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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Be Preparred !

From neighbor Pam AND a darn good idea….
September is National Preparedness Month which includes more than just hurricanes.  With all the fires happening in the Houston and surrounding areas, Security & Fire Protection thought a fire related SATE message would be beneficial for everyone.  Even if you don't have kids, please take a few minutes to read this and realize these steps could save a life.
Food for Thought: If you only had 5 minutes to get out, what would you take with you???
Create A Step-By-Step Fire Drill
The Home Safety Council offers tips to create a step-by-step fire escape drill.
Step 1. Make a home fire escape plan.
    • First, working together as a family, draw a map of your home. On your map, find two ways out of every room, especially the bedrooms.
    • Mark where all the doors are in your home. Mark where all the windows are. Mark where all your smoke alarms are.
    • Mark the place outside where everyone will meet.
    • Next, post emergency numbers next to every phone. Help your children memorize 2 things:
    • 9-1-1 or the emergency number for your fire department.
    • The street name and number for your home.
Step 2. Test your smoke alarms.
    • Go through your home and test all the smoke alarms. If a fire happens at night, the alarms will wake you up in time to get to safety.
    • Be sure you have at least one alarm on every level of your home and inside every bedroom.
    • There are different types of alarms. It's best to have both ionization AND photoelectric alarms in your home.
    • Smoke alarms don't last forever. If yours are 10 years old or older…or if you're not sure how old they are, replace them with new alarms.
    • The Home Safety Council recommends having interconnected smoke alarms. These alarms are linked together so that if one alarm operates, they all go off at once.
    • Why is this important? If a fire starts far from where you're sleeping, the alarm nearest you will sound at the same time the one nearest the fire goes off. This gives you precious extra time to get your family members and help them to safety.
    • Make sure to put new batteries in your alarms at least once a year, or when the alarm “chirps,” signaling the power is low. Keep extra batteries on hand at all times so your alarms are always working. Choose a brand you can trust.
Step 3: Clear the way
    • If there is a fire, you may have as little as 2 to 3 minutes to get your family to safety. You have to snap into action and get out fast! Keep your exit routes clear at all times.
    • Move everything off the stairs and out of the way. Make sure all doors and windows open easily.
Step 4: Walk through the plan with every member of your family.
    • Show your children exactly what to do when the smoke alarm goes off.
    • Roll out of bed and crawl over to the door. Using the back of the hand, feel the doorknob and the cracks around the door for heat.
    • Tell your children if it feels cool, it's safe to open the door a little and peek out. If you don't see any smoke, go out the door to your meeting place outside.
    • If the space around the door feels warm it may mean fire is near the door. You'll need to use your second way out…most likely a window.
    • To exit from an upper story window it helps to have an escape ladder. Choose a model that fits your window. But don't practice actually going out from an upper floor as the risk of falling is great. Use your ladder only in a real emergency.
    • Remember, smoke rises. Teach your kids to “get low and go” if they see smoke. Bend down or crawl on your hands and knees to the nearest exit. The air will be clearer and easier to breathe near the floor.
    • Because children and older adults often sleep through the sound of the smoke alarm, they'll need help getting to safety in a real fire emergency. Assign an adult to help every member of the family who needs it. Make this part of your plan.
Step 5: Do the Drill.
    • Push the button on your smoke alarm so everyone knows the sound it makes if there is a fire. This will start your fire drill.
    • Take your cell phone or portable phone with you.
    • Have the assigned grown-ups go to each child's room. Watch them roll out of bed and crawl over to the door. Make sure they feel around the door before opening. Tell them it's cool.
    • Watch them open the door a crack and peek out. Follow them as they crouch or crawl quickly using their primary escape route out the door to the meeting place.
    • Close all the doors behind you.
    • Once you get to the meeting place, pretend to call the fire department. Ask the kids if they know what the number is. Ask them to tell you the address of your home.
    • Stress how important it is to get out and STAY OUT. Once you escape, no one should ever go back inside for any reason. The fire department has the training and equipment to go inside a burning building.
Step 6: Talk about the Drill.
    • Tell your kids what a great job they did. Reassure them that in a real fire, you will be there to help them get to safety. But it's always good for everyone in the family to know the plan.
    • If possible, run the drill again. This time, pretend the door feels warm or they see smoke in the hallway when they peek through the crack.
    • This means you'll use your second way out. Tell your kids to keep it closed. Turn on the light in the bedroom. Grab a white tee shirt of towel and kneel by the window. Wave the shirt so people can see you from outside.
    • Tell your children you will come to the room to help them out. (If you have a fire escape ladder, explain how you will use it.)
    • Keep practicing until you can be sure that everyone in your home can get to the meeting place fast -- try to get there within 3 minutes.
    • Put your escape plan on the refrigerator where everyone can see it. When guests come to visit overnight, ask your kids to talk them through the plan. Practice a home fire drill at least twice a year.
Change is an interesting topic.  Change occurs over time and in phases. It is often a series of cascading thresholds that must be overcome and is usually chaotic.  A guy named Gladwell wrote a book called Tipping Points in 2000 suggesting that once the beliefs and energies of a critical mass of people are engaged, conversion to a new idea will spread like an epidemic.  He suggests a tipping point occurs at the spot in which enough individuals adopt an idea for the change to become self-sustaining so that the idea cannot die of its own weight and that the organization cannot return to the status quo.  He proposes that a few, specific individuals are more influential than others—through networking, knowledge, and selling—at spreading trends and that “sticky ideas”—those that are memorable, practical, and personal—are more easily spread.  Leaders who create such points in their organizations rely on overcoming certain hurdles.  Cognitive and resource hurdles represent the obstacles organizations face in reorienting strategy and motivational and political hurdles prevent a strategy’s rapid execution.  Consequently if one could determine the existence of these individuals and their beliefs or motivation relative to change, it may enhance the ability to create such tipping points.  Sounds great, right?  Hard to do.  But, I think the tribes can find the people, define the change, time the hurdles.  Of course, CLS is a very complex organization being a political system with seven tribes.  But “throw the bums out” voting, relying on Sundown or Candidates Night to figure out who’s a good candidate, or thinking you have direct democracy will not work in CLS.  The Caves have been using that against the whole town.  They know their tribe, have been organized for years, and pick their candidates well.
But, guess what?  Cognitions are changing. I hope I am helping that about tribes and balance.  Resources may be marshaled – depends upon the tribes and the leaders.  Leaders are emerging – they need to know themselves and their island.  That is simple emotional intelligence.  Get to know your tribe.  Join one.  Organize.  Trade off.  Six tribes should not be dominated by one. 
Man Laws:
 22: Never talk to a man in a bathroom unless you are
 on equal footing: i.e., both urinating, both waiting
 In line, etc. For all other situations, an almost
 imperceptible nod is all the conversation you need.

