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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to

Former Utah Senator and one time citizen astronaut Barfin’ Jake Garn.  An unfortunate nickname stemming from his time on NASA’s KC-135 AKA the Vomit Comet. And to Oktoberfest! It started back in 1810 as a wedding ceremony. That’s a bucket load of Bock beer……
For all who came out to the EDC meeting, thanks for your participation and input. I thought the plans for Town Center looked great on the drawings. Too bad they had to factor in the blank spots at the entrance to the island. Oh well…..
It sounded like the majority of the crowd was in favor of an electronic marquee just not that model. I hope we continue to move forward. I guess that’s what it’s all about.

I hear we’ll get the scoop on the “investigation” at next Tuesdays’ Council meeting. I wonder if we’ll get the final cost of this little adventure. I wonder if we the taxpayers get to foot the bill or if the perp will be handed a bill? I wonder who will be on the ballot next May? I wonder what chairs would look like if knees bent the other way.
So our lovely City Turns the big 50 next year. What are we going to do about it? Now is the time to start planning. We need to make sure all of our citizens are aware also. By this I mean the Marinas. Watergate, Legend Point and Port O Fino.
We used to deliver the Islander to these folks. Do we still? If not Dennis, we should. Especially with the Thanksgiving Dinner coming up. And with that segue …. A Thanksgiving Story by Yours Truly. Enjoy.
We moved aboard our shiny new sailboat in the middle of the summer. Legend Point was as new as our lifestyle and our primary concerns were keeping the A/C running and the margaritas flowing. Concerns of food preparation were non-existent. The shiny new boat had a stove. It even had an oven! Heck, all the new boats came with them so they must be OK. One morning, prior to a spectacular sunrise at old Redfish came the realization that the trusty microwave lacked a major component to provide us with much needed coffee. Electricity. If we wanted coffee we had to use our shiny new stove. Our shiny new denatured alcohol stove to be precise. With a short stretch of the imagination denatured may be defined as; de; from, away, opposite, un and; nature (d) natural. Unnatural works well here. What else can produce a flame that takes all morning to boil two cups of water? With the flash point of curtains being relatively equal to the boiling point of water it’s pretty much a foot race to the coffee. And the smell!
A few month and as many new curtains later we graduated to full-fledged live aboards and were progressing nicely towards cruiser-wannabes. Along with that maturity came the accepted use of our three burner, fully gimbaled, 214.3 pound, stainless steel  hand warmer. By fall we mostly had breakfast down pat and the coffee adventure was but a distant memory. She would start cooking the bacon and I would run up to league city to get coffee and a paper. The bacon went in the microwave and the eggs were usually ready to flip when I got back. Biscuits were still a crapshoot as our mastery of the black arts had not yet extended to the oven section. It was so small that the biscuits would expand upwards to and through the upper rack. Forcing the biscuits back through the rack for purposes of ingestion would never, ever be worth the effort. I pray I will never be that hungry. Needless to say we ate a lot of toast. Yes, from a tent toaster. As all new home owners do, we looked forward to our first Thanksgiving in our new floating palace. It was that moment, November 4th, 1984 , that it dawned on us that we needed to hone our cooking abilities in order to meet the upcoming challenge of Thanksgiving. Calling on our collective experience we set to the task of planning a feast for two. When the green beans were under control and the stuffing was scheduled for stove top time we set upon “the bird”. We realized that this would take some planning and with paper and pencil we arrived at the following.
WHEN 1hr/lb = 12 lb = 12hr
IF C2H60 (alcohol) = heat
THEN 1lb ¹ 1hr ¹ 12lbs ¹12hr
BUT 1hr » 3 oz » 5h 20min /lb »12pounds » 64hrs ± 1 Day
Now, intentionally having a fire on your boat while you go to work is bad, very bad. Your neighbors will not like you. This means you can only cook when you are home (24hr((day))-9h((work))=15h ((non working)) having an unattended fire on your boat while you sleep or shower is another really, really bad idea. Your next of kin and your ex neighbors will not say good things about you. Posthumously. So, (15h((non-working))-10h-((sleeping, personal hygiene and misc.)) = 5hr so calculating non sleep, non working time to cook your turkey means you need to start cooking the bird on veterans day because it will take two weeks to cook a bird that Houdini couldn’t get in our easy bake over from Oz. All you newbies out there feel free to write this down. We needed a plan B.
Okay, obviously we needed a smaller bird, but where in the name Saint Elmo were we going to find a turkey that small. Unnatural thoughts filtered through my mind, causing a shudder. Thoughts from a three mile island Day-Glo bi product to a U.S. Navy, turkey like, loaf of pale, compressed mystery meat.  On to plan C.

