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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Good news and bad news. The good news is the unauthorized investigation has only cost you and me $17,000 and change. The bad news is it isn’t quite over. Do with that little tid bit what you will. There is an EDC meeting tonight at 7:00. The way I understand it is they will be going over some of the plans for improvement of the front of the Island. I hear they have some really cool lights picked out.

National Night Out is coming right up. I’m pretty sure it’s October 4th which is a Tuesday. I have herded the volunteers in the past and worked with the good folks at Target, who love to come out and play, but this year I have soccer practice. Well, not me, but you get the picture. I’m looking for someone to step up and make NNO a great memory. You can reply to the blog or track me down. I really want to get as many of our officers involved as we can. We have a lot of new faces and we need to get to know each other a lot better. It’s a good thing. I’ll help as much as you want me to.
Still no CPA’s looking for work? I guess that’s a good sign.
Tribes- Finale part II(of 6)
Now, I really have to beg your indulgence on this one – it will take some blog space.  I want to talk about control freaks representing us.  I have said that I consider most CLS residents controlling.  Most of us moved here and paid too much for our property so we could be different, escape home owners associations, violate ordinances, or just party too loud, etc.  Many of the Romeos moved away because they couldn’t beat the Caves/Sundowners, control the place, and make CLS a fine, expensive-looking, gated community – their control issues.  Control is all about self-esteem, lack of boundaries, and coping mechanisms – not stuff we want to face at this age.  Most of us don’t know we are controlling or won’t admit it.   But, control involves manipulating another person or other people in order to feel secure and worthwhile.  It’s what entrepreneurs, managers, and political office-holders do for a living. Controlling behavior comes in a couple offlavors.  Dominant control includes taking over, anger, assault, intimidation, and repetition.  Each of these categories can be broken down further.  For example, temper tantrums, tirades, character assassination, ridicule, caustic jokes, and verbal put-downs are all assaults.  Once a person has a reputation for assault and a willingness to actually attack once in a while, he/she is in a perfect position to control through intimidation.  All they have to do is look as though they are about to explode and everyone will get out of their way.  One thing important about dominant controllers is that they are the center of their world and it is always about them.  And they love affirmation – which is why so many are drawn to politics.  Are you starting to name names?
Passive control techniques include withdrawal, lying, rewriting history, deception, emotional exploitation, caretaking, crisis orientation, and entrapment.  Other tactics include false flattery, carrot-dangling (holding out rewards which won't really get paid), playing helplessness and denial.  Another is "band wagon" -- telling someone that everyone else has already agreed to the plan to get you to agree to it.  Withdrawal is used in eye contact, conversation, touch, sex, proximity, and cooperation to get your way.  A classic withdrawal maneuver is triangular or "back-to-face" communication.  Here, a person will communicate to everyone else but you.  Again, do you know these folks?  Historically, the man has been dominant and the woman passive.  This is breaking down now; but of course, this can be found in CLS.
Mahatma Gandhi, as you know, walked barefoot his whole life, which created an impressive set of calluses on his feet. He also ate very little, which made him frail, and with his odd diet, he suffered from very bad breath. This made him.... what? (This is so bad it's good...) --a super-callused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis. 

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Adelia said...

I will be home on the 2nd and might not have time to plan/organize the event but will be glad to help. I hope we have lots of our police force there especially the newer ones. I know we all like to know our officers and support them in their jobs.