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Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF Y'all

I’m not even going to mention Ophelia. Of all the years not to get a storm. Oh well.

From Neighbor Pete—
 could you help pass the word.   I have about 25 sheets of plywood that have been cut to various window/door sizes for hurricane protection that I am willing to give to anyone that will come to the storeroom and pick them up.   Call me on my cell phone:   281-796-2438   Pete Carrothers

HEADS UP FOLKS!! Looks like we have dirtbags cruising our waterfront. I know a lot of y’all have water toys so take care. Sorry Bud.
From Neighbor Bud—
I don’t know why the world works the way it does, but it does.  I am certainly luckier than most so I shouldn’t complain.  I am a blessed and lucky guy. But I want to air my feelings.  If you don’t want to hear this, just skip this letter.  I realize that this is a bit selfish because there are people in the world (and Texas) with real problems that make me seem spoiled.  Still it is wrong to steal from someone.
Last night I drove my golf cart by my boat slip to notice that both of my brand new kayaks were gone.  They were a special treat to me as I only used them once. They didn’t take my canoe because I guess it had a chain instead of a bike cable.
 I bought two so that I could have a friend go kayaking with me. That was a big splurge to me. They cost me about $450 each.  I am so bummed. I had them locked with a bicycle cable to a palm tree which obviously didn’t matter.  This was in plain sight right on a major Island road….West Shore.  I just can’t believe that this happened on the Island. I saved my money to buy them and felt like I had a FREE type of recreation that I could have anytime I wanted to get out on a nice day and paddle.
I don’t know if you have ever been robbed or ripped off but the feeling in your gut is wrenching when you realize what really just happened.  I just couldn’t believe it when I saw an empty spot from where they were next to my nice park bench that I put there.  Maybe it will go next.
Tomorrow is a new day and I am a lucky man in that I have my health and my family and friends.  But I still don’t know why do people have to steal from each other??
I just thought that maybe beside my venting that people should know that we have to keep an eye on our possessions.  I am offering a $100 reward to anyone who can find them.  They are green Pelican sit on top fishing kayaks.
Thank you Lord for everything else I have and I am sorry for being so selfish.  I am luckier than most.
Bud Solmonsson


Adelia said...

Bummer Bud!!! I guess I will have to take the key out of my boat. It is always painful to have something stolen but more so on this island where we all feel so safe and rarely lock our doors. We all need to look out for each other and question things that just don't look right.

SPorter said...

Oh man ... Bud, sorry you got hit. I hope we catch whomever did it ... but if not, I hope there is a special seat in Hell waiting for the Thieves.

AB, thanx for killing anonymous ... it sure has cut down on the traffic here, but I don't miss the garbage ... now this powerful tool of yours can be even more useful ... and not be abused by cowards.

See you around ... Steve P.

Craig said...


That sucks but you still have four other kayaks. They are sitting in my backyard and are ready to go anytime you are.


Crystal Rose said...

This makes me very sad, I really hope that you get them back. I guess I thought that this kind of thing would not happen here but looks like nowhere on the planet is immune these days. Beverley