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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three Years Ago

It was three years ago almost to the hour that Jim and I got back on the Island from our evacuation to Austin. I still remember the smell. I also remember my first vision of our island once we were cleared by officer Jansen. It was Denise wasn’t it Jim? I couldn’t see down Clear Lake Road past the Club House for the downed trees. I remember saying to no one in particular that we’d be lucky to have power back by Halloween. What a screaming, stinking mess. How wrong I was. I will admit I was stunned for the first two maybe three days. Stunned. Overwhelmed. The Maestro, AKA, Chief, was hard at it and some of our neighbors had power Sunday night. What we did as a community was nothing short of earth shaking. I thank God for the Salvation Army offering up their less than gourmet fare because their canned peaches were better than anything i had. We emptied our freezers and had a city wide, block by block BBQ. We managed to stay focused and upbeat and we worked our butts off to clean the place up. I saw a lot of that at the benefit Sunday. I want to see more. 
The EDC is having a meeting tonight. You should be there to find out what they plan on spending your money on. Yep. Your money. What exactly are they doing since the Town Center isn’t moving forward LIKE WE TOLD THEM TO at the last election. I will be there in spirit but on the soccer pitch in body.
Up Close and Personal
September 14th, 2011
Kelly McGuire and Thom Shepherd
La Brisa on the Creek at 501 N. Wesley Dr. in League City, TX
This is going to be a must see show!
Come out early if you want to get some great food in the
restaurant! La Brisa has some great specials!
Doors open for seating at 7:30 pm and show begins at 8:00 pm.
Tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased on the website at
Check out Thom Shepherd's website and listen to some of his hit songs, Redneck Yacht Club
And see who sings his songs!
Political parties are a "necessary evil" of representative democracy, where combined resources are needed to get candidates elected.  In direct democracy, political parties have virtually no effect; in representative government, they have a place.  Many thought Sundown was the Town Hall meeting and it was meaningful and direct democracy– not so. In CLS, we are not in direct democracy and we do have parties – they are the Tribes.  We have three powerful parties – Caves, Romeos, and Sundowners – and a lot of fringe parties.   We look a lot like European democracies – multiple parties that are class-based.  The Caves are old and been here a long time.  The Romeos have money and their boats are in the yacht club, etc.  In addition to party cohesion, parties may also compromise in order to achieve other objectives. 
When you lose sight of the goal, those who are organized will win.  The Caves are and have – repeatedly. Sundowners, Romeos, Tindell/Aspen – whoever you are – organize!  West-enders, Parrot heads; get to it.  Form your parties and get organized.  Find your candidates.  Someone needs to start a silent people club – a 100% anonymous blog maybe. And advertise!  I want to know which parties are banding together to form a government – like in Europe.  I want to know who represents which party (tribe).  Let’s make this a long process so we can ferret out the controlling people with the sweet talk, the bald-faced liars truly representing a tribe, and those that are just plain for themselves or mentally ill.  Sun down won’t cut it anymore.  Too much drinking there to tell who only shows up only the weeks before an election.  Organized tribes are what I want.  I want tribes trading off to get candidates elected.  I want an open, organized parliamentary system in CLS.  Not one tribe controlling six out of apathy and ignorance of the system here!
A bartender is just a pharmacist
With a limited inventory


Suzanne said...

I applaud Ronnie and the EDC on the presentation this evening. The palms and lighting will add so much to the entry. As someone said the tropical feel will add to the vacation flair. It was good to see so many business owners in attendance. I wish it could be completed sooner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kudos Allan, I think as a City we did
Good 3 years ago, I would like to say thanks to you and your wife and all the other guys and the ladies of the Island for all the things that were done Sunday for a family
In need. Tina and myself noticed that your son Wyatt is growing up to be a good man like His father as he helped you clean tables as others were leaving.
Thanks for BEING YOU,
Paul Shelley

Anonymous said...

You are the ONLY chief.

