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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Is it just me? How do you like the new “The DAILY NEWS”. I don’t know about you but I miss “the Galveston County Daily News”. I miss the masthead. I miss “The oldest Newspaper in Texas”. I really miss The Texas flag. I would like to miss the new mast head, referred to as “big red” but as big as it is I don’t think I could miss it if I tried. Dear Mr. Grant, Change for the sake of change is rarely a good thing. I understand change happens. I get it. We have had to deal with our own change issues here on our little island since Ike. I gave the remodel time but I can’t say it’s growing on me. I get the feeling someone is trying to hide who you are, sort of like Amway in the old days. I hear the whole retro thing is hot so keep that in mind. And what happened to Today in history? I hope you have better web folks than the Chronicle. They have some sections that are still screwed up months after their last makeover. I know I don’t get a vote but if I did I’d say make fewer changes. Sorry. And your drop downs are aggravating.

I talked to our neighbor on Dogwood that had all the fire trucks outside his front door last night. He’s OK and there was only minor damage inside. He’s done such a great job on his place too. Sorry for your setback but I’m glad all is well.

Did you catch the 6:00 news yesterday? News might not be the best description but it’s almost always fun seeing someone you know on TV. I’m not too keen on the whole toilet paper thing though. That’s just nasty. With no end in sight. That’s kinda sad. So what’s the tally so far? The Galveston County Daily News, The Bay Area News, Houston Press, Channel 13, and what ever happened to the Chronicle guy? I’m almost embarrassed.

I’m glad it’s finally cooling off a little. It gives me a chance to wear my new Civic Club sweatshirt! Not that I am an expert on sweatshirts mind you but this is a nice one. You can get yours at the meeting tomorrow night. Come on by they’re going to decorate the tree.


Roselyn said...

Another TV station interviewed Lynda yesterday and went next door to get Bernie's side of the story. Bernie shut the door in his face and said he was through with interviews. Odd since NorthShore group has been calling Galveston Daily News, Stephen Dean with Channel 11 and The Houston Press to discuss what bullies us citizens are to their select council trio at council meetings.

Lynda's interview will be on KIAH Channel 39 at 5 PM today. I have comcast and KIAH is channel 5.

Roselyn said...

For those of us who dont have a dead tree for the local artist to carve into a turtle or a bird, we might consider the following link.
Its a real shame that these dont come in PINK.

SPorter said...

For those that missed the news last night:

Linda, I thought you sounded concerned, reasonable, and perfectly within your rights ...

Roselyn said...,0,7161060.story

Here's the link from another TV station last night that did an interview.

Crystal Rose said...

Now that was a much better interview that really gets her case across! The fact that Bernie did not want to comment speaks volumes.

Well done Lynda! I hope you get the outcome you want.

Craig said...

I think Bernies lawyer is enforceing a little client control and probably told Bernie to stop talking. I don't think his statement that he was putting the tp over the fence so the frogs could wipe themselves would make a very strong defense come trial time. I would love to be a fly on the wall when his attorney is talking about Bernie and his case when Bernie is not around. Is an insanity plea allowed in civil court? Maybe Bernie is putting on an act and will take that route. Maybe he is not putting on an act.


Adelia said...

We have had an ongoing joke that we should see if we could get a Housewives of Clear Lake Shores. Maybe we were not so far off after all. Heaven knows we could all use the money. Hell I might even put makeup on more than once or twice a week

Adelia said...

My favorite sweat shirt by far is the navy blue one I got from the civic club. I wish I had bought more when we had them. Save a couple of the new ones for me!! I am surprised our island "frog porno" story has not made cover of the New York Times - maybe they found something else to cover. Alan I miss the old Galveston Daily News too.