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Monday, January 16, 2012


Next up is Rob and Neil's party. This from Rob's significant other. Party starts at 8.
April and Paula are throwing a birthday get together for Neil and I on Friday 1/20 at Neil & April’s house 903 Juniper. For the newbies, that would be the big green house on the corner of Juniper and East Shore. We’ll have beer, margaritas, and a shot block for those fool hardy enough to imbibe in distilled spirits. Just finger foods and snacks as far as food goes.
See you around the island.

12 Days to Chili Nirvana. All you noobs, thisis your event. We have had more first time entries win this event than not. And I must reluctantly tip my pepper hat to Diana the Chron for being the only back to back winner ever. Well played Mrs The C. Well played indeed. Confirmed plans from my ex. She's bring her whole family down for the event. Yep. She was one of the first judges. Anybody out there but me think that's why the Hormel won? not one but Two Brits on the panel? I wonder if Roz ever got new teeth....Hey CraigBob what's this I hear about some of your neighbors filing a complaint with the city to stop you from throwing a birthday party for your lovely wife? WTF is up with that? Who would do such a thing? I mean crap we've only been doing this for what 22 or so years I wonder what the problem could be.....

Then it's on to Mancakes! I'm still looking for few good men. I'm going to switch things up a bit this year and guys, wait till you see what Al Burns got just for us! The line forms to the left. No cuts!

Just when you thought you could take a break its the Fun Run. Oxymoron?
This from neighbor Steph/PTA mom. Sounds like fun so I'll run it a few more times.
Would you mind spreading the word on the blog about our Bayside Knights on the Run 5K? It is Saturday, Feb 25 at 8:30a.m. and we need sponsorship names for the back of the Tshirt. Any business owners with kids at Stewart, Mossman, Bayside or Falls please consider buying a spot on the shirt for $300. This would be great advertising as the shirts are considered part of the Education Village Uniform and can be worn by all students and extras will be sold in school store. The cost to run or stroll in the 5k is $20 and includes a long sleeve T and misc goodies in the registration bag. You can register at or go to the website at for more info. We are also looking for businesses to provide coupons, koozies, etc for the registration bags and door prizes. This is our only fundraiser and we really need parents and local businesses to help in any way possible. We appreciate support in any form, no matter how large or small. I am not having much luck in the sponsorship dept so far. Please contact us with any questions or ideas. We have registration forms at our houses and hope to leave some at the city office also. Thanks so much.
Stephanie Haynes Charity Nicholas
713-724-9129 713-805-0430
127 Queen Rd 115 Queen Rd

Then It'll be Mardi Gras in one way or another. Sounds like a reason for a golf cart parade to me. Anybody heard who's throwing it? It's kinda up in the air without the Sandbar. Hey I wonder if Frank and his Chillin Crew might be interested? HEY FRANK!

"Losing weight makes you look good in clothes, Exercise makes you look good naked"
well some of you anyway....


Anonymous said...

Remember the City Council meeting on Tues. Judging by the agenda it is going to rock. Be there!

Craig said...

Yes Allan apparantly one of our neighbors project this week is to stop the party at our house. I have heard through the grapevine ( thank you nice lady for the tip) that Steve and Pam are circulating a petition to stop the chili cookoff. I am not sure it is them because the author hasn't had the guts or consideration to show me the petition or just tell me why they have a problem with the party like a normal person would do, but Pam and Steve seem obsessed with screwing with our family behind our backs so it would not surprise me if it was them. If you would like to sign the petition I'm sure you could contact Pam, Steve, Jean, Larry or Tami and they could hook you up. Maybe there will b a copy at CC tomorrow. Heck I bet Bernie and Kathy might even have a copy since they are all good buddies. The main reason I believe it must be one of those folks is because everyone else is comeing to celebrate our 30th cook off and Burl and Raynels birthday. We have thrown this party for 30 years and it has been in our driveway on Narcissus for 26 of those years with not one complaint, Steve and Pam came to every cookoff since they moved here and even let us use their power untill 2009 when they declared war on us and still havn't told us why. The 600 and 700 block of Narcissus used to be the best two blocks on this Island, but has turned into a mini Afghanastan with caves all around us filled with cave pepole. Not to worry though their efforts are in vein as I have been assured we will be in good legal standing and we will have fun as usual. I encourage these uptight unhappy folks to join the party and have some fun. Life must suck always plotting and being angry. If anyone gets a copy of the petition get me a copy too. I might just sign it. On a happy note Uncle Burl will actually be in attendance.!!!!!! Please bring an entry and a little something, ($$$$), for Dave and his ass kikin blues buddies. No excuses for not bringing an entry. We need to set a new record and duh, its a chili cookoff. The Blues Kats do this for tips and have for many years. Guitars aren't free treat em right. So far it looks like Deb, Crystal, Paul (chief) and T Mote will be judges. If anyone else wants to be a judge call me and convince me why you deserve this great honor. The interview process is pretty easy, heck we have two Brits on the panel how hard could it be. I am working on two celebrity judges with a connection to Brigadoon 1981. Hopefully they will come out and play. I can't wait to see everyone. Oh and pray for good weather.

