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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to

John! Or Salty John as he is known throughout the blogosphere. Melindas’ dad to most, Wyatt’s calls him GD. Carols’ husband, Tom and Annie’s little boy Johnnie. Joan’s Son in law. Mr. Schofield or Sire to me. Accomplished sailor, recognized author and maritime blogger extraordinaire. Happy Birthday John. See you in a few more weeks! We’re already planning the party.  PS. That's a link to his blog over there --->

Don’t forget the Civic Club Meeting Tonight. Potluck dinner and all

Heads Up. The good folks at Watergate Marina are on board so if you have something of interest to our water-born friends let’s get it out here. And Like wise I will be posting Watergate related info so try to keep up. We need some ideas on how to get the Marina in on next years’ National Night Out fun……Mr. Mayor? Any Ideas?

Here’s the latest pic of Eric’s latest project. The boy has a gift.

Just when you thought things were returning to normal you hear that certain council members are auditing all of Pauls’ city related credit card receipts.  WTF. What are you really expecting to find? Didn’t we just pass a city audit? Wasn’t one of our own even commended for said audit? For the love of GOD quit wasting our money on this expedition. If something was amiss it would have become apparent by now. Is this what you want your political leagacy to look like? “Didn’t do a damn thing but piss people off” Are we as a city in that perfect place and have nothing else to do? I personally don’t care if he bought lunch for the staff. What happened to The Town Center that you were told to proceed with? I still see vacant lots and it’s been three years. Where are all the trees we were told you wanted to replant? Do something positive for a change.


Suzanne said...

In my opinion, what some of the council members are trying to do is a textbook example of a witch hunt. I betcha nothing was revealed in the 17k investigation so they are digging their hole deeper. I want to know how the audit is being handled. Was another firm hired? Didn't they announced to the public the cost would be approx. $8K back in July and we would know the results in Aug. What if we do not get the results at the CC on Oct 18th? Can we declare CC is an out-of-control train and present the case to the authorities again? Our patience is running on empty, at least mine is.

I will be rather upset if Paul (on the city's dime) did not take the staff to lunch to celebrate Karen's newly acquired certification. And I hope it was Cullen's!

Suzanne said...

As far as the shade trees go I believe planting them during a drought is not the wisest thing to do since we are suppose to be conserving water. This has been a special project of Paul's for some time and I question if the company may have advised waiting until next year.