 23: Never allow a telephone conversation with a woman
 to go on longer than you are able to have sex with
 her. Keep a stopwatch by the phone. Hang up if

 24: The morning after you and a girl who was formerly
 "just a friend" have carnal, drunken monkey sex, the
 fact that you're feeling weird and guilty is no reason
 for you not to nail each other again before the
 discussion occurs about what a big mistake it was.

 25: It is acceptable for you to drive her car. It is
 not acceptable for her to drive yours.

 26: Thou shalt not buy a car in the colors of brown,
 pink, lime green, orange or sky blue.

 27: The girl who replies to the question "What do you
 want for Christmas?" with "If you loved me, you'd know
 what I want!" gets an Xbox. End of story.

 28: There is no reason for guys to watch Ice Skating
 or Men's Gymnastics. Ever.

The original search engine for the
Whole Wide World


Adelia said...

Thanks Alan - something like this could save one life and would certainly be worth it! I am in Pennsylvania today. HIGH of 59!! Sorry guys I will try to bring some back with me.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on the results of the investigation. Will it be presented Tues. at CC?

Anonymous said...

Time to suck it up, Tami. You were way wrong. Admit it and move on. Stop digging when there is nothing to find.

Anonymous said...

Tami will never admit she was wrong. She will find someone to blame.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Arline will ever fess up about starting the stolen watch rumor and apologize. At least two people said she told them that story.

Anonymous said...

The folks who voted for Tami need to be blamed as much as Tami. What in the world were you people thinking? The other culprits are the folks who didn't vote at all. A guy like Allen Batchelor lost out to Jackie the Tax Evader by 2 votes, I think? Think about that for a minute and it will tell you how important it will be to have a better turnout for the 2012 election and maybe we can end this embarassing nightmare.

Crystal Rose said...

Sounds like May will not come soon enough! Just wish I could vote......I had no idea what or who the personalities were at the EDC meeting but one lady in particular asking questions was so aggressive it is hard to believe she was ever voted on to your council???? Must have been a very very low turnout..........

Anonymous said...

It was a decent turnout, but there was lots of lies and deceit leading up to it.

Anonymous said...


Please elaborate for those of us not in the loop. what lies are they spreading already. everyone needs to know the details so we can be informed

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:22 was not Travis it was me. I hit anon but forgot to sign it. I was not able to attend the EDC meeting and I have been out of the loop for the last week or more. In the past two elections alot of misinformation was spread by some of the cave pepole as well as the candidates. Many believed this misinformation and propaganda becaue nobody put out the truth and the facts to counter their attack. Now through the blog we can. Anon 319 tells us the lies and deciet are already out there but we all need to know what they are saying not just that they are saying it. If anyone hears anything that sounds like BS either put it on the blog with the facts if you know the facts or put it on the blog and let everyone know it doesn't sound right so the person who does have the facts can post and get it straight. We need to start making a list of the BS that is being spread and make sure at election time we can present the truth to everyone and stop the rumors in their tracks. The bottom line is just saying there are mistruths being spread is not enough. Everyone needs all of the details.