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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


WOOHOO! How about that cold front?! About time. It was a tad chilly on the ride in this morning but I am not complaining. It was like a breath of fresh air. Looks like this long hot summer is about to call it quits. Just in time for the In-Laws to come and visit!

Got a Squivot update. Looks like Mark and Sue traded up to a newer coach. Check it out at the link on the left.

Speaking of links if you have one you feel needs to be over there à let me know. That’s what this blog is for, to get the word out.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….
Anybody surprised? Raise your hands if you were. For the one or two of you who weren’t at the City Council meeting last night here’s a recap. There was one issue addressed for not following procedures. See paragraph 4. If you read the whole thing you’ll pick up a pattern ” The investigation tended to disprove the allegations….” So what else is new. There was a renewed call for a resignation and one call for an apology for and from  Councilman Perkins. Don’t hold your breath. Again what else is new. You’d think a $60K spanking would be enough to adjust ones focus on the job. Apparently not. Maybe the hunt through the city credit card receipts will turn up round trip tickets to Vegas. Or not. What a waste……

City of Clear Lake Shores
Summary Investigation Results
* *For Public Release* *

On July 11, 2011, the City of Clear Lake Shores received a complaint from Councilmember, Tami Perkins, regarding a variety of matters that principally concern nepotism in the police department of the City of Clear Lake Shores. The City Council retained the law firm of Davidson & Troilo, P.C. to conduct the investigation of the allegations made in the complaint. The investigators provided a report to the City Council and made several recommendations.
The investigators found that there was a genuine and good faith perception among many officers that Tina Shelley was favored within the department and received special treatment as a result of being Paul Shelley's wife. The investigators did not fmd clear evidence that she in fact received special benefits as a result of her marriage. - The investigators did not fmd clear evidence that other officers in the department were treated unfairly as a result of nepotism within the department.
Currently, the City does not have a policy that prohibits nepotism. State law prohibitions were not, in the investigators' view, applicable to Paul Shelley. As a result, promotion of Tina Shelley did not violate City rules or state law. The investigators recommended adoption of a nepotism policy that applies to all city employees that is at least as strong as the state law. Rules against nepotism are advisable to prevent the perception of preferential or unfair treatment within the workplace.
The investigators reviewed particular terminations, resignations and other adverse employment action that were outlined in the complaint. In all but one matter the investigators found that the investigation tended to disprove the allegation of misconduct. In one instance the investigation tended to support the reported facts but the conduct did not appear improper substantively. Procedurally, the investigators found that in this instance that the City's rules and state law were not followed by Paul Shelley and Kenny Cook.
The complaint raised issues about whether there was disparate treatment within the department concerning attendance. Although the officers perceived that some officer's absenteeism was treated more favorably than others, the investigation tended to disprove the allegation of misconduct.
Officers reported many of their concerns that they had about unfair treatment in the department to Kenny Cook. These concerns were not brought to the City Council's attention until the complaint was brought by councilmember Tami Perkins.
Since the time that the complaint was made, Tina Shelley resigned her employment. Paul Shelley subsequently resigned as Chief of Police. Kenny Cook was appointed as the interim Chief of Police. All officers who voiced complaints who are still with the department said the department's morale has significantly improved since the changes in management.
Issues were raised in the complaint concerning payment of wages. The investigation tended to disprove the allegations of misconduct. Issues were raised in the complaint concerning pay advances. The investigation tended to disprove the allegations of misconduct. The investigators recommended that the City Council consider adoption of a written policy on pay advances including rules and procedures that would apply to such advances.
Issues were raised in complaint concerning document destruction, tampering or alteration. The investigation tended to disprove the allegations of misconduct. During the investigation it was discovered that other records were missing. The investigation yielded insufficient information to either prove or disprove the allegation of misconduct regarding the missing records. A copy of the missing records has since been provided by a third party.
The investigators recommended that issues pertaining to the evidence room be further investigated. At the request of Kenny Cook, Galveston County Sheriff’s Department reviewed these matters. The evidence has been accounted for from the evidence room. Improvements in the evidence room procedures are advisable.
The investigators made the following recommendations:
The City adopt a nepotism ordinance with the type of limitations and prohibitions that are included in the state statute. It should be made applicable to all City employees.
The City Council should implement a hotline for employees to report any concerns on an anonymous basis.
The City should amend its ordinances so that it is dear and unambiguous that the Chief of Police reports directly to the City Council and not to the City Administrator.
The investigators recommended that any significant personnel actions within the police department be addressed with the City Council prior to taking place, absent a situation that necessitates immediate action prior to' the next Council meeting. The City Council should obtain reports on a monthly basis as to personnel action that has taken place in the police department and the City, including resignations. The City Council should review the provisions on how authority is delegated between the City Council, City Administrator and Chief of Police to insure proper checks and balances.
The City Council should consider whether to pass a policy to allow city employees to have pay advances.
All City employees should have annual ethics and harassment training.
The elected officials of the City Council should be required to be trained following election and every year thereafter concerning roles and responsibilities as an elected official, ethics issues, harassment and related matters.

The Perfect Husband

Several men are in the locker room of a golf club.  A cellular phone on a
bench rings and a man engages the hands-free speaker function and begins to
talk.   Everyone else in the room stops to listen.
 MAN:   "Hello"
 WOMAN:   "Hi Honey, it's me. Are you at the club?"
 MAN:   "Yes."
WOMAN:   "I'm at the store now and I found this beautiful leather coat.
It's only $2,000.  Is it OK if I buy it?"
 MAN:   "Sure, go ahead if you like it that much."
 WOMAN:   "I also stopped by the Lexus dealership and saw the new models.
I saw one I really liked."
 MAN:   "How much?"
 WOMAN:   "$90,000."
 MAN:  "OK, but for that price I want it with all the options."
 WOMAN:   "Great! Oh, and one more thing.  I was just talking to Janie and
found out that the house I wanted last year is back on the market.  They're
asking $980,000 for it."
 MAN:   "Then make an offer of $900,000. They'll probably take it. If not,
we can go the extra eighty-thousand if it's what you really want."
 WOMAN:   "OK. I'll see you later!  I love you so much!"
 MAN:   "Bye! I love you, too."
 The man hangs up.    The other men in the locker room are staring at him
in astonishment, mouths wide open.
 He turns and asks,  "Anyone know whose phone this is?"


