Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


November already. I have decided that time flies whether you are having fun or not so what the heck. It’s going to be a busy month so keep up. Election day is coming up. It’s your duty. The Civic Club meeting is Thursday drop in and say hi. Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps on the 10th. Veteran’s Day the 11th, I consider this my personal holiday and I hope my fellow brothers in arms past and present do the same. How many other holidays can you say you earned? 
The Civic Club Thanksgiving Dinner is the 12th. If you’ve never been trust me when I say you do not want to miss this. 
International Men’s Day on the 19th.

Craig , here’s that recipe you were looking for…
  • 4 Mission® Artisan® Corn & Whole Wheat Tortillas
  • 1 teaspoon canola oil
  • 12 ounces Terrier Dalmatian mix, cut into 2 1/2-inch chunks
  • Salt and black pepper as needed
  • 1/4 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 onion, cut into large chunks
  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried Mexican oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1/2 cup low-sodium chicken broth
  • 3 cups root vegetables (mixture of beets, parsnips, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or celery root), diced
  • 1/2 cup red onion, thick julienne
  • 4 fresh thyme sprigs
  • Non-stick cooking spray, as needed
Hey my in-laws are coming in for a week and I’m looking to buy a bed. A full/double will work. If you have one to sell drop me a line.
Hopefully there will be one more investigation and then our fair city can move on. Yep, I’m thinking one more only this time let’s have a look at the folks behind the table. Let’s make sure all is above board and legit. If there was no illegal investigation or ethics violations or collusion then for God’s sake let’s put this fiasco behind us and move on. If there was then it’s obvious they need to be removed from office because resignation is beyond them. Come early and I’m bringing a red shiny “go cup” just because I can. It might be iced tea maybe not.

SNWTF?! Jean Garst and Larry Tonjes are back from sailing and their first order of business is to file an open records request for all of the City Administrators credit card receipts back to 2007? What the hell is the matter with you morons?? 

To the mom/friend/citizen/neighbor who is leery of our officers. I offer a different version. Our officers serve our city in a tremendous capacity. I have never failed to deliver a smile and a wave or get one in return. If I had a question or a problem I would not hesitate to address it with the Chief or the Mayor or any officer I was familiar with. I would have no qualms about doing so. I have in the past and although I wasn’t crazy about the response I got, once I was exposed to the other side of the story I really couldn’t disagree. I am absolutely tickled to death the Islander is running bios’ on our officers. I tried to pull that off a few years ago but It never got off the ground. Thanks Dennis and Islander crew! I think if we don’t know at least half of our police force we are doing ourselves and them a great disservice. The more we know the better things get. Mostly.
An elderly couple Margaret and Bert, moved to Texas .
Bert had always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy
boots so,  seeing some on sale, he bought them and wore them
home. Walking proudly, he sauntered into the kitchen and said
to his wife, 'Notice anything different about me?' 
Margaret looked him over. 'Nope.'   Frustrated, Bert stormed off into the bathroom,
undressed and walked back into the kitchen completely
naked except for the boots.  Again he asked Margaret, a little louder this time,
'Notice anything different NOW?'  Margaret looked up and exclaimed, 'Bert, what's
different? It's hanging down today, it was hanging down
yesterday, it'll be hanging down again tomorrow!' 
Furious, Bert yelled,  'AND DO YOU KNOW WHY IT'S
AT MY NEW BOOTS!!!!'   Without changing her expression, 
Margaret replied, 
'Shoulda bought a hat Bert"


Anonymous said...

Jean didn't go sailing. She was here all of the time mentoring Tami. Why does she need to request the records? Can't she get them from Bernie or Stephen Dean? I hope our office staff doesn't get sick of this sh-- and quit. Now we get to spend money a third time for the same records.

Anonymous said...

I took my kids trick or treating last night. Tami usually has a haunted house. Last night she was closed for business. She has screwed up her life and her whole familys life. Karma usually takes care of things and it has started for her. I know Craig said he is surrounded by Tami and her friends over at his house. I believe it, Raynel was the only one on the whole street out having fun with the kids and passing out candy last night. As mad as we are at these small angry pepole I can't help but feel bad for them. Their lives are consumed with hate and vengance.

ab said...

Focus people, Focus. Lace doesn't live here, doesn't work here, isn't busy screwing up our city. She is merely expressing herself. It is that simple. Focus on the people who are screwing up or town.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I appreciate your new update in red about the latest ORR filing. Once the police department starts to crumble, you will see these conspirators scrambling like roaches from under a lifted rock. North Shore and West Shore annex were counting on the police dept. to protect their master plan.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should notice how Garst never comes to cc meetings. She just hides at her house and causes constant turmoil for this Island. Keep your eye on her she is dangerous. Jean, Kathy, Bernie, Tami, Arlene, Jackie and a small handful of others seeem to be power freaks bent on destroying the Island. I have lived here 12 years and have seen their destructive powers in action.

