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Saturday, August 13, 2011


All my Saturday chores were done and I was tired of sweating. Two rain clouds had teased us in the past hour but it just was not our turn. I had just laid down to take a little nap when I heard the thunder rumble. Please, Please, Please, Please.....then I heard that sweet music as the first drops started dancing on my carport's tin roof. Rain!  WOOHOO! I just had to go stand in it. I was not alone either. minutes later the mayor &  Kimmy drove by in their buggie. They were out playing in the rain too! It filled up both my rain barrels in minutes! It is gonna be stickier than snot in two hours and I don't care.

If you haven't heard we have some neighbors in trouble and they could stand a helping hand. I'm talking about Ed and Paula Breseman and their girls. Neighbor Sandy K sent me this document with their OK.

"When you have a little bad luck, you shrug it off and move on.  Then something else happens.  Then another thing.  But when those things keep happening,  one on top of another you find yourself buried. Then you start to wonder, “what next”, “what now.”  The Breseman Family has been plagued by bad luck for many years.  A friend once told them if they didn’t have bad luck, they wouldn’t have any luck at all.  They have been struggling in silence.  Now they have used all of their savings to pay the compounding medical bills and to re-build the house that Hurricane Ike destroyed . They are behind on their Mortgage payment, insurance payment and all utilities.  The next thing to to go will be their health care benefits. They have humbly agreed to share their story and to ask for your prayers and for your help.
How did they get to this point? When you hear the chain of events in their lives, you quickly realize that it could be your story to tell and not theirs.
After years and years without a diagnosis, Paula was finally given the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2004. Her pain was finally manageable, thanks to IV infusions and good health care coverage. But when Ike destroyed their home and wiped away all of their personal possessions and memories, things got worse. The overwhelming stress caused her condition to deteriorate and she had to quit work. After more than 15 surgeries, her pain became so unbearable. She could hardly make it out of bed each day to care for her family. As a last resort, a pump was inserted along her spine that would slowly release pain medication. Finally, she has some relief. Ed had been given the diagnosis of a debilitating auto-immune disease in 2006. Myasthenia Gravis is a neuromuscular disorder that involves the muscles and the nerves that control them. The disease has been in control thanks to a specific mix of medications and frequent doctor visits with blood work. Any additional stress could also send him spiraling downward to where he is no longer able to control the muscles that allow him to breathe.
Usually it is our parents that have to move in with us. But in their case, they had to move in with Mr. Breseman’s mother after Ike.  It was a house built for two. Four adults, two children and all the rescued furry friends that are Paula’s life long passion, lived there for almost 3 years. They have been trying to stay positive, thanking God for one another and hoping that they’ll get back on their feet soon. Finally, in January of 2011 they moved back into the “almost” finished house. Two days later Paula was fired from her Veterinary Job she held the past year for having “too many medical issues.” It just kept getting worse.
In late June, they were knocked down again. This time, Mr. Breseman had an accident that pulverized his left thumb. He went through 5 hours of microsurgery to re-attach the thumb. Ed is now out of work for several months. What about the medical bills? How can he provide for his family? How can they pay for health insurance and back to school clothes and supplies for their children? How will they continue to keep their own diseases in control? His faith and our tight knit community have given him the strength to allow a few key people to help write and publish this letter.
It could happen to any one of our families. But it has happened to the Bresemans. Never in your life do you imagine growing up, having a family and finding yourself in this position.  It isn’t what futures are made of.
If you are able to help this family,  please send your gift to Paula and Ed Breseman at 902 Cedar Road.  To put their private lives out there for everyone to read was a very difficult thing to do.  They will appreciate anything you can do."

So, Time to turn to Clear Lake Shores. We have a bona fide here and they need a little help. Time to work a little magic. For all you newbie’s out there, watch this. In times like this your Island is nothing short of amazing. Hell, once we raised a barrel full of money for a goose! 

Adelia, my love, that was the Space Station. It'll be here all week! I'm going to go find a puddle to splash in.

A good pun is it's own reword...


Anonymous said...

A lot of people don't have hard cash right now but have things laying around that could be donated to a Fund Raising Sale put on my Clear Lake Shores for this family. I know I can find clothing, fishing rods, printer and a number of other items within easy reach to donate. A good sale could raise 1000 to 5000 dollars on a Friday and Saturday. It would be nice to see how people of differing opinions can come together to safe a family without the question of what is your political view. Let us know for it would probably take approval of the Major and Council to have a special weekend for them.

Craig said...

Hello folks,

We would love to help the Bresemans. With Ryan leaving for college tomorrow we are short on cash but we are willing to offer free lawn care or any other physical chores that need doing. Let us know how we can help.

Craig, Raynel, Cameron Ward

Bryan said...

OK, let's get to work. Diana nd I would like to suggest 2 things to get started: we can sell food at the next Jammmin' on Jarboe (date?), and we can ask the Civic Club to buy the booze, but the proceeds could all go to the cause. In addition, we can start pulling together a weekend combination Garage Sale/BBQ benefit at the Jarboe Pavilion. We would be happy to help organize it.

Bryan and Diana

Adelia said...

Alan - it sounds like benefit time again!! You can count Dave and I in on anything that gets started. This tends to be done for the most part by the usual suspects. Newbes and Oldbes you won't believe the fun and bonding that we get from doing this. Don't hesitate to join in!!
Did I call the space station the shuttle again?? I do know the difference just can't seem to say it right - gettin old stinks!

Roselyn said...

I will mail them some money tomorrow. They are great neighbors that live on my street.

Roselyn said...

Looks like an interesting council meeting tomorrow night. The agenda has 3 scheduled speakers, Paul giving results of investigation into locked property room and Al proposing a new ordinance saying property taxes have to be paid to hold office. My pink shirt is ironed and ready to go!

Suzanne said...

Love the idea of a food + garage sale for the Bresemans correlated to the next Jarboe Jam. I am in.

Darn, only 3 scheduled speakers for CC? I sure hope the place in packed and they are decorated in pink.

What councilmen could possibly vote against having property taxes paid to hold office? Oh, wait - CLS has ONE that might vote against it - and it better only be ONE. Does anyone know if it can take effect immediately?

BlondeStar said...

I was just cleaning out the back room and have a small "garage sale" box ready to go. Just say where and when.

As for the rain, I was dancing, too. Took some time to get the mad scientist to finally venture out and get wet. Felt good. Rain barrels, check.

Adelia said...

We could have a silent auction at Jammin on Jarboe as well. Lots of people would buy food but would also brouse the auction items while listening to the band. Dave and I will help get donations for the auction. Garage Sale and BBQ sounds great too. We all have too much stuff!! How about an ice cream cookoff. You could pay to taste all you want - like the soup cookoff. Or have people bring their extra change and fill a large container for the family.
Just thoughts

Anonymous said...

hi, Just a quick note about the address of the Breseman family. Blog shows address as 902 - when I went there yesterday there are two mailboxes - one with 902 and next to it one with their name on it. I put an envelope in the one with the family name written on side of mailbox. Hopefully they will get the envelope. Just thought y'all would want to know there are two mailboxes side by side. Hugs, Bettie J