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Friday, December 9, 2011


The Charlie Brown Christmas Special made it's television debut. Now do you feel old?
Happy Friday everybody. It looks like it will be a tad warmer for tomorrows Boat Lane Parade. Always a good thing. Over the past 27 years that I've been watching It's been everything from blowing sleet at 33 degrees to tank tops and flip flops swatting mosquitoes. I guess it's just a crap shoot. You know what they say about Texas weather. I must admit I'm a little excited about this one just to see what they do for the 50th. I guess we'll find out in about 30 hours. Me and the Baconator aka Jimbob just put our latest batch in the fridge to cure. We went a little heavier on the course ground black pepper trying to mimic what we lovingly refer to as Chron bacon. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks how close we came. If this works as well as we hope it will I'll see if I can talk The Baconator into supervising the next round and maybe expand it by a few more bellies.

Before I run off to do errands and look for Apple wood for smoking said bellies I though I'd run this final recap of our ill sought claim to fame via the local press. I'm not getting my hopes up but we may be nearing the end since McIntyres favorite go to source, T.J. Aulds of the GDN, told her to go away. She presented her latest red herring and was politley told there is no story here. That's one. Since I never heard from the female from the Chronicle and never got wind of a published piece I'll assume that whole "wait for the bomb" ended up on the editors floor also. That's two. As yet Mr. Dean from Channel 2 is a no show and given TV's short attention span for news you have to think it also died on the vine. Three. There was that fun piece in the Houston Press by Steve Jansen. I hope he does a follow up. I'd guess someone else will need to call him though since the Jean and Larry show was pretty much a washout.Four. I hope you got a chance to check out his Youtube moment. That was fun. Let's not forget our latest visitors, Channels 13 and 39, looking in to "obscene" yard art and what not. Five and six. Which brings us to our more local news source Florian Martin with the Bay Area News who wrote about the exoneration of Paul Shelley and what little our expensive investigation actually revealed. Lucky number 7. Now in no way do I mean to short TJ or the GCDN by only counting them once. God knows our little soap opera has used up enough of their ink and space with countless drivel. That's why I put them first. Compensation? Maybe. What did you think about the Mayors statement? Did it seem a little like a CYA piece as a prelude to a lawsuit? Maybe it's just me. Remember this, If you've been paying attention you will have realized the recurring theme in these blogs. This is not over. There is still 145 days left in which to screw even more stuff up.
See you around the Island!!

"Boudreaux and Trosclair were a couple of drinking buddies who worked as aircraft mechanics at de Bayou Teche, Louisiana, International Airport.
One day the airport was fogged in and they were stuck in the hangar with nuttin to do.
Boudreaux say, “Man, I wish we had somtin to drink!
... Trosclair say, “Me, too. Y’know, I’ve heard you can drink dat jet fuel and get a buzz.”
So dey pour demselves a couple of glasses of high octane gas and get completely smashed.
De next morning, Boudreaux wake himsef up and is surprise at how good he feel. In fact, he feel Great! No hangover, no bad side effects. Nutting!
Then de phone ring. It’s Trosclair.
Trosclair say, “Hey, how you are dis morning?”
Boudreaux say, “Man, I feel great. How bout you?”
Trosclair say, “I feel great, too. You don’t have a hangover?”
Boudreaux say, “No, dat jet fuel is great stuff – no hangover, nuttin. We ought to do dis more often.”
Trosclair say, “Yeah, well dey’s just one thing.
Boudreaux say, “What’s that?”
Trosclair say, “Have you farted yet?”
Boudreaux say, No.”
Trosclair say, “Well, don’t – cause I’m in Shreveport!”


Adelia said...

Can't wait to hear that familiar Charlie Brown theme blasing from Walter and Bevery's golf cart as we go caroling.

Michelle said...

Adelia, I am excited, too! What night will that occur?

Adelia said...

The weekend before christmas. I am sure Alan will put it on the blog. If you never did it before it is one of the most fun times at Christmas I have ever had and is just as fun every year! Walter and Beverly are saints to keep putting it on.

Adelia said...

If anyone has young people (say age 8-11) visiting for Christmas, I have the bike I bought for my grandson to ride when he visits available for use. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

Amanda B said...

AB, nice recap of the media coverage we've received. However, I wouldn't be so quick to discount Stephen Dean from Channel 2. In my experience dealing with the media, especially with "investigative" stories such as this, the reports that you see on the 10 o'clock news start months in advance, so while it may seem that he is no longer on the radar, I wouldn't close the book on him just yet. Hopefully I'm wrong, though!

I personally enjoyed the boat parade... especially the one that had the sign in big, bright, bold lights that said "Ho Ho Ho the Drama has to go." Whether or not that was intended for CLS, I have no idea, but I took it as so, and cheered quite loudly when it drove by.

Happy Holidays, y'all!!

Roselyn said...

Amanda, I was at Bacchus last night and someone at our table had a photo of the boat you speak of. It said "HO HO HO OBAMA GOTTA GO" So, I hope you are a republican since you cheered quite loudly. Ha!

Amanda B said...

Dang! Thanks, Roselyn!