Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Clear Lake Shores is probably one of the best kept secrets in the entire Bay Area. Yes we are an island. We are surrounded by Clear Lake, Jarbo Bayou and the Lazy Bend canals. Plug this in to Google Maps and you'll see what I mean 29.32' by 95.01' We are about half way between Galveston Island and the city of Houston and located in north Galveston county. I will try to keep us up on all the goings on that we can walk, boat, bike or drive our golf carts to. Very few things pi$$ me off but one of them is wasting my precious time. I'll try not to waste yours. Enjoy. ab

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Good morning everybody! Here’s a heads up from the Civic Club. The annual Thanksgiving Dinner is scheduled for Saturday November 12. Not only is this THE premier event for the Island and the Club it is the Civic Clubs biggest fund raiser for the year. It is grand time ot say the least. The Club House has never smelled so good. In the past we have cooked and served over 300lbs of some of the biggest Turkeys I have ever seen and all the fixin’s you can imagine. And wait till you see the dessert table. AS much fun as this always is it simply cannot happen without the volunteer army that makes the club happen. That Ladies and Gentlemen is you. I’m not smart enough to attach the volunteer signup sheet here so Please check your email for the list. I will send it out shortly. Please reply to  Elaine Sokoloff or Dennis
Here’s one for the long time islanders,  anybody have any idea how long the club has been doing this? Susan P? Betty? Buzz?

Thanksgiving Dinner __November 12, 2011____

Schedule Volunteers Needed  Name

Week before Pick up Food License  
the event in LaMarque  
Monday before Be sure kitchen is clean!  
the event Check with City Administrator   
Wednesday  Make turkey stock (vol @ home) Janna Derry
before event (cook wings, legs, livers with need two more
(3 stock pots) celery, onion, whole carrots people
  salt & pepper to taste.  Strain  
  & put in zip loc bags.  Cut up meat)  
  Make Cornbread (at home) Jan Finnerty
    Sally Jenkins
    two more people to
    make cornbread for
    the dressing
Thursday Cooks  
10am - 2pm    
possible time change Make cranberry sauce need at least four
to later in the day (see recipe) people for four
  (pour into pans, set overnight) hours
  Cut onions & celery Janet Schibb
  (put in zip loc bags)  
Friday Drain Yams need at least two or
9 am - 1 pm (put yams in zip loc bags in three people to 
  refridgerator) help with the yams,
may be able to make  Make Syrup  and make the syrup
syrup early evening  (see yam recipe)  
  (ok to leave syrup on stove  
  Saute onions & celery Patty Perry
  Pan fry bacon & sausage Dave Chambers
  Peel, cook & mash Potatoes Allen Cruthirds
  (put in aluminum pans, cover & Charles Shiver
  refridgerate) Wayne Pittman
    Howard Jenkins
    two more here
possible time change Open Green Beans Allen Cruthirds
to later in the day (put in stock pots on stove to cook Dave Chambers
  early on Saturday morn)  
Friday Drain stock & cut up Turkey need at least two or
1 pm - 4 pm   three people here 
may be able to do in Put cranberry sauce in portion  
the evening cups  
  Make Dressing Arline Laughter
    Helle Brown
Anytime on Set Up Volunteer Tables  
can set these up in  Coffee & Tea table  Chris Richardson
the evening Dessert Table Dave Chambers
  Ticket Table possibly one more
  Merchandise Sales Table (may not set up) person here
Midnight - next Cook Turkeys  
Morning (the cooks will buy the turkeys Bryan Hoerner
  and the spices) Glen Dowell ?
    Allen Batchelor ?
Saturday Cooks  
7 am - Noon    
  Cook Yams Pam Zuteck
  Make Gravy  need three to five
  (see recipe) more people here
  Put Rolls Out on Saturday morning
  Set up Steam Table to do all this in time 
    to begin serving
  Put Bacon in Green Beans & Season  
  Set out butter for rolls  
  Set out cranberry sauce  
  Carve/Pull turkey Dave (dottie's beau)
9:30 am - 10:30 am Turkey puller need at least three
10:30 am - 11:30 am Turkey puller to six people here
11:30 am - 12:30 pm Turkey puller  
Noon - 3 pm Next Shift Cooks  
  Back up Food need at least two
    people here
  Help keep kitchen clean  
9:30 am - Noon Coffee & Tea Table need at least one 
  Make coffee, tea or two people here
  Cut lemons  
  Put out ice  
  Put out sugar, sweet & low  
  Put out spoons, cups  
10 am - 11:30 am Ticket Table Jan Finnerty
10:45 am - 12:30 pm Ticket Table Chris Richardson
12:15 pm - 2 pm Ticket Table Pam House
  ticket sales  
  money box  
  plates, napkins, silverware  
11 am - 12:30 pm Dessert Table Jinx Manning
12:30 pm - 2 pm Dessert Table Chris Richardson
  plates, forks, napkins  
  to go boxes  
  money box  
Saturday Steam Tables  
10:00 am - 12:30 pm Serve, help keep tables clean need at least four
12:30 pm - 3 pm   people for each shift
Saturday Wait Staff  
10:30 am - 1 pm   need at least two 
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm   people per shift
2 pm - 5 pm Kitchen Clean up  need at least six 
    people here
  everyone to help!  
The Bay Area News is posting an e-Waste pickup event check it out here. It’s Nov 5 at Space Center Houston.