Party on Garth!

Trivia question: What KLOL 101 DJ announced our party on the radio in the late eighties and stopped just short of giving our address? She scared the crap out of us. She showed up later that day as she had for years and we made her eat Allans chili as punishment for screwing with us.

Anonymous said...

How very sad, Craig that Pam + Steve started the petition. Perhaps they will open a dialog with you as to their objections or not. Makes me wonder if they were the ones encouraging Tammi to come down on your landscaping co. as violating the ordinance of running a business from a residence.

It is hard to keep track of all the dumb things Tammi has done on Coucil, but that proposal is certainly on the list. I especially thought her comment about not caring if the ordinance applied to others since she wanted your business shut down. I think the nature of your business means you must leave your property to provide the service.

The objections to your party reminded me of friends that live on their sailboat and dread the boat show every year. Instead of wallowing in their disgust with parking problems and crowds they now take the boat out that weekend. In other words they make the most of it.

If Pam + Steve can't join in the spirit and fun of your event perhaps they can take their party pooper selves elsewhere for the day or weekend.

It should be interesting to see the signatures though. It may contain all the non pink party people. Plz let us know the final number of names it has. Heck think about putting them on here.

I am sure your party will be great and this minor tiff will not bring it down. A side celebration could that day could be, ONLY 95 DAYS TO GO until tp and jf are off Council!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this about Pam and Steve. My opinion of them just went down, down,down.
Sorry Craig and Raynel. Something tells me the party will be bigger and better than ever!

Michelle said...

It's a sad day in CLS when you can't even have a birthday party in your own driveway during the day and everyone is invited. On what grounds do they even have the right to ask you to not celebrate? And I don't know what's worse-that they would start such a petition, or that there are actually people mean enough to sign it. If people having fun and being happy and neighborly offends and bothers them that much, then they need to go somewhere else for the day and stop being so selfish. Today is my birthday and I think I should have a party in my driveway prior to the CC meeting tonight. Fortunately, I have awesome neighbors over here on this side. :)

Michelle said...

Oh, and Craig, is the answer to your trivia question Dana Steele?

Anonymous said...

Omg-that takes the cake. Shame on Pam and Steve. Don't they operate a huge business out of their home? Maybe the P&Z along with Jack Friday need to investigate.

Suzanne Hubbard said...

Michelle, Happy birthday! I am going to make it a point of introducing myself to you when I get back to CLS. I think your posts are always wonderful. I need to know who you are.

I am sorry there is a petition against your party, Craig. Something tells me the party will go on as usual. Sorry I will miss it due to being in Ohio helping my mom. Party on!

Suzanne said...

I sure would appreciate bits of the hi lites and low lites on tonight's City Council since I cannot attend.
I especially want to hear that our city sec., Karen receives her well deserved raise. I cannot imagine anyone voting agaisnt it. Plz post results. Thank you.
Suzanne H.

Craig said...

Anon 432, First of all what in the world are you doing up at 432? Anyway like I said I don't know if Pam and Steve started the petition I was just told they did. I havn't seen it but they do constantly harrass us about every little thing and have for over three years. As far as the whole business thing goes Steve and Pam have been trying to get my business shut down since Ike. I know they have a big business in their home they actually run out of their home but that doesn't count apparantly. I think Tami is just their puppet on Council trying to help her NS buddies with their petty little problems. When Tami got elected, out of the blue Steve told me I wouldn't be able to get away with my crap anymore, he still hasn't told me what crap, but now that Tami was in office I was through so I saw this lynch mob, in my opinion, of a council comeing from day one. Anyway it is just more sad angry pathetic BS from the Cave pepole. It looks like there are pleanty of parties on the horizon so lets just have some fun and let these folks wallow in their anger. Michelle, bzzzzzzzz wrong answer but nice try. She has been to a few cookoffs. The person we are looking for was more middle of the night, heavy metal and crazy in a very good way. She became a race car driver and now is a luxery sports car rep who trains new owners how to not kill themselves in their new rockets.

Craig said...

Chili trivia for the day: Which local Islander won the very first prize to be awarded at one of the cookoffs? Where was the event at that time and what was the prize? 10 points for each correct answer and 5 bonus points if you get all three.

Michelle said...

Thanks, Suzanne, for the bday wishes! I decided that I didn't wish to ruin my bday by being frustrated and upset so I did not attend the meeting last night, and had a wonderful evening instead. :)