CIanni said...

Let not get carried away. Tami was out last night handing out candy, not the big set up, but she was there. Her mother across the street also sat out for the kids. Next door my wife and I had our porch light on and had a couple of hand full’s of kids come up. At the other end Allen C. was handing out candy from his golf cart when I got home at 6:30. The rest of the block was either out of town, treating with their kids, or have never participated in Halloween in the 6 years I have lived on the block. On Narcissus we may not always get along, but we help each when we can and are for the most part friendly to one another. I don't agree with Tami's politics or that of some of my other neighbors, but I don't think it is right to broad stroke an entire city block with this negativity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you AB. im not ever going to try to sit here and argue an argument that will never be won by any means. i actually thought it may have meant something that i actually signed my name and came out on here. but it seems i was right in the first place on not signing my name. i understand that no one knows any 100% true story about any of this. so all anyone can do is express themselves. why in gods name would i ever try and truly win an argument with someone who doesnt know the whole story. hell, im not saying i know more everything. i just know what has happened with me and my experience on the issue. i know i dont live on the island but it seems that it may be time to just let the sleeping dogs lie. everyone seems to be spending so much anger and time on the situation. im not very good at holding a grudge for any long length of time, so i dropped the situation i had with the dept. everyone is making me out to be some kind of pissed off panhandler or something. or some kind of trampy loser that is pissed just because i didnt get hired. thats not the case. i guess i just scan thru this blog from time to time and since im an outsider it seems i can see it better when things are spiraling downhill with false alligations being slung around. im sorry if ive pissed anyone off and ill apologize for calling a few on here "idiots" but it bugs me when people talk totally out of their ass. and i actuallly regret signing my name the very first time on here because it just made things worse. seems theres some new fb stalkers i have now. but i wont be a jerk and "call them out" like they are trying to do to me. (not that i care anyway) anywho, i can tell im just rambling away here...just wanted to say thanks for pointing out im just trying to express my point of view.
Lace Montgomery

Anonymous said...

Very important council meeting TONIGHT. The Islander has the date wrong. See you there.

Suzanne said...


I want to thank you for taking the time to create and maintain this blog. It has been one thread that held the Pinks together through this horrid political season. You have given us a place to vent and to gain information. Heck, you let the bugs in the jar speak, too.

I hope you let the ugly things said tonight roll off your back. Be proud of what you have done with the blog. Perhaps they feel threaten by the blog...don't know. More importantly, I don't care. You've done good.

I hope Jean has to spend hundreds if not thousands to get every darn credit card receipt back to 2007. I wonder who planted the seed that there was "something" to find back in 2007? That is probably the mystery of the night. And I hope everyone realized it is not really about the what was charged.

How can the city be audited and reach the highest standard,yet the bugs in the jar don't get it.

I hope the Sat. workshop is short since there is no logical way 5 Councilmen can manage the police dept. That is crazy. I applaud Paul for pointing out the Council's role is for appeals. Another change of ordinances they did not think through.

I am proud of Vern for meeting with the DA and a Criminal Investigator. I bet he took one thick folder with him.

Anonymous said...

"Welcome to our little slice of paradise"... How very sad. You people are living in a hell of your own creation.

Anonymous said...

NS created this mess. Tami will end up with charges filed against her if she was listening to Vern. Did anyone find it ironic she kept calling for order? She is usually the one interrupting, cussing, putting her hand up in people's faces or threatening with "bring it on." At least she didn't slouch arms crossed and roll her eyes. It is amazing how much her body language changes when the cameras are rolling. I wonder if she has seen the picture on FB?

Anonymous said...

I just spoke to 3 friends that attended the mtg tonight. I needed a reality check. They all confirmed Millikan and Jansen were noting addresses of the Pinks when they spoke. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Good try, Richard, but you need to work on Jean, Bernie, Kathy, Tammy, Jackie and Arlene if you want the healing to begin. They are the continuing the muck.

If I were Paul I would sue for harrassment at this point.

Finally, Arlene did not yes, yes Tami. Our darling Tami wanted to vote on the agenda items and Arlene decided on a workshop instead. Keep it up Arlene.

Anonymous said...

