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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pearl Harbor Day

Never Forget
This is a heads up from our Lazy Bend neighbors. Hello Friends and Neighbors,
I am reaching out to you today to ask if any of you witnessed anyone taking the Nautical Anchors and posts that are adjacent to Birch Road where the County is working on the bridge construction. The construction crew said several people stopped to inquire about them. If you have any information about there where abouts, please contact me. Thank you,
Priscilla Duffy
Well if you missed the meeting last night shame on you. Maybe it’s just me but there was entirely waaaaay too much time spent on which word to use. The Mayor wanted to use “must” and Councilman Perkins insisted on “should”. This was all in context of enforcing the process of contacting the city attorney. What some folks couldn’t, methinks wouldn’t, wrap their questionable gray matter around was the wording DOES NOT STOP A COUNCILMAN FROM CONTACTING THE ATTORNEY AT $200.00 an hour. Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell but some people are just thick. Enclosed is a copy of the statement read by the Mayor.
Proper operation of democratic government requires that public officials and employees be independent, impartial and responsible to the people of the city they serve. Governmental decisions and policies should be made in the proper channels of the governmental structure and NO public officer, member of council, committees or employee should engage, directly or indirectly, indulge in personalities, use language personally offensive, arraign motives of members, charge deliberate misrepresentation, or use any language tending to hold a member of the City Council or staff up to contempt; or the insinuation of wrongdoing. Anyone who violates this tenet should be subject to admonishment or censure.
As Mayor for five and a half years and a resident for almost 40 years, I have never witnessed our great city, residents and staff alike, embroiled in such controversy. With that, I would like the minutes to reflect my statement.
It is my belief that certain members of council pursued, mediated and conducted an unauthorized investigation regarding perceived personnel matters with individuals with whom they had a personal and/or political relationship. These members have misled their fellow council members and residents with the allusion of criminal activity and severe wrongdoing. This unauthorized investigation in no way reflects the beliefs or desires of the City Council as a whole and the City assumes NO liability for the actions of those individual council members.
As a result, the council engaged a professional investigator that conducted a full investigation that only resulted in minor policy/procedure infractions made by all management personnel of the police department. Although the professional investigation is over, apparently the investigation by these council members is not. The professional investigator specifically instructed Council to stop all investigation activity on multiple occasions. This investigation, so far, has cost the city $66,780.87. These costs do not include the costs of a stagnant and clearly combative council, the defaming of city officers, the countless hours of time and energy dedicated to the harassment by way of open records requests and so on.
Let me remind you that the City has a professional audit each year, to which at last year’s meeting, the auditor informed Council the city greatly improves each year. The City also has been awarded with the Gold Circle from the State Comptroller’s Office for transparency. It would be my assumption that if a group of professional auditors and the State Comptroller’s Office deems us to be in such high financial regard, then anything that these council members and residents are investigating seems like an oppressive attempt to intimidate.
These actions are a poor reflection on our City, our Council and our residents. Although this censure carries no legal punishment, it is my request to any other council member to make a motion to accept my statement and publically vote that they did not authorize any investigation, prior to engagement with the firm of Davidson and Trolio, to release said members and the City’s liability for the actions of the above stated members.
Remember--a motion and a second does not bind a member to vote in favor. It is imperative that the City begin to repair and move forward. “
I am not alone when I say Thank you Mayor Johnson! From a lot of us, to you, Well done. Please merciful God let our city Council hear these words. I’ll make it as easy as I can …

Open Mtgs made Easy Handbook -
realize it's not flash cards for some of us to understand, but it clearly states what the law allows to enter into Executive Session. "I don't want to talk in front of the meanies" isn't one of them...
Section 551.101 states the requirements for holding a closed session. It
If a closed meeting is allowed under this chapter, a governmental body may not conduct the closed meeting unless a quorum of the governmental body first convenes in an open meeting for which notice has been given as provided by this chapter and during which the presiding officer publicly:
(1) announces that a closed meeting will be held; and
(2) identifies the section or sections of this chapter under which the closed meeting is held.
These are the ones that apply to cities:
Govt Code 551.071 Consultation with Attorney
551.072 Deliberation regarding Real Property
551.073 Deliberation regarding Prospective Gift
551.074 Personnel Matters
551.075 Deliberation regarding Security Devices
551.077 Agency financed by Federal Govt
551.084 Exclusion of witness from Hearing
551.086 Mtg concerning Municipally owned utility
551.087 Deliberation regarding Economic Development Negotiation
551.088 Deliberation regarding test item
And from Occupy Tindel:
December 6,2011
Jack Fryday, Building InsPector
City of Clear Lake Shores
1016 South Shore Dr.
Clear Lake Shores, Texas 77565
Dear Inspector Fryday:
As property owners in Clear Lake Shores, we are concerned about the rubbish
and objectionable, unsightly and unsanitary nature that
exists on the land and in the canal adjacent to Aspen and Tindel Roads.
We are attaching our City Ordinance 42 Article III regarding rubbish
We are attaching our City Ordinance 78 Article VI regarding junk vehicles.
We are attaching the regulation from Parks and Wildlife stating that all boats
have to be registered with them. Since there are seven or so boats in the canal
that appear to be inoperable, we would appreciate you verifying in your
official capacity if all these boats are registered and in compliance.
We understand from Government Land Office (GLO) that property owners do
own the land from their waters edge out half way into the canal but that the
water is owned by the public and anyone has access to that water. Therefore,
we feel the city can enforce issues regarding derelict boats in the waterway.
This situation does not represent our area being called the yachting Capital
of Texas and we would appreciate your attention to this matter.
Our city and EDC have put in tremendous work the past few years since Hurricane Ike applying for grant money to improve the entrance to the island
and we would appreciate the city enforcing its ordinances to make property owners along Aspen and Tindel clean up their properties. Junk cars
and junk boats, We feel this is an eyesore and is a hindrance to the beautification project underway in that area.

