were told by the city that we would be given a complete report on the investigation. What we got was a summary. Part of the 60 K $ associated with the investigation was a legal battle by the city to get the AG office to allow the city to withhold the report. If there is total innocence, why is the report being hidden from us.The city should WANT us to see the entire report. Instead, they are fighting requests for it. Would'nt you want to read the entire report ?

Anonymous said...

Bernie is back.
He can balance the kookiness Roselyn brings from the other side!

For those of us who think you´re all a bunch of wing-nuts this adds to the entertainment value.... It was getting boring without you here Ol Bern.
Roselyn, tell him what color he should be!
Bernie, try to get her to say something rational!

Bernie McIntyre said...

ANON - I refuse to try the impossible with Roselyn.
Craig should be the one using the name " keeping watch ". He likes to spend the day keeping watch on some women on the island. He and Ros make a good team.
All this chatter about how hard the city employees work; in this economic climate, how many of you could afford to have employees who did not work hard ? Karen is months behind in CC minutes. Meeting minutes is a specific requirement in her job description. Change the job description if that is a problem. Even better, invest in a system which will simplify the posting and approval of minutes