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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's the Possums Birthday!

George Jones (not sunset Chuck) is 80 today, Happy birthday George.
Now THAT was a party! To call “Breseman, Party of 4” a success doesn’t quite cut it. We moved 114 lbs of brisket, about 125 lbs of chicken, close to 40 lbs of Pulled pork, 30+ lbs of sausage and God only knows how much beans and Potato salad cookies, cheesecake and ice cream! Amazing. Normally I would start my thank you list but the blogmaster only allows so many characters. I want to thank everyone. I mean it, If ya’ll didn’t come out and play with us Ed and Bryan and me would be laid out on a picnic table in a meat coma feeding mosquitoes. Folks, Sunday is what makes this Island special. With any luck that was a good running start at getting back to having fun and lifting the haze that has hanging around too long. I do have to thank Ed and Paula for being the “May pole”. I have to thank MJ for letting me do this. She is my Yin. Coonie, everyone knows I couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for having my back. I promise one day I will learn how to cut up a chicken. Everyone who had a cold brew needs to thank Larry. Dave and Adelia for the silent auction and last but not least remember this, it was all Sandy Kesselers idea! A special thanks to the Joe Lee’s Seafood kitchen, Suzanne, Joe Jr. and Mike for the important stuff like forks and plates. To Opus’ for first place prize in Stephanie’s Amazing Duck Race and to Our Farmers Market for raising $400.00 in their Weber raffle just for this event. When’s the last time you went up to the market? Hey, you know what, you need to thank each other. This truly was a group effort. Thanks everybody. And just when you thought I wasn’t going to tell you, you all raised over ninety three hundred dollars. Told you it was amazing.
If you dont start paying attention to the EDC you wonbe able to tell the difference between the BS and truth. Like bulldozing Tindel. It has happened before and you need to understand it WILL happen again. Go drop in, they love the company!
From the EDC
Town Center Public Meeting Set
A Design Review Presentation Workshop to unveil the Town Center landscape design developed by the architects is scheduled for 7pm, Tuesday September 13th at the Club house. At this workshop the architectural design team will present the landscape, lighting and sidewalk design concepts.
It is important that all residents, local businesses and commercial land owners attend this presentation to provide input on the design and gain an understanding of the landscape improvements planned for the Town Center.
GatorFest in Anahuac is this weekend. Anybody ever been?
Tribes author is killing me! I’ll try to keep it straight but....
Please excuse this little lesson in civics, but a lot of folks have been griping about our representatives not representing us. Direct democracy means people collectively making decisions for themselves– like the early Greeks.  With modern technology, we could do it.  But we don’t - CLS is a representative democracy and won’t change.  We elect people to represent us.  That’s because normal people would rather be partying or working. There are two competing theories of representative government.  One - these representatives listen directly to the people and vote accordingly, and Two – the representatives exercise their own judgment when making decisions.  Given things happen in Council meetings and we cannot recall our representatives; we necessarily rely on the latter theory. The US government attempts to balance both with the House being more directly representative and the Senate being more longer term and based on the wisdom of the representatives. Can’t do that here. And, no matter how much pressure is put on the population of CLS to be involved – we won’t.  We work, live life, etc.  We need our representatives.  So – how to control them?  Not by raising your voice at Council – they don’t need to listen once elected.  To protect democracy and prevent tyranny, most modern government is divided into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial; well, we messed with that and it probably made things worse.  Finally, the right to vote is the most important right citizens have. Many of us in CLS forgot all of those things; the Caves (Bug jar) did not.  They are organized and have remained so for years.  That called out the vote.  They masked their candidates.  We need to organize, build platforms, get out the vote, elect people to represent the good of the community, who can use good judgment, and messing with the balance of power does not solve too much in the end. 
FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!Except that one where you're naked in church.


Ricky B. said...

I am proud of our community! It was great to see everyone come together for common good.
Much gratitude!

Anonymous said...

And thanks to Ben Reyna for the music!

David C said...

Did anyone see the Bressman's I didn't get to meet them!

Dave C.

ab said...

OMG! Hell yeah on Senor Beans!! Sorry Ben!!

craig said...

Dave and Adelia,

When your right your right. Rudis is the best BBQ ever. On a ten scale I give the cole slaw a 2 but the chopped beef a full blown 11. My motto is if it aint spicy why eat it but even their sissy sauce blew me away. Good recomendation.


Anonymous said...


your, both times, should be you're
Rudis -- should be Rudy's
aint -- ain't
recomendation - recommendation

Many of you:
Arlene should be Arline
Sowery should be Sowrey
Tammie, Tammi should be Tami
Cathy should be Kathy (when referring to Kathy McIntyre)

from Ms. Finicky