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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy 210th

To the United States Marine Corps! Semper Fi! OOO RAH!

 I got nothing to add.

TEACHER:    George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree,  but also admitted it. Now, Louie, do you know why his father didn't punish him?
LOUIS:           Because George still had  the axe in his hand.....


Anonymous said...

Is the huge trial against Bernie on Dec. 8, 2011 for sure? Does anyone know the time? With 70+ counts, I wonder if it will take more than one day? If anyone can provide any insight I sure would appreciate it. I won't miss them going DOWN DOWN DOWN.

Someone mentioned alerting their kids. That is a great idea. Does anyone know a way to get in contact with them? Surely they would want to be present in Galveston for the trial. If they are going to lose their inheritence they might as well watch how their crazy father threw away their financial security.

Media coverage should be great on it, too!

Anonymous said...

With all that is going on with lawsuits, threats against businesses, worries the police are aligned with Cavers, lack of integrity allegations that ruin careers, cars mysteriously hit.... it is understandable some choose to post anonymously. Others choose to leave names. I applaud all who express views and perspectives. I don't think it is helpful to attack and deride those who don't leave their names. Respect is what is important..respect and civility and making positive changes that build a better neighborhood. The failure to expose lies led to the elections that helped to create this mess. I don't think it is positive to tell anyone to shut up.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand the proceedings on the 8th are nothing more than peliminary hearings. An actual trial could be years in the future depending on the defense tactics. Am I right? Could someone who has real facts chime in? From what I have heard Lynda has a pretty strong case or case's. I would bet they will all settle out before trial. I would love to see the original petitions, does anybody have copies?


Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the law suit. It is public record.

Anonymous said...

Ignore link in previous post. This one should work. You can click on the petition and see what the suit alledges.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are so sellfish sure the city is out alot of money, the majority of the island is pissed off, we have lost two great officers and our council hasn't accomplished anything for the past year but at least three of our officers are happy now.....isnt that what is really important

Roselyn said...

Below is council agenda for Tuesday. See you there.:

6. NEW BUSINESS - Discussion and possible action may be taken on the following items:
a. Approval of Ordinance 2011-12: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE II
b. Approval of Ordinance 2011-13: AN ORDINANCE ADDING CHAPTER 2, ARTICLE X "NEPOTISM
c. Adoption of Organizational Chart to be included in City Policy Manual
d. Approval of “Authorized Advance against Accrued Vacation Time Policy” to be included
in City Policy Manual
e. Approval of Memo from Council to City Administrator and Police Chief regarding
reporting of significant personnel action

Anonymous said...

Craig, if they settle, I hope we get to see the video tape from Lynda's 12 video cameras.

Tami, having any regrets yet that your political mentor friends have led your family into a living hell?

Roselyn said...

If anyone wants to see copies of these ordinances that will be voted on Tuesday, I can email you a copy if you contact me at

Roselyn said...

Well, I just came from a birthday party at Opus for Ronnie Richards, Prez. of EDC and one of our hardest working guys for our city. The Mayor and several locals were there, several candidates for Sheriff and State Representative. They just got on the microphone and announced that the police are going to start towing cars parked on the other side of Aspen. About 25% of the party left to move their cars and did not come back up the stairs to the party. Thanks police department. Wish you had been that diligent Tuesday night when hardly anybody was there and someone drove across the street to hit my car. Thank you Ronnie and Nancy, great party.

Adelia said...

Happy Birthday Marines!!!
I urge everyone on the island to go help today with the Thanksgiving dinner whether you volenteered or not. You will meet some wonderful people and it is always a good time. If you can't go down for the set up go to the dinner. You can't beat the food and we all need some more fun on the island. Thanks to all who helped to put this wonderful event together.

Anonymous said...

Roselyn, there is a city ordinance prohibiting parking in the street after dark. It is to facilitate access for emergency vehicles should there be such a need.
I assure you that it is enforced throughout the city.
I'm fairly certain that you would want the ambulance to get through should you fall completely off your rocker and require medical attention.

Signed: A concerned citizen that agrees with about 75% of your opinions but thinks you are a nut.

Adelia said...

Don't feel too bad Roselyn - most of us on this island are nuts. Anon does have it right about the parking so I don't think it was police harrasment. Happy Birthday Ronnie I am glad your party was such a success - wish I could have been there.

Roselyn said...

Ronnie said that does not apply in the Town Center area, and that you can park on both sides of the street. Will check it out on Monday.

So, 6:58 anon, are you saying that people only fall completely off their rocker and night to need an ambulance?

Roselyn said...

(Typo) are you saying that people only fall completely off their rocker at night to need an ambulance? Thats some interesting logic.

From one nut to another nut.

Anonymous said...

Roselyn: the section of the ordinance you are looking for is 82-275 (you can access the ordinances online through the city website). It clearly states in the Town Center Overlay, parking is allowed in the right of way. Even Duhnise and Crook should be able to read and understand that. Maybe it wasn't harassment, but it's ignorance of the law and that's even worse when they're the ones that are supposed to be enforcing them. This has been in effect for about two years now

Anonymous said...