SPorter said...

Since we paid for this Report, is there a way to get access to the complete written Report?

Thanx ... SPorter

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this Pink Party person is staying anon.for fear of relaliation of Tammy as she did with Paul, Tina and Craig W.

It is sad we can't put this behind us. Did I hear Tami right? Did she say bring it on? Okay, we can do that. If she would have made a sincere apology it would have helped the climate of CLS. But instead another negative path...

Thank you guys,for moving forward with another sign campaign.Bright, bold pink letters with Tammy,RESIGN.

Thank you, Al, for showing your leadership once again. I value you. When we look at the harm done to the Shelley's, the community, the police dept. and the waste of time, resources, energy and the final bill of $100,000, you were the only one on council to man-up. I expect the others to do so next. I cannot imagine what being on council has been like for those that want the best for this community. We need to find more people like you to run next election.

Could morale in the police dept. be better now due to all the bad-mouthing negativity, and finger pointing, child-like behaviour coming to an end? How bad was it that Denise could not have approached Paul or Vern with her concerns. Both men are very approachable.Is a hot-line needed? Really? What about anon. letters submitted? Meetings could be conducted. Communication is one key to a positive working atmosphere. Some negative turns were made that cost us so much.

Don't get me started on listening to disgruntled, fired ex-cops. A negative path was taken by Tami.
She sure got her rocks off taking that path.

At least her buddy, wm Young is no longer around. Oh, wait, it took a restraining order to keep him away. With all the candidates running for Gal. Cnty Sheriff, there is no way he has a chance in hell of winning.

How many days do we have until the next election?

Michelle said...

Is there seriously any way that we can hold Tami Perkins accountable? Can the city sue her, since Paul had said he wouldn't as part of his resignation clause? Or can we at least MAKE her resign, since she's too pompous to do so on her own? Even with everyone telling her repeatedly, she still has no idea the amount of damage she has done to this community, and she refuses to see past her own arrogance and admit any responsibility whatsoever. If she is incapable of owning up to anything on her own, than I think the citizens ought to have the right to terminate her position. We have no other protection from her insanity and we still have 210 days left with her in this position of misguided power-look what she's managed to do in the past 210 days already!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Crystal Rose said...

It seems to me when making this kind of allegation you should have the courage to stand up for it without hiding behind anonymous. These are very strong accusations to make against someone!

Anonymous said...

I asked Allan to remove the nasty anon. comment.The anon button has a lot of purposes but not to slander someone. Let's see which snake is low enough to stoop to such a comment... William Young can't be too happy with the investigation's results. Maybe he didn't like being mentioned. Yep, he has the potential to go that low. Denise can't be too happy with the results either. Sure hope it is not Kenny Cook.

So the volunteers for the Thanksgiving dinner numbers are low. Maybe Tammy could take a shift or two with Jackie. Could it be some people did not join this year since Kathy McIntyre was hoovering over Arlene's sign up on the 4th? Maybe Dennis and his new girlfriend could take several shifts, too. Maybe some people were disgusted by him divorcing his sweet wife for the new gal. I know there are many, many people that were appaulled,at Tina's retirement, at the abusive way he talked to his ex-wife. Verbal abuse doesn't do it for me. Can't speak for others.

I will try to eat lunch there that day, but not going to volunteer.

ab said...

To the eterrorist that left the drive by bomb. I will not allow you to hide behind your burkha in my world. I welcome most comments here warts and all and this is only the third time I have exercised my editorial power. And I don't like to do that. But when people post shit like that on this blog it makes my neck hurt. If you don't have the onions to stand by your statements then your options are a) hike up your skirt and show a little self control or b)troll another blog. Why in the name of God would you live in a place you don't like? Please, do this island, and Gilligan, a favor and go find another island.

Adelia said...

PLEASE do not let this controversy carry over into the wonderful things we do on this island like Thanksgiving dinner. I will not be in town but would volunteer if I could. If we allow this city council problem to carry over resentment into civic club and other things we let them win again. I will reconsider Florida if there is nothing here but bickering and this lovely community falls apart - believe it or not I don't live here because I love brown water! Until then I will strive to help this community heal and bond. Family doesn't always get along but we should always support each other like family.

Anonymous said...


Well said. To boycott this long held, community tradition because of a handful of dumb asses is rediculous. The kids love Thanksgiving Dinner at the club house as they run around and play and this mess sure isn't their fault. It has always been like being with your family. We can't let it fade away. Please folks step up and keep this going. Where are all of you new folks? Get involved its fun. In my opinion Tami, Jackie and Arlene under the direction of their handlers have torn this place apart. In some ways this is worse than Ike. For the most part, thanks in no small part to Paul, we recovered from Ike amazingly fast. The damage caused by Hurricane Tami is going to take much longer if we don't keep up our traditions and spirit. Many stomped their feet and went home mad because the Town Center wasn't going as they desired. We didn't vote and we got Tami Jackie and Arlene. Now some want to stomp their feet and boycott our longest running tradition. History repeating itself. Raise your hand if you think Kathy, Bernie, Jackie, Tami, Jean or any of their clan will be helping.

Craig W