(42 Concemed Citizens Signatures Attached)
CC:Mayor Vern Johnson
City Administrator paul Shelley
Acting Police Chief Kenneth Cook
Council members Burns, Sowrey, Fuller, perkins,Laughter
If anyone else would like to sign this let me know and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction.
My girlfriend thinks that I'm a stalker.
Well, she's not exactly mygirlfriend yet.


Bryan said...

Nice job, Allan. Thanks for sticking with this.

Roselyn said...

Thank you Allan for printing Vern's speech so I can read and understand it.

This will give Kathy McIntyre an opportunity to read and understand it as well. I think Vern has put out a warning for council and 'their friends' to cease and desist with their investigations of city employees.

I guess Kathy didn't hear that part because today she has called TJ Auld at the Galveston Daily News to tell him that Karen has not been posting the approved council minutes to the website. He explained to her that a small city does not have to do this, and that there is no story there for him.

I just dont get it. If I were her, today I would be worried about losing my house in the law suit that begins tomorrow instead of if Karen has posted approved minutes to the website or not and the newspaper knowing about it. How can the concept of losing political control be more important than losing your property? I just dont get it.

Scott said...

What an embarrassment Kathy has become. When I first moved on the Island she was viewed as a bit hard headed, but she was also a contributor. She was actually the Mayor at one point. Not a very good one, buy she was still the Mayor, nonetheless. It has been somewhat painful to watch her and the little bit of credibility she did have crumble right before our eyes. At this point the best thing she could do for the city and its residents is move. What a shame.

JT said...

Allan, where do I get on board with the Tindel letter?

Jeff T

Craig said...

Things I took away from the meeeting last Night:

Some on Council don't give a shit what the majority of us want or what is right. I already knew that it was just reinforced.

I thought that some on Council were as dumb as a bag of rocks. Now I stand corrected and think some are dumber than a bag of rocks and their heads are harder.

Tami was right for once. We did need an attorney there to explain to them why they are wrong about the verbage they are suggesting.

Most of the handsome smart guys stand back by the kitchen.

Tamis husband is never there for her.

Not enough folks show up to CC meetings.

Tami and a few of her supporters were clapping like a trained seals when Vern gave his little speech about proper behavior at CC meetings. I don't think they realized it seemed to be directed at Tami and her unprofessional behaviour and not at the citizens. At least thats how I heard it. I don't think Tami had a clue.

City Council meetings are going to be really boreing in 146 days when we loose, lose two of our entertaining council members and all Council does is move forward at every meeting getting things done for the City. Heck I will need to drink then.

Some Scout Leaders clearly don't have their prioritys in check because Michelle keeps missing meetings. Tami, could you launch an investigation into that? It "must" change.

Now that the weather is getting colder, Bernie might need a thicker bathrobe when he is out at 5 in the morning adjusting his lights. (Random thought), do plastic frogs need to wipe? I know that sounds gross but Bernie mentioned it during his interview on TV.

Kathy still hasn't figured out which way to face when addressing Council.

I saw alot of folks with cups of liquid. Whats up with that and where was that kid from the Houston Press to follow up on his hard hitting investigation? Mine was full of Pepto Bismal to get through the meeting but I don't know about the others.

It's fun trying to guess which planet Tami might be visiting during each meeting.

Tami forgot to announce details about the investigation in to why we lost another officer. We need to get to the bottom of that no matter what the cost. Tami "must" call the Attorney immediately.

Karen and the rest of the office staff "must" be Saints to put up with this CRAP!

Pete, Brian, Jim or Carlo need to fill two Council seats in 146 days. Three of them were in the smart good looking section in the back. Jim, you can join us next time if you would like.

There should never be a meeting without an unscheduled visitor.

Tami, Jackie and Arlene always seem to be well versed and alligned on issues that have not been discussed previously at open meetings. Is that just my imagination or do otheres see that as well?

Verns comments seem to indicate Karma is getting ready or "fixin" to slap some legal reality into some of our Council members.

Vern is awsome and should be King.


The You Tube video about Larry Toenjes is scarey not to mention the written acusations. See You Tube, Larry Toenjes Sailor - Lying American Terrorist. Form your own opinion

Michelle said...

Maybe I could convince our cub scout den leader to have the meetings at the CLS clubhouse, and since they are always at the same time/day as city council meetings, it could be a lesson on what "not" to do if the boys want to become good, moral, trustworthy adults in the future. I get to host our Jan. 10 scout meeting-is there a CC meeting scheduled that night? And get this, no kidding, our meeting topic will be "our community." ha! And if Rob might ever get home early enough to take the boy instead, I could, should, would, must, make it to a CC meeting.

Craig said...


Scott said...

I just watched the video, Craig. All residents must watch it!! We have a certified lunatic living in our neighborhood. Shouldn't he be registered in a database of some sort?

Kinda explains Jean, if you really think about it. When your hobby is combing through Home Depot receipts looking for illegally gained weedwacker cord then something is up.

Craig said...

Nothing can really explain Jean in my opinion.

Adelia said...

Two guys are sitting in a bar. One guy says to the other look at those two - that will be us in 10 years. The second says you do know that's a mirror.