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Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Monday!

It was good seeing all those faces the spaghetti dinner. Good job troops. Charlie and Betty S asked me to send kudos to the cooks.

Any good stories out of the Harvest Moon Regatta?

Interesting weather out in the gulf.  The folks who watvh those things say there a good chance it will have a name soon. Who knows…I’m betting on the cold front .

Ethan Hoerner brought a pretty lab by yesterday and asked if I recognized him. All I recognized was a happy lab who didn’t miss a meal. Plain collar no tag. Come on people! At least put a nametag on your furry friends. I haven’t heard if he found his way home

This from Nancy McD and the WCID #12. Looks like areferendum.
Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Bond and Fire Fee Election.
Attached please find copies of :

(1)    the Order Calling Election,
(2)    the District Engineer’s power point presentation about the proposed bond projects, and
(3)    the Fire Department’s (ESB’s) Fire Year Plan for Funding.

Please feel free to forward these materials to anyone interested. 

For ease of access, here are some highlights from the Order:

Early voting shall be October 24, 2011, through November 4, 2011, including Saturday, October 29th.
Early voting shall be at the Kemah Fire Station, @ 905 State Highway 146, Kemah, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Election Day is November 8, 2011; hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the Fire Station.

Here are the propositions as they will appear on the ballot:





I guess tomorrows the day we hear the official version of what we got for our $17,000 investigation. I think the way I heard it was the investigator will address the Executive session today and then we get the results after. It should be interesting. I’d suggest you come early if you don’t want to stand.

And this from neighbor Sid.
Nationwide EAS Test Planned for Nov. 9 , 2011 – The first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will take place at 1 PM Nov. 9.
The EAS is a media communications-based alerting system that is designed to transmit emergency alerts and warnings to the American public at the national, Tribal, state and local levels.
EAS participants broadcast alerts and warnings regarding weather threats, child abductions and other types of emergencies. Alerts are transmitted via TV and radio including satellite television and cable.
FEMA will conduct the test along with the Federal Communications Commission. The alert will be transmitted throughout the country, will last approximately 3 minutes, and will be monitored by EAS participants.


Anonymous said...


Can you tell us what we can expect to hear and see about the investigation report tomorrow? Rumors are running wild.

Craig W

Suzanne said...

We need to get back to normal with positive, bright, forward-thinking people on city council. Well, I guess that will come in 207 days.

@ Craig W. here is a great article.

With our attorney's fees I think I heard the cost of the investigation to no where is closer to $30K

davidC said...

The Investigation will no doubt show nothing wrong. I just wish we could hold Tami,The McIntyres and jean Garst responsible for the bill. There should be some repercussions for spending all that money and not being responsible to anybody.


Anonymous said...

The McIntyres and Jean Garst aren't on Council. Only Tammie, Arlene and Jackie should be held responsible for this. They voted for the investigation based on hearsay information from terminated employees. Richard Sowery and Al burns voted against the investigation.

SPorter said...

Anonymous Again ??? Really ????

Anonymous said...


Looks like anon is back and the first post is defending the Mcintyres and Jean Garst. The three that have stirred up more BS in my opinion over the last 20 years than everyone else put together. Please folks, pay attention to the facts and the past when you consider who you will believe and vote for in 210 days. No matter what the report shows the damage is done, City business virtually came to a halt and we are out a ton of money over what? I guess we will find out tomorrow night. Everyone PLEASE come to the meeting.

Craig W

Anonymous said...

hey anon @ 200 have you forgotten already that the Mc intyres have been the ones leading this mess from day one.

Suzanne said...

Kathy McI thinks she is on council the way she approached Vern at sunset one evening and asked why her agenda item was missing from the agenda. I believe it was the one to fire Paul.

There needs to be consequences for their actions. Look at the damage they caused.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:00 is probably kathy and bernie trying to duck responsibility for themselves and their friend jean because they know tomorrow is going to expose the crappy thing they have done

Roselyn said...

I just talked to Paul and he said we are going to mad when we see the report.

Anonymous said...

Mad? Maybe because we will finally know who all were the snakes. Although I think most of us have figured out many of them. I hope Vern / Paul fires them next. It is priledge to work here and they lost that when they talked to Tammy. We lost wonderful Tina and are left with snakes. Paul had to go thru hell and we are still paying some of the snakes. We better hear names since we paid the bill.

Bettie J said...

I thought Annon "button" was gone!?? As I have said before - man up and sign your name! Bettie j

Roselyn said...

Bettie, I think there are several ligitious situations going on here and anyone who might get sued or lose their job would not want to sign their name and implicate themselves. I think its OK to let them express themselves without worrying about losing their job.

I enjoy seeing the ideas flow and I learn from it, so just let it rip. Its just possible that anon at 7:40 PM is on the city payroll and is ready to say what they feel but dont want to be fired because they signed their name. I say anon is OK for now. Money is not power, knowledge is power. Lets let information flow, no telling what will come out. Its time for employees to say what they think about all this.

Roselyn said...

On a different note, tonight at Council I will have a letter with me. If any of you want to sign it, please see me to sign it. There are a few of us concerned that Jackie has a huge boat at 1014 Aspen that is partly on his lot and partly in the water sinking. His neighbor and a few of us are concerned that when that boat sinks and disintegrates it will block the canal from others using it. Also you will see from the google map here that the boat has taken part of his land and created a "boatslip" and refuge on his land. That land has also intsilted into the canal water. We feel he should tear down or restore the boat before it becomes a bigger problem for his neighbors. Clear Lake Shores council (including Jackie) passed an Ordinance last year with stiff fines if one did not tear down or raise and restore their hurricane damaged houses. This Ordinance should apply to his boat as well. Here is the google aerial map:

Ronnie Richards said...

Some great news. thanks to city Manager Paul Shelly's efforts in working with Skipper the sheet metal fence between Skipper's parking lot and Aspen Road has been removed. This will really clean up and improve the looks of that area in Town Center.

Roselyn said...

Yes Ronnie, and now everyone can clearly see Jackie's huge sinking boat that was hidden by that sheet metal fence.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the clean up that needs to happen in the canal and with Jackie's boats? I agree with Roselyn's comments and hope the letter leads to the enforcement of the Ordinance that was approved by the current council.

Anonymous said...

Is there a plan to provide an alternative barrier (more aesthetically pleasing then the sheet metal fence) to buffer the residences on Aspen Road from the business section of CLS?