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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mickey Mouse

Is 83 today. Imagine that. Happy Friday neighbors!

Welcome to Island newbies Mike and Andrea on Forest. They are next door to Jim and Julie M. I think Lee has them hooked up with a buggie but just in case.

So, Spice Lady got a visit from the Health Department one week after opening huh Dave? How’d that go for you?

Ronnie Richards has a few questions for the next slate of candidates running for council. Food for thought. Thanks Ronnie. I could skip 6, 7 and 8 but I think 1 and 2 should be mandatory. What do you think?
1.     Why are you running for this office?
2.     What city committees have you served on in the past and when?
3.     Tell us about your education and any degrees you hold.
4.     Do you have any professional designations, i.e. CPA, RN, etc.?
5.     What is your work experience?
6.     Do you typically vote in the Democratic or Republican primary?
7.     Describe your most important personal characteristics or traits as they relate to the office you seek.
8.     Please describe one to three accomplishments or contributions of which you are most proud. These examples should illustrate skills and capabilities you think apply to the office you are seeking. These accomplishments may have occurred at any time during your personal, professional or public life.
9.     Please describe the duties of the office you seek, in your own words. Which are the most important duties and why?
10.  What are the City’s strengths? What are its weaknesses?
11.  Do you think Clear Lake Shores is a well-run city? Why or why not?
12.  Where do you see Clear Lake Shores in five years and what role would you play to get it there?
13.  If elected, how would you handle a constituent's call to complain about a matter?
14.  What issues would you like to see the council address?
15.  Please list your top three to five priorities you will champion to move the city forward.
16.  Describe how you plan to implement your top three priorities. (50 words or less)
17.  What would you like to change about the council?
18.  What would you like to stay the same about the council?
19.  What in your view is the relationship between the Mayor and City Council? What is the main function of each, and where are certain responsibilities shared?
20.  How do you propose to create a positive working relationship?
21.  Is there anything else you would like our residents to know about your candidacy?

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
Have a great weekend!
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Roselyn said...

i would like them to name 5 people, besides their family, that would vote for them. I could see Tami answering most of Ronnie's questions and it looking credible... degree in politics, pres. of PTA, had worked for an oil company, etc. She might accidentally call our a subdivision but one would think its a typo since she states she has a degree in politics, and that she would surely know the difference.

Its only when you realize who she is associated with that you realize we have a problem.

The one clue might be if they say they are normally a democrat, then we know they might be alligned with the retired educators whose careers were subsidized by the government instead of business, who are die-hard liberal democrats who like entitlement programs, Obama (as opposed to George Bush), dont care how much the goverment spends, and they think they are smarter than everybody else, i.e. that the other 95% of us are uneducated hicks and they know whats best for us (excuse me while I puke.)

I would also like some type of question that shows strength of character because in 6 months there may have to be some tough work in reversing ordinances and personnell and it needs to be a person capable of proposing and making those changes. Tami warned us last week that there are new ones coming down the pike when she said "Oh YES, we are going to have some ordinances!!" and she has 6 months to try to get them passed unless the DA or law suit can take her out before then.

So, I am not going to be satisfied with new council getting elected and then being nice like none of this ever happened.

Adelia said...

Yea someone who will remain unnamed made a complaint about Spice Lady to the Health Department. I guess we shouldn't have shared happy news and dreams on the blog. It always amazes me how black a heart can be and I pray that all that anger and meaness can be lifted from them. Must be a hard thing to live with. Health Department visit turned out great - passing with flying colors. And in the process got to know someone in Kemah who has a commercial kitchen I can use cheap to make butters and other Spicy wonders.

Roselyn said...

Adelia, how could someone fuck with THE NICEST PERSON ON THE PLANET? Do they really think you are a threat?

As was seen though with their treatment of Tina, they have no regard for nice people.

Adelia said...

Wow Roselyn you made my day!! Thanks for the sweet comments - one nut to another

SPorter said...