Sec. 78-101. - No parking—Clear Lake Road.

Purpose. In order to improve the flow of traffic, decrease congestion on city streets and protect the public safety and general welfare within the city:
No parking. It is unlawful for any person, beginning each day at sundown and continuing until sunrise the following day, to park or permit a vehicle to stand on the paved portion of any city street or so close to the paved portion of any city street so as to constitute a condition dangerous to the safe passage of other vehicles and emergency equipment, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the direction of a police officer or traffic control device.
Tow away zones. The areas described in this section are hereby designated as a "No Parking—Tow Away Zone".
Signs. The chief of police or any other person authorized by the mayor and city council shall cause signs to be posted, where necessary, indicating such prohibitions.
Any peace officer of the city is authorized to remove or to have removed, or to require the driver or other person in charge of a vehicle to remove a vehicle parked or left standing in violation of subsection (a)(1) of this section. A vehicle removed by a peace officer under the provisions of this subsection may be removed to the nearest garage or storage facility or to a garage or storage facility designated by the city. The owner of a vehicle that is removed under this subsection is liable for all reasonable towing and storage fees incurred in the removal or storage.
When a person is charged with having parked or left standing a vehicle in the "No Parking—Tow-Away Zone" designated in subsection (a)(1) of this section, proof that the vehicle was, at the date of the offense, allegedly owned by the person charged with the offense shall constitute prima facie evidence that the vehicle was parked or left standing at the place by the owner, but the owner shall have the right to introduce evidence to show that such vehicle was not parked by him as charged in the complaint.
In order to obtain possession of a vehicle stored under the provisions of this section, the claimant must produce satisfactory evidence of ownership or right of possession and is liable for all reasonable towing and storage fees incurred in the removal or storage.
Violation and penalty. Any person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined in any sum, not less than $10.00, and not more than $200.00.
(Code 1999, § 10.20.010; Ord. No. 2008-21, § 3, 12-6-2008; Ord. No. 2009-08, § 3, 3-3-2009)

Herez some good reading

Anonymous said...


Sec. 82-275. - Supplemental district regulations.


The regulations established for the town center overlay district shall supersede the regulations contained in article III, "Fencing", of this chapter.


In regard to article V, "Off-Street Parking and Landscaping Requirements", of this chapter:


Section 82-326 shall apply except that subsection (b) is modified to allow parking in the right-of-way, except for rights-of-way adjacent to FM 2094, in those areas so designated by the city.


Section 82-327 shall apply solely to commercial use development only and not to any mixed use development. A mixed use development shall meet the parking requirements specified in Appendix 2 attached to Ord. No. 2010-01 and kept on file in the town clerks office. The number of parking spaces required for a mixed use development may be modified in accordance with Appendix 2, section C "Mixed Use Parking Standards".


Sections 82-329, and 82-331 shall apply in their entirety to the district.


All other regulations within article V of this chapter are superseded.


The regulations within appendix A, "Signs" of this Code of Ordinances shall pertain to the town center overlay district unless specified otherwise herein.


In the event any provisions of this chapter 82, "Zoning" or the city's Municipal Code conflicts with the town center overlay district regulations, the town center overlay district regulations shall prevail.

Appendices—The following documents are an integral part of this land use regulation which are attached to Ord. No. 2010-01 and kept on file in the town clerks office and are adopted by reference:

Appendix 1 - Permitted Uses Allowed Within the District

Appendix 2 - Development Standards

Appendix 3 - Design Review Committee Charter

(Ord. No. 2010-01, § 2, 2-16-2010)

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT-->Section 82-326 shall apply except that subsection (b) is modified to allow parking in the right-of-way, except for rights-of-way adjacent to FM 2094, in those areas so designated by the city.

Anonymous said...

Yep right again, except its not the issue of parking in the right of way its the issue of parking on the roadway at night

Maybe you read it alittle better.

Anonymous said...

Sec. 82-326. - General requirements; exceptions.

All required parking spaces shall be located on the same lot or tract as the building or use served unless shared or off-site parking is approved in accordance with section 82-328.
Required parking spaces shall not be permitted in a street right-of-way.
Required parking spaces shall be provided at the time any building or structure is erected, enlarged, or increased in capacity, or at such time any change in use is otherwise established.
Parking for existing uses shall not be reduced to less than the minimum amounts that would be required if the existing use or structure had been established or erected in full compliance with this article.
For any existing building, structure or use that is changed in use, the number of off-street parking spaces shall equal the number required in this article for the new use.
For any existing building, structure or use that is enlarged or expanded, additional parking spaces shall be provided for the area of enlargement or expansion in accordance with this article.
Accessible parking spaces shall be provided in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the state accessibility standards, and any federal regulations promulgated hereafter. This compliance shall include, but is not limited to, the designation of handicap parking spaces, and the provision of accessible routes. Construction documents as required for commercial construction shall be submitted to the state department of licensing and regulations (TDLR) for a state accessibility standards (TAS) review. An elimination of architectural barriers (EAB) number shall be submitted with documents when applying for permits.
A certificate of occupancy shall not be issued for any building site that does not comply with this article.
In all districts, required parking spaces and aisles shall not be used for:
Refuse containers;
Repair, storage, dismantling or servicing of motor vehicles;
Selling or leasing of motor vehicles;
Storage of materials or supplies; or
Any other use in conflict with the designated parking and loading areas (i.e. advertising or open storage of raw materials).
In all commercial districts except the NC neighborhood commercial district, off-street parking facilities shall be so arranged that in order to depart from the premises it shall not be necessary that any vehicle back into any public street right-of-way.
This article applies to all districts except R-1 residential district.
(Ord. No. 2005-05, § 4(17.11.010), 4-5-2005)