Thanks to T.J. Aulds and the GCDN for running what , please dear God, will be the end of this fiasco. Not that I’m saying there won’t be others but hopefully this one is over with.

Officer Barton are we good?
“For three days after death, hair and fingernails continue to grow but phone calls taper off. -- Johnny Carson”


Anonymous said...


In response to Adelias post on yesterdays blog:

Well said. To boycott this long held, community tradition because of a handful of dumb asses is rediculous. The kids love Thanksgiving Dinner at the club house as they run around and play and this mess sure isn't their fault. It has always been like being with your family. In some cases that may not be a good example, but ya'll know what I mean. We can't let it fade away. Please folks step up and keep this going. Where are all of you new folks? Get involved its fun. In my opinion Tami, Jackie and Arlene under the direction of their handlers have torn this place apart. In some ways this is worse than Ike. For the most part, thanks in no small part to Paul, we recovered from Ike amazingly fast. The damage caused by Hurricane Tami is going to take much longer if we don't keep up our traditions and spirit. Many stomped their feet and went home mad because the Town Center wasn't going as they desired. We didn't vote and we got Tami Jackie and Arlene. Now some want to stomp their feet and boycott our longest running tradition. History repeating itself. Raise your hand if you think Kathy, Bernie, Jackie, Tami, Jean or any of their clan will be helping.

Craig W

October 20, 2011 9:31 AM

Adelia said...

Reading the report in the Galveston Daily news I am horrified that Tami still feels justified and "couragous". She states we now have a more efficient police force -WHAT - in what way? Are we now so efficient we will save 80,000 to pay for this witch hunt. I am trying not to be angry and move on in a healing direction knowing I will be paying more attention next election but Tami keeps talking so my blood pressure keeps rising!!!

Roselyn said...

I think Sue Davis started this Thanksgiving tradition. She and her husband owned the now Bill Commee house on Pine. I think she lives on Pine or Oak but closer to the front of the island now. She would always put a ton of sage in her famous stuffing. I think Sandy Drake was mayor then. Buzz would know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think it startd before then. Gorge was Mayor when I got here and it was going on I believe. Sandy Kessler might remembr. Since we are 50 next year it would be good to trace it back and try to determine when the first Thanksgiving actually took place. I remember Buzz's wife running it for years maybe she could help.


Suzanne said...

There is NO WAY in hell Tami wrote what went to TJ Aulds since we all know she cannot write.

Consequences for their actions are needed. Only the residents can attempt to hold them accountable.

Has anyone heard from Sandy Kesseler? I was concerned she did not show at CC, especially since she asked to be the 1st speaker.

Adelia said...

When I went to put together my time machine of clear lake shores golf cart decorations I was amazed at how few pictures of Clear Lake shores there are on the internet from days gone by. I sure would like to see us collect old pictures and put them on the website for the 50th.

