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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27th already

Anybody get a chance to sit in on Bernie's hearing yesterday?

Anybody got a stump grinder coming out soon? My Mulberry trunk needs to go away.

In case you haven't heard Wyatt scored his FIRST goal in soccer and WE WON!

OK OK Anon is gone.


Suzanne said...

Way to go Wyatt!

Bernie was not dressed appropriately for court so he was asked to leave and reschedule the trial.

Craig said...


As I was saying before I was so rudly interrupted by Anon, If the sign is the one that was on the truck the other day I vote no because in my opinion it is too gaudy. Working on the Island every day I talk to alot of folks that don't normally voice their opinions. Some have told me they feel the same way. One friend did have a good suggestion though that made sense. Put the sign at the corner on the old Oakies property. I don't know if that is possible but if we are going to have a bright sign it would fit better there than on the Island side of the bridge. No one has posted to say if the sign on the truck is the sign being considered or not. Does anybody know? I guess we will find out at the meeting.

Now that anon is gone AGAIN hopefully for good this time, maybe we can have some adult conversations without the rude and pointless comments made by the anons. Early on, in the heat of the battle many folks including me said things that in hind sight we might reconsider. Now after months have passed though we seem to still have folks acting like fools and hideing behind the anon button. I hope that anon calling folks clueless for expressing their signed opinions and the anon who posted sarcasticly about the sign being a fire hazzard were Junior High kids messing around because I don't want to believe any adult on this Island is that childish.

Now that they are gone or will have to man up and sign their names, this blog can get down to the business of solving our problems rather than entertaining these jerks.

There are alot of folks on this Island that are following what is going on but have been leary of posting because of all the nonsense. These folks, no matter what side of the coin they fall on are informed and have some good things to offer. I encourage everyone who has a thought out informed opinion or anything positive to offer to please post and sign your name. If what you are posting is true, thought out and informative we need your input. There is nothing to be afraid of. Heck Betty, Allan, Roselyn, Suzanne and I are all still alive and kicking so I am sure you will be fine as well.

Jim, I see your back. Welcome. Lezlie, Tony keep em coming. Todd where did you go? All of you sundowners, we can't all be there to hear the latest news. If you hear something worth while post away. Bernie, Kathy, Jean I may not agree with you but I would love to read your signed posts sharing your opinions. Travis, I assume you have returned to your home planet but if you return to our litle slice of paradise I wouldn't even mind reading your posts. We all need to know more about the Casino that will replace all of the homes on the Island.

In 230 or so days we need to make some serious changes. Everyone needs to express their well thought out ideas and concerns.

Allan, open ID? Isnt that a problem as well?

OK, I'll shut up


Craig said...


Do you think for one minuet that it was a mistake Bernie was dressed inappropriately? In my opinion this is just a stall tactic and he is playing games with our Court System. The only other option is that he doesn't know how you are supposed to dress to go to court. Either way this is the man representing our Island at the VFD and wants to be our City Admin from what I have heard. Either way it is rediculous.


Roselyn said...

Since I have been attending council only a few months it has been interesting to see Catherine twice approach council table before they convene to give a script to Tami and then to point out something on paper to Arline. It was also interesting to observe at EDC last Tuesday that Sowery sat on Catherine's left and occasionally asked her questions and Arline sat to her right and they exchanged comments......So rather than see on an electronic board when council meeting is going to happen, I would think the money would be better spent letting citizens see who is running the show up at city hall. I am not opposed to the sign because it would help the girls in the office, but it needs to be low key and black & white.

North Shore did not anticipate the reaction from the citizens but even still are not the least moved or concerned about the damage that has been done. We need to hold them accountable. I move to put them on TV where all can see and I wont have to pay a camera man to tape people calling for Tami's resignation.

Also, I attended the EDC meeting and being a sales person myself, the worst thing the sign company could have done was erect the sign that rolls like Kemah's sign. Guess he was trying to show what the sign is capable of, but he can program it to the max or the minimum. He said he could do subdued signs like churches and banks have. I understand from a neighbor that Tami hates lights, so those three are probably going to block anything to do with a sign. Anyway, bigger fish to fry right now. I hope we have the report today, then we will see what other lawyers are thinking.