Look no issue here about night time parking, so maybe it was a violation 78-101 as it states violation about parking on roadway at night

Anonymous said...

Im shocked....selective enforcement??? That sounds about par for the course. As I went to run a few errands yesterday I couldnt help but notice that when I left and then when I got back about an hour later the same cars and 2 "cops" were under the police department talking it looked like. Yep Duhnise was one of the and Miliken was the other. Do our tax dollars pay for the plotting or protecting and serving? I would ask "chief" Crook but he wont answer the phone or return calls.

Anonymous said...

Last year Duhnise had a "working relationship" with Crook and Mrs. Crook didn't even care because she knew he was going to be promoted to Chief once they got Arline elected.

Now BMill is working on a "working relationship" with Duhnise so he has flipped sides against Paul. None of them even like Crook but the deal is he makes them look good to the Mayor and they make him look good to the Mayor. They now do whatever they want to do and Duhnise is calling the shots.

On Tuesday there is a memo to Police Chief and City Admin. (last page of stuff in the agenda packet on the website) that says no police officer or city employee can be fired without calling the City Attorney who will then call a closed executive session of City Council. So now, you cant even fire any of these cops that helped Tami without a council vote. How do you think the three stooges are going to vote on firing the people who helped them? No wonder the NS group is so nice and friendly now, they have protected the ones who helped with the illegal investigation and got rid of "Mom" Tina. (BMil told a citizen that NS is not finished with "PoP" Paul.)

Also on Tuesday a nepotism law will be passed that goes into great detail about what constitutes a relationship. It insures that Tina will not be hired back as long as Paul is here. If you are married you cant work in CLS and if you live together you cant work in CLS. Its a shame your council didn't dig furthur and see the relationships going on inside the PD that took the Shelleys down. Some of these relationships are more intimate than a lot of marriages.
So decent happily married folks like the Shelleys cant work here but sexual relationships within a department are OK.

So, you learn some lessons about cant get rid of Tami, even though the majority wants her gone, and now you learn you cant get rid of bad cops either because they are protected by the 3 stooges vote. You also reflect on the power of the pussy.

Anonymous said...

Give us name's of these officer's in the relationship's, so we can tell our mayor and we can get them out.

Anonymous said...

now ya'll are starting to wake up

good ol kemah boy

Anonymous said...

Kemah boy, do you have their names or who it was or is?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor knows the names already so no need to list them. He just needs to solve the problem. Don't think it was a coincidence that NS let him run unopposed this past election. They are counting on him to kick back and plan another party.

Rob Scherer said...

I have quietly read this blog for weeks, and while I agree this blog serves a valid purpose, there are some issues I would like to address. First, no longer can a group of individuals operate under the radar, perhaps this is why opposition to this blog was voiced at the last council meeting. This is a very good thing, and I cannot thank AB enough. I think most of you know my feelings toward an investigation where nothing of great importance was found. If proper procedure were followed, all of this mess could have been avoided. Causing a great division within this island, not to mention the waste of thousands of tax dollars appauls me. Keep in mind this action was brought on by council, and that is where we should concentrate our actions to correct the problem. Rumors, accusations,changing names of existing officers,i.e. Crook and Duhnise, serves no purpose other than to further divide a fragile situation. Please remember, this is "our police department", and I choose to believe our PD actions regarding parking are more professional than that. So I will continue to support them. As for council, one would think they would have learned a valuable lesson from the investigation. Bryan Hoerner had it right on the button when he spoke at the last council meeting. If there is no ordinances regarding matters being investigated, then nothing will be found inappropriate. If credit card issues concern you, then create an ordinance regulating them. Paul Shelly has done nothing wrong until then, period!!! If inquiry's into credit cards expenditures continue, when all that is needed is an ordinance involving it, one would think there might be alterior motives here. This has been an unfortunate incident for us all. Lets hope we can put this behind us soon, and get back to living and enjoying our little island once again.

Anonymous said...

It seems the mayor cant, so we can !! Who are they?

Anonymous said...

you can support the cops i support them but do not trust them and think they are going to be trouble. we will see who is right in due time