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Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday

To Poppin’ Fresh. Correctamundo. The Pillsbury doughboy is 46. I know. Get over yourself.
I have been to Sunset in the pouring rain, in the upper nineties, and below freezing. I have been there and watched a cold front blow across the water, When only Lowell, Helle and myself were there in really crappy weather and when the mosquitoes were so bad you had to chew and swallow during a conversation. But I have never been to sunset by myself. Until Saturday. A few folks went by but only asked where everyone was. All I had to offer was an I don’t know. Well, Now I know.  Seems like I was the ONLY one that was not at Gulf Coast Gourmet Food & The Spice Lady’s grand opening over in Toucan Alley in Kemah. Sorry I couldn’t make it Adelia and I am tickled it was such a success.
There is still time to get a hold of one of the Civic Club folks if you want to volunteer. I hear they are looking for some folks to server. All shifts are available. Elaine is maestro until tomorrow when she heads off island and I don’t know who to contact after that. I guess you could find Dennis or Jan or Sam. See you Saturday !
Election Day is tomorrow. We have a few local issues but still very important. If you didn’t vote early vote tomorrow. When I say every vote counts most of you know what I’m talking about. I will go to my grave believing Allen C is a good and honorable man and has the best intentions for this city. If he thinks we are on the edge of putting this BS behind us I am willing to pitch in. I don’t care if one of our councilmen is riding in a police car. I don’t care what time an off duty city employee goes home. Why would anyone care? We have so much bigger fish folks. Here’s something to think about, what do you want in your next council? At candidates night what question do you want answered?       187
Once again I would like to say thanks to Tilman Fertitta and his Kemah Boardwalk crew. The Fireworks display on Friday for our Vets was phenomenal. And even better yet from my back porch. Thanks Mr. T.

Lazlo's Chinese Relativity Axiom: No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats---approximately one billion Chinese couldn't care less


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanations given on comments to Friday's blog. The more info the better. I do think it is significant Kemah unanimously terminated Fryday's contract. It was not exclusively related to Wiggin's tenure as they held executive session to deal with backlog of files and paperwork that was not in order. Sound familiar? Yes, he should enforce equally so not enforcing because he would then have to enforce is not a rational excuse for no action.....and, look where we are now. It is obvious that whole area thinks they can ignore all ordinances....... equally.

Allen Cruthirds said...

Thanks Allan, I appreciate your kind words. We can get past this difficult time if we all pull together and then have a cigar [sic].

BTW you're goin not where any time soon.