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Friday, September 30, 2011

Here’s yer sign…

Happy Friday. You can tell summers over when 92 degrees sound nice. 

I sat in the dark Wednesday morning waiting for my left turn light. Like Bambi in high beams I was transfixed on the Kemah sign we all know and love. Picture my tongue placed firmly in my cheek. I actually felt my pupils slam shut when the ad for The White Pelican flashed on in a pastel yellow. Like most of our neighbors I think a new(er) updated and easily managed marquee would be a nice touch. I’m not against the existing marquee but something from the 20th century might be more appropriate. That said, the example, if that’s what it was, in the pickup bed the other night, ain’t it. Did I just violate the too many coma’s per sentence law? Where’s the grammar editor on this one? Anyway, I think we’re headed in the right general direction but we need more options. Much like the Town Center proposition a few years ago. I looked at the concept drawings provided by the architects and while I didn’t necessarily like those drawings I liked the concept. I told one of the architects it was too Kingwoody, Woodlandish, Friendswoodly, insert name here. I think we may be reaching a tad too readily for generic off the shelf changes. Ya know, I can only imagine what a screaming pain it must be from the EDC’s standpoint of trying to find something unique and different that will even come close to fitting in here. Then you realize that despite all your best efforts and all the time, your time, and energy you put in to make our community a better place the best you can hope for is that only half the people on this island won’t want your head on a pole. Now there’s incentive…While I’m up here, I’ve been on a committee or two. Worked hand in hand with the Civic Club once or twice and I have decided there are too many of you out there who don’t appreciate how much gets done around here by volunteers. Go look at the City’s website and you will see that every committee is looking for bodies. Hell, some committees haven’t met in months because there is no one to meet with! You love living here? Well it comes with a price tag. Do your bit. It’s time to put up or shut up. This is me stepping down from my soap box. Ronnie and Co. I will try to make it to the next EDC meeting. Let me know what I can do. And thank you all for your service.

I got my Islander last night after the rain let up. Thanks Team Crawford\Pons.
I think we can safely say it is not a hot tub it is an ornamental pond. Great picture of Pondman thanks to Ty.

Construction News:Texas Department of Transportation Preconstruction Meeting 
Birch Road Bridge at Clear Lake Shore Canal 
Meeting Date & Time: September 27, 2011 @ 10:00am 
Location: TxDOT Area Office (LaMarque) 
 Project Scope: The project includes the replacement of the existing westerly bridge facilities on Birch 
Road that crosses the Clear Lake Shore Canal. Cost to replace the bridge structure is $377,936.67. The 
project also includes the relocation of WCID No. 12’s water and wastewater utilities adjacent to the 
bridge. This work will be done by two separate contractors.  
Project Contractors: 
1. TxDOT Bridge Contractor: Aranda Brothers Construction, Inc. 
Project Superintendant – Hector Aranda 
2. WCID No. 12 Utility Contractor: Forde Construction 
Project Contact – Don Mann   
Project Schedules: 
1. WCID No. 12 Utility Relocation:  
Start Date will be October 4, 2011 
Estimated Project Duration – 30 Calendar Days 
2. TxDOT Bridge Replacement 
Tentative Start Date – November 7, 2011 (Subject to Completion of Utility Relocation) 
Project Duration – 75 Days  
Work Schedule will be restricted to Monday through Friday 7am 6pm. 

Jammin on Jarboe is Saturday That’s tomorrow, here’s the scoop.
By the way will you put on your blog that Jammin starts @ 6:00 this Saturday, the band is Spiny Norman highly recommended by Ben Reyna.

“A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.”


Roselyn said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to who ever realized the music was too loud and turned it down tonight. It is REALLY appreciated.

SPorter said...

I was at the concert ... it was set up (correctly) to aim the music away from the houses, and turned down. Still great at the pavillion, but quieter once away. Good job, Folks ... now can we do something about T-Bone Tom;s and Kemah?

Thanx ... SP