Anonymous said...

The department is now “positioned more efficient, effective and will be run with the integrity and high standard expected of a law enforcement agency,” Perkins said in an email to The Daily News.

I would bet almost anything she didn't write that paragraph. Her handlers probably wrote it for her. What the hell does she know about what is efficient and effective in a police dept from what I have heard she couldn't even run a grammer school PTA and she clearly can't keep up at CC meetings but now she is an expert on the efficiency and effectiveness of Police Depts? Give me a break.

Prove me wrong Tami. Please elaborate on your statement and let all of us know exactly how the Dept is more efficient and effective after the changes. I would also like to know how you are so sure it is now more efficient and effective as it has only been a couple of months since the change. Lastly, I must have missed something because I didn't ever see any complaints or accusations questioning the lack of efficiency or effectiveness. Can you do that for us Tami can you explain the statement you allegedly wrote? You and your handlers seem to be changing paths since your Money draining investigation didn't pan out. Now your claiming the Dept wasn't efficient or effective? I call BS and ask you to eloborate (that means go into more detail) on your statement.

Councilwoman Tami Perkins said she did the right thing in meeting with officers and conducting her own investigation before bringing the concerns before the council.

No it was absolutely the wrong thing to do. Either 90% of us are wrong or the 5 or 10 citizens that support you, who didn't even bother to come to the meeting, are wrong. Im going with the 90%.

And no Tami we didn't ask for the investigation as you said at the meeting. Read your own Damn words you admit you started it on your own. Which if not illeagle is certainly unprofessional and unethical. We elected you to one seat on council which obligates you to report any problems to other council members and the Mayor, not as a renegade private investigator which you are not licensed to be.

I made a comment about something at the meeting and one of the officers turned to me and told me I didn't understand because I didn't HAVE to work there. I have no problem with any of our officers, they do a good job as far as I can tell and he was right I don't understand the story from their point of view but I do think I understand how things like this are supposed to be handled and Your way Tami was way out of line. I also know nobody HAS to work anywhere. If you don't like what is going on where you work You follow proper procedures to try and resolve the problem and if it doesn't work out and you are still unhappy, you move on and sue if you feel the need. You don't go underground behind everybodys back with a seated councilman. Just my opinion.

Tami I am sure we are all anxiously waiting for you to go into detail in your OWN WORDS how the Dept is now more efficient and effective. Your depth of knowledge on this subject I am sure will blow us away and help us all understand why we needed to be out $60,000.00 to $100.000.00.

After all of this we are out a ton of money with more xpenses to come, we lost Tina and Paul, the Island has been in turmoil, and a huge majority of the citizens are pissed off about what has happened

TJ, stand by If Tami responds it should be a hoot. Don't hold your breath though I don't think she can or will explain the comment. After all as she has explained in several cc meetings, "she doesn't have to listen to us"

Tami, Please Resign

Craig W

Roselyn said...

Just in case anyone did not see the article in today's Galveston Daily News by Auld, it is excellent and here is the link. Be sure to see the comments by law enforcement people that know Paul.
Thank you T.J. Auld for the other side of the story. I am still in wonder why you are the only person Tami Perkins will talk to, she doesn't talk to the citizens of Clear Lake Shores.

Roselyn said...

I hope folks reading the Galveston Daily News know that Tami does not have a job, and hasn't for many years. She was a plant worker in overalls last time she worked. She is more or less a "soccer mom". She has no clue about ANYTHING regarding an efficient business or police department. Her comments are a total joke.........By the way, where is her husband? He does not come to meetings to support her in the hot seat. Could it be she hasn't told him she is in trouble? Surely he reads the paper. Why doesn't someone who cares for her rescue her? You are going to find this hard to believe Tami, but I would be your friend and help you out of this mess if you will let me. I can be a good friend and I am closer to your age than the North Shore group. I too have been in the hot seat before and know how tough it is. Call me. (I am serious) Roselyn

Crystal Rose said...

Roselyn, you are an inspiration and I KNOW your words are heart sent, Tami do yourself and the island a favour and talk to her! God knows you need a friend here by the looks of it......