Tonight Tami looked like Brune Hilda with Pinochio sitting next to her.

Anonymous said...

How many of us just roll our eyes when Tami opens her mouth. She lost any creditability long ago.

The concepts were excellent and the cave people can't stop it this time.

Anonymous said...

So many possibilities for Aspen. I see much more revenue in the future with more businesses attracted to it. Slowly but surely it will happen. Thank you EDC. Progressive and future-thinking people are to be admired.

Crystal Rose said...

I loved the new development, I can understand there will be changes to the island but progress is inevitable. With regard to island politics, it strikes me that there were some people there possibly Cave people that lacked vision and that is not good if they have some control? They just slow things down and make problems, lets hope some visionaries get voted on in the future!!!

Anonymous said...

So true, Crystal Rose. Only our council (?) members would be the ones finding fault with this progressive venture. My favorite was Tami saying she liked the old lights...give me a break. The new ones resembling masts are brilliant. We are the yachting capital of Tx. At least Jackie kept to form and kept his mouth shut. The condition of his property is such a detriment to progress. I wonder how much he would sell it for.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way you can post Ronnie's presentation online so those of us who could not make the meeting can see it?

Anonymous said...

Did Ronnie say the plans were added to the city's website? I could not locate them. Can anyone help me out here?

Ronnie Richards said...

There are some corrections required on the architectural renderings regarding the lighting appearance after dark. Once completed we will get it out. I was really amazed by the turnout of local business owners. They were all 100% in favor. The only complaint they had is it's going to take so long to complete.

Roselyn said...

I also made Debra Harper promise she would only sell that strip of land faceing Jaboe Park to Bill Comee or to me, so we dont have to be concerned about an amphitheatre going in there as Jackie got me all wound up about two years ago.

The plans looked beautiful. The area is really a small area so I think the architectural rendering may look like a larger project than it really is.

Great job Ronnie and EDC. My Joe was glad to hear that Tami liked the old lights because he and Robert Patridge literally bought and installed them twenty years ago. The new lights are beautiful and look like flying birds.

Bryan said...

Great job, Ronnie. Thanks for keeping the dream alive. If only the voting public hadn't been so deceived and flat out lied to in 2010 by the opposition we would likely have much of this already completed. It's a shame, but we will get there as honesty and hard work win out every time.

davec said...

my only concern is that moving the farmers market to the corner is going to shrink it in half! Look at the parking lot and then look at the corner lot and its about half the size!
Dave C.

Roselyn said...

Has anyone ever thought about paving more of Jarboe Park for parking and moving the farmers market there? At the benefit last Sunday there was ample parking for most of the folks that live on the island that would shop there. In the long run, I just dont quite understand using such a valuable piece of commercial real estate for a farmers market. Lots of land next to the occupied house in the park that could be paved for more parking........I was at Rice Village the other day and they have their farmer's market in the church parking lot once a week. If it is for the community it doesn't have to be on prime commercial proprty. It is established now and the folks that shop there would come no matter where it is located. Just a thought that was probably already discuss by EDC.

Roselyn said...

Brune Hilda is one word, Brunhilda
Pinochio is spelled Pinocchio

Anonymous said...

Leave the Parks natural ... if it is a trade between Beautiful Natural Parks -vs- parking and Farmers Market ... parking and Farmers Market loses.

The Parks are much more important to the look and feel of CLS.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if having an officer at Jammin' on Jarboe events is mandadory? Seems like sometimes there is an officer present, and sometimes there is not.


Anonymous said...

Turn part of the park into parking lots for the farmers market!!!!!!!! Yea good idea. Its not bad enought the traffic is a mess when they actually have a crowd. Lets bring it all onto the Island. Roselyn needs to either take more drugs or do less drugs. Does anybody know the financial status of the farmers market? Is it making money? I'm not talking about the vendors. Im talking about the market as an entity.

DavidC said...

The Farmers market was and is a non-profit organization. Its paying its bills with out help and is totally separate from CLS govt.