Trying to get thru to Bernie, Jean and Kathy is pointless. Richard, can you try to work with Jackie and Arlene? Forget Tami, too. Charges are more appropriate for her.

Anonymous said...

Go Vern, go! How can we help make the case to the DA and Criminal Investigator? The healing can being if we can see her get arrested.

Do you need letters from the citizens? I bet everyone who never heard back from a phone call or letter or email to Tammy would be more than happy to put that in writing. How about how unapproachable she is after a Council mtg.? I betcha the people who had her hand in their face would write letters, too.

I was ill watching her call for "order" when she is the one slinging all the crap since June. She will undoubtedly play the victim when all of this is over.

Anonymous said...

Paul could have sat back this evening and let the Council implode on itself. But once again he is looking out for CLS when their damn Council can't see the forrest thru the trees. Thank you Paul for pointing out to Council the ordianace that states they detemine appeals. Lord only knows 3 of them do not have a clue what ordinances are since they openly break them.

Amanda B said...

Wow, what a council meeting tonight. I have faith that one day this will all be over. I have many questions after tonight, but I'm only going to ask one on here. This is an honest question. As a taxpaying citizen, I, too, want to understand how my tax dollars are being spent by city employees, including council. If there is truly an issue, then let's all be adults and get to the bottom of it and make the right informed decisions to rectify the issue.

Jean and Bernie, you presented your case tonight by saying that you have requested credit card receipts dating back to 2007, and that you have found personal items on these receipts that you "hope" have been repaid. What efforts have you made to check to see if these items have, in fact, been repaid? It would seem to me that if you go through the effort of filing the open records request and pouring through hundreds of pages of documents, and you have questions about certain items, the next logical step would be to find out what has been repaid and when. I'm just curious to know what efforts you have made to find out if and when the items in question were repaid.


Anonymous said...

I hope Vern is taking the audio recording of the CC mtgs. to the DA. Starting from the beginning of June when nothing she said was comprehensible except the names of the 10 cops. I think that was the meeting when she said she couldn't talk to the mayor or the chief / CA. Does Karen still have to deliver her official Council mail to her prior to a Council mtg. since she won't pick it up herself for fear of seeing Vern or Paul?

There are numerous pictures of her slumped down arms crossed. Those speak volume is the DA is more visual than auditory.

Haven't at least two CC mtgs been recorded on video?

I think a new fund raiser is in order. The Take Tami Down Fund.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't sleep due to being so upset from the Council meeting tonight. What a mess Bernie and Jean continue to be going after Paul. How dare them. When will they let up? Who told them to go back to 2007? I was glad Paul called them liars.

The only relief I felt all night was when Vern said he was finally going to the DA. Will criminal charges be filed on all three council members or just Tammy? Will she be force from council or all 3 of them? I am sure many of us need to know. Please respond.

I cannot attend the workshop on Saturday. Will someone be able to video it? I would pay for a viewing.

Roselyn said...

That was the most awful meeting yet. Thank you Vern, Paul, Al and Richard for standing up for our community and decency.

I cant imagine spending a precious Saturday morning in a room with those 3 unemployed nitwits discussing how they are going to run the police department, so thank you guys for doing it for us.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Mc, after once again reading your guest column in the GDN today it has become painfully true that you are calling all the shots. Please answer one question for me, if all these things are bad then why did you not handle it during your time as mayor and please don't say they weren't?

Capt Mike

Anonymous said...

Cathy, did you tell GDN about the illegal aliens you had on your payroll when you were Mayor? The one where you wrote the check to his wife after you told he was illegal?

Anonymous said...

Clear Lake Shores, when will this all end?
By Kathy McIntyre
Special to The Daily News
Published November 2, 2011

Bullying has become a serious problem for our society.

Usually, we associate it with grade or high school children who are immature and not experienced enough to see the damage and hurt they can inflict on their fellow students. Add to that the anonymity that blogs and emails provide, and there are many ways to quickly spread a nasty message.

I live in Clear Lake Shores, and there is a blog here that is the work of about a dozen residents. It has become a forum for those who have supported Paul Shelley while the city has investigated the management of the police department. Shelley and his wife, Tina, both resigned from the police department. Shelley continues to serve as the city administrator.

The anger of those supporting Shelley began when the city council decided to check complaints brought forth by current and former Clear Lake Shores police officers.

The initial meeting concerning the allegations was an executive session. This was Shelley’s choice; he could have requested an open session. The council voted, 5-0, to proceed with the investigation.

Residents were angry they were not told the charges. Also, the city attorney told council members to keep a lid on gossip. In a city like this, that was fuel for the fire, and the anger toward the council increased. Only the mayor has gone to the news reporters and given quotes of issues raised in executive sessions.