Good Lord, Dave and Adelia ... what's next. Glad you passed so Cleanly !!!

Great List, although I am not sure asking someone how they vote is appropriate. My answer would likely be "Any Damn Way I feel like it !!!" The important thing is that we find 3 good folks we trust and don't split up votes among too many candidates.

First in that process is finding three folks we all trust ... I can name several, but I believe folks should express interest in serving first ... and then we can decide.

Anyone know what the Ambulance was on the northern end of CLR?

Keep up the Heat and Light ... Bugs Hate It!!!

222 said...

I think perhaps the question was meant to be 'do you vote' in one of the primaries, not 'in which primary do you vote'. Meant to gauge civic participation, not party affiliation? If not, then you get into the question of how much of your life is public now that you are running for public office, which I don't have time for.

I like Pete's idea of mandatory participation in committees and you have to work your way up, or at least put in your time in the trenches. That should be an ordinance if it's legal.

On bugs...bugs like light and, I think, heat. Turn on your porch light tonight and check it out an hour after dark. I think you might want to look for another metaphor.


Craig said...

I'm bored,

Lets play fact or fiction. There are no right or wrong answers. Decide for yourself

Bernie harrassed his neighbor and has 70 plus charges against him.

Tami challenged Susan to a fight from her council chair.

Mary seemed to want to fight someone at a council meeting.

Larry got in Sanfords face and appeared to be looking for a fight at a city council meeting

Verns golf cart was vandalized at a city council meeting.

Nails were thrown under Karens car tires.

Someone called the health department on Adelias shop just one week after she opened.

Craigs neighbor sent him two emails telling him to turn the radio off in his garage because the acustics caused them to hear it. Several days later someone went into his garage while he was gone and upluged, damaged and moved the radio from a shelf to a chair in the garage.

Folks are stumbling drunk at CC Meetings.

Ms. Cooper is right the rest of us are uncivilized and unbred and Kathy is right the rest of us are bullies

If these things are facts we are living by some very sick and scarey folks.

Watch your back folks and watch out for your neighbors. It appears Violent things might be occuring especially to folks who have the gall to voice an opinion against the council majority.


Roselyn said...

You forgot about my parked car being smashed after a council meeting two weeks ago.

Roselyn said...

Update on councilman Jackie Fuller: The 17 of us who complained to the City about his sinking boat got an update from Jack Fryday this week. Jack sent Jackie a certified letter giving him 10 days (this Thursday, the 24th) to have the sinking boat seaworthy and properly secured or out of there. Jack declared the boat a public nuisance and after the 24th Jackie would be assessed a fine from $50 to $500 per day for each day violated.

Crystal Rose said...

It can rack up but will he pay up, I think not! What happens after that, will he be arrested again for non payment and then what? He is the Fox in charge of the Chicken coop......

Suzanne said...

Great list for potential candidates. I totally support being on a city committee prior to becoming a candidate. Remember the lies we were told at previous Meet the Candidate Nights. Obviously some were CONdidates, but many of us bought their BS.

If Richard decides to run again we may only need two other prospects. Sure wish they would throw their hats into the rings soon.

Does anyone know if there have been other complaints recently about the other two boats on Tindel that don't look sea worthy? Why am I even bothering to ask since ordinances don't apply to Council.

Roselyn said...

Suzanne, There have been no complaints filed that I know of. If you complain the building insspector HAS to investigate.
Has a bigger impact if you have several names. Moe than one of his neighbors is more than happy to sign

Note: To the person who lives close to the north shore annex that was just checking out my house 3 times on your golf cart...just a warning that I do have security camera just like Lynda.

Kimmy said...

It's really sad to see some people step to such low, foolish, childish behavior. I thought we were adults here (oh well, mistake on my part). By the way, whoever vandalized Vern's cover on his golf cart had some audacity to think he bought it. It really upset me that I bought something that somebody assumed was Vern's to get a stab at him.