Plan C found our still new stove slightly modified. With only a Saturday and a little flesh from my right hand donated to the effort the middle rack was successfully removed from our oven. While the biscuit issue had apparently been resolved our ability to find a turkey that was about the size of a cordless phone was in doubt. I still maintain that a turkey that small is a pigeon. A squab by any other name…. We were on our way back to the boat with turkey number three, a cut little butterball we could call our own, when disaster struck. While attempting to navigate around the piling at the head of our finger pier the butterball managed to work his way between me and the piling. Faster than you could say giblet gravy I was voted off the pier. That’s right, a dead, mostly frozen turkey pushed me in the water. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Which brings me to D. Being a live aboard in several local marinas means you are a citizen of the drop dead gorgeous little community of Clear Lake Shores. Yep, the Official Yachting Capitol of Texas. Up front it doesn’t really mean a lot but there is a lot of subliminal good stuff to take advantage of. We all make the most of our relaxation with the big difference being our land dwelling citizens schedule their event on a regular basis, did you know that for less than Luby’s charges for a Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings you are a short dingy slash bike ride away from a veritable turkey day feast. That’s right, on November 11th for the paltry sum of 8 dollars you can get a real home cooked Thanksgiving dinner and meet some new neighbors. For more information talk to any civic club member. The best part is you don’t have to stink up your boat.
Happy Thanksgiving and See you around the island.


Jim Adams said...

Big Bro: Not sure which EDC meeting you were at last night but there was certainly not a ' favor of an electronic marquee just not that model' at the meeting that I attended. Except you and maybe one other person, the attendees were vehemently opposed to an electronic marquee of any kind. Maybe you were in the bathroom when all that was going on? The overriding impression was that a bright marquee would intrude upon the feeling of calm that comes over us as we cross the bridge from the real world onto our little island, which we all cherish. Besides, we get all our info here.

I would have sent this to you offline, but I know from previous experience that trying to get you to publish a retraction is like banging my head against a wall. Love ya!


Bryan said...

Jim - it musta been the apple juice.......I gotta agree with you on this one. I remember hearing very few, if any, people speak in support of an electronic sign. I am all for a new sign. However, it needs to fit the style of the building it sits in front of. How about a retro looking sign like the ones that used to be in front of movie theaters? And manual letters are fine. Why not let the landscape architects or lighting design firm we are using for the Town Center design one special for us and have it built? The other point is: why is this an EDC expenditure anyway? Where does this aid economic development? Please don't tell me we were planning to scroll ads across it? If that is the case I am definetely opposed to the plan. We do not need to introduce advertising in front of the clubhouse. If we need a new sign then the city should pay for it, in my opinion.

craig said...


I have asked myself that same question. How does the EDC have athority to spend money on a sign? They may have athority and we might be wrong but I don't think we are. Can someone explain? If you say it was because you were going to run ads, please sign as anon. I like our EDC and don't want to now who would even consider doing that. Hopefully someone can respond and explain the athority thing.

Keep up the good work EDC. Most of us appreciate you.


craig said...

I wasn't there last night as I remembered the meeting at 9 last night and I forgot to ask in my last post, did the EDC listen to the Citizens and then vote based on what the majority of the citizens wanted? If so, what a concept. Tami, Jackie, Arlene are you paying attention. That is how you behave when you are doing things that effect the entire city. Allan, how many more days untill the election?

ab said...


Suzanne said...

Yes, Craig, the EDC LISTENED TO THE PEOPLE that were in the room and the elec. sign is no more.

I liked the picture of what Tony passed around if it could be adapted with manual letters (versus elec.). So the kids can't mess up the letters perhaps a non glare plastic cover and a lock could be installed. The top sign matches our other oval ones and I believe the new entrance sign.

I am in favor of the city buying it.