Shelley was police chief with a budget that exceeded $550,000 and had the authority to fire officers. Two officers who were fired have challenged the firings. One officer sued for wrongful termination and won his case. He had his commission reinstated and was awarded $10,000.

Another officer had a hearing with Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education last week and is awaiting its ruling on his commission.

The summary of the investigation was presented to the council and read in open session. Shelley was cleared of any criminal activity. The investigator did have numerous recommendations to improve the management of the city. Ordinances for nepotism and better financial accountability are two.

For four months now, residents have come to council meetings and bullied council members. Council meetings have been raucous with residents heckling, flipping off council members, booing and not willing to listen to an opposing view.

Three council members are taking all the heat for the investigation, while the other two members who also voted in the 5-0 tally are silent. We do have standards for conduct at council meetings, but the mayor will not enforce them. He seems only to be going with the majority, with no checks on their behavior.

I served for 10 years on the council and as mayor, and the best councils had respect for each other. There was a live and let live attitude, and residents spoke their mind. Now, everything is dragged along as ammunition for the next argument. When will it end?

Kathy McIntyre is a former mayor of Clear Lake Shores.

Anonymous said...

Kathy, It will probably end when you and your husband lose your house in the lawsuit already filed against you for bullying your neighbors next door.

Anonymous said...

Well she certainly has her own one sided view if the situation doesn't she? Unbelievable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You would think the McI would be putting their energy into that lawsuit versus going after petty stuff that may or may not be in a credit card charge. I guess they do not care about their kids inheritence.

I don't recall when the smaller case was rescheduled for in Dec.? The one that will be in CLS can anyone help me out with the date? I sure don't want to miss it.

Anyone else interested in going to Galveston for the huge lawsuit? I know it is a year or so away, but let's caravan and make a day of it.

Since most of the evidence is on video, maybe we can show it as "Movie Night" once the case is over.

Yes, that is tacky but we are so fed up with their crap...we need to celebrate when they GO DOWN.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please summarize the cases pending against Kathy and Bernie? Could someone please list the violations incurred by Jackie? Someone asked recently how many boats he has rotting/sinking in the canal. Does his allotted bulkhead allow this many boats? Has Jack Fryday taken a look at the state of Aspen/Tindal.....Kathy's stomping grounds? Everyone on the island should WALK through this area and look at it from both sides into the canal.
The CAVERS are attacking the blog as a means of attacking what they have tried to do in secret as well as WHERE they strategize in secret...the travesty condition of North Shore.

Freedom of expression brings light through thought and differing opinions. It also exposes and this makes those who work in secret very nervous.

Good job bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Kathy, how can you be so hypocritical? You speak of bullying by citizens towards council members, as well as standards of conduct. Obviously, you seem to have forgotten that none of this occurred until one particular council member displayed a complete lack of any standard of conduct. Not that two wrongs make a right, because they don't, but when you all have the power and we have none while you make life changing decisions that affect all of us, what would you expect people to do? Council refused to answer questions from the get-go. They wanted to fire Chief before any investigation took place. Thank God the people spoke and raised questions! And we will continue to do so as that is our right. Or are you trying to take that away from us, too?

Anonymous said...

If Katherine thinks anybody who reads the GDN is going to be swayed in our May election, then you surely live in la la land.

Are you just grandstanding to show the 3 bad council people and the 4 bad cops that you are the leader and got them covered? Must be tough trying to hold this rag tag team together right now. Surely one of them has an independent brain.

Crystal Rose said...

I am grateful to this Blog for keeping us informed of where our tax paying money is going!! We may not have a vote here but we sure as hell pay our taxes, unlike one council member who feels it is their right not too...and by the looks of it has a vendetta/agenda against the very person trying to make them!

So thanks AB for this facility and although some of the mud slinging done on it is not so nice. In general we would not have a clue what was going on without it.

Anonymous said...

If there were any doubts as to whom has been running this circus act, it should be crystal clear now. Why is Katherine McEntirely too knowledgeable and submitting articles to be published in the GDN saying as much, as opposed to the actual council members? And we all want to know the same answer to her question- when will it all end? It seems only a choice few, including herself, know. Does council seriously expect us to act like lambs to the slaughter, blissfully unaware of the tragedy unfolding? As someone said on an earlier post, no one is a saint and if you search long enough you can find something that someone did wrong all the time. But when you are spending our money to do it while refusing to answer even the most basic question or listen to a single resident when that's your job, then you can expect some resistance. We are not sheep.