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Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Friday in August

Keep our neighbors on the East Coast in your prayers as Irene takes a shot at them this weekend. We’ve all been there and know what they could be facing. Hang in there folks.

Chopped with a twist this weekend so look for an play by play somethime Sunday. I wonder what the ingredients will be…
From neighbor Carlo:
I work with a women who is looking for a good home for an Australian Great Dane. She adopted the dog from a woman who was returning to Australia and cou ld not take her. Her current living situation is not ideal for the dog, and she would like to see her go to home where he has room to run.
She is a 7 year old fixed female. Very good with kids, energetic, and lovable.
 Could you please post this to your blog, so she doesn't have to take the dog to the pound? If anyone is interested they can contact Sally Silverthorn at 832-282-6478. She will deliver the dog to anyone living in the great Houston area.
Breseman, Party of 4. Will have a powwow today after work so check in tomorrow for the latest.

Have a great weekend everybody. Well maybe not everybody…..

In Mason , Texas , there is a large German-speaking population. A farmer walking down a country road notices a man drinking from his pond with his hand. The farmer shouted: "Trink das Wasser nicht. Die Kuehe haben da reingeschissen." (Which means: "Don't drink the water. The cows have shit in it.") The man shouted back: "I'm from New York and just down here campaigning for Obama’s health care plan. I can't understand you. Please speak in English." The farmer replied: "Use two hands ~ you'll get more water."


craig said...

Why are ya'll entertaining this fictional Travis person or persons. He hasn't added anything meaningful to this conversation. He just spews nonsense and brags about himself. All of my friends and family that have been in the military would never be afraid to sign their name and all military vets I know don't go around bragging about what they have allegedly done. They serve humbly and you practically have to drag this stuff out of them if you want to know about their service. Just ignore this person and move on. We will eventually find out who he/they are.

Roselyn said...

Everyone say a prayer for the Shelley family this morning. On the CLS website it says there is a special council meeting this morning and they are going to discuss in closed session the investigation.

Anonymous said...

****Allen and I don’t agree on some things but I know that he has allowed me to express my opinion on here without much interference. I believe his Blog is good for the community and that trying to cause him harm on the Job is wrong. Allen isn’t a Public Servant but is just doing this community a public service. There is a difference.

****Paul, you didn’t insult me, I just considered the source. As to your REMF, had to stop and think about that one, since I rarely heard anyone say that. Now if you were in the rear, you probably heard it a lot and I leave that to your expertise.

****Craig, there isn’t one brag or fact on here about by career or what I did in the service. I stated a few facts to support my knowledge that Vernon Johnson was a liar about attending an AIT School. Every Soldier starts out in a Recruiter’s Office and with an AIT School but the at the end of your career you will probably be something more or less depending on how you soldiered.

As to asking you to join us, that was an open invitation to come meet and greet those Soldiers. I gave everyone the location and time so they could come. You seem to take it as an insult rather than an opportunity to show those Soldiers and their families your support for what they have given. You missed a great opportunity if you weren’t there today.

As to who I am, I am a private citizen, a voter, a neighbor, a friend to some and a concerned resident who has watched a pack mentality attack Board Members for bringing out the point that something is wrong in the leadership of CLS. By asking for an independent investigation they were verbally and to some extend physically attacked. Why? When we have Politicians stand up for their constituents and questioned those in Office of their intentions, why does this cause a feeding frenzy and the apparent need to personally attack rather than looking at why it was brought to our attention and why the Politician would take the suicidal path to destruction for raising a question against the establishment. Look at the abuse our Board is enduring and worst yet look at Washington.

Suzanne said...

Craig, - I agree to ignore Travis. I skip his posts because life is to precious to give an ounce of energy to the dark side.

Roselyn - Thanks for the information about the closed session today. If anyone hears the results of the investigation please post a brief summary. Certainly there will be access to a conclusion/ results document the citizens can read. I also hope we hear the total of the final bill paid for the document.


Anonymous said...

Vernon Johnson is a pathological liar and yet has been more truthful than many if you listen and read what he said. It started for me in this article in the Chronicle dated the 19th of April 2007:

Vernon Johnson (He) added: I really wish the subject would drop…. I’ve made errors and mistakes in my life. If this is a mistake, I apologize, because our community newspaper is just a community newspaper. I was under that impression… I didn’t think that anybody was going to say, “Hey, we’re going to make sure this is exactly right. Of course, I have no problem with being honest.”

With this statement and the knowledge that Vernon Johnson held no degree from UCLA or a master’s degree in business from Oregon State the Voters, who voted or didn’t vote, started his political service as Mayor of CLS in May of 2007.
Now, four years later, Vernon Johnson makes another statement about having attended the Defense Language Institute in Presidio of Monterey California. In the same Article in April of 2007 he is quoted as having served in the Navy during 1967 through 1969 at least. I knew his statement was a lie about DLI when I read it and gave him an opportunity to retract it. Vernon Johnson chose not to. I found his Social Security Numbers in public records, yes two different numbers, and submitted those numbers to the Navy to verify whether or not he had served in the Navy but also in the Military. The answer came back today from the Navy, “No”. The Board needs to request Vernon Johnson, Mayor, to produce his DD-214 or to retract his statements of Military Service.

Anonymous said...


98A vs 11B/11H. DD214 ready for your veiwing anytime I am home sir.

Paul Garner
827 Cedar Rd.

Roselyn said...

I swung by and got a little info in the parking lot......It was all a bunch of BS aimed at Tina. Tami and Jackie left when the gavel struck the desk. The others and investigator left about 30 minutes later. I guess we wait for the official report now.

DaveC said...

I'll bet travis doesn't live on the island. Like one poster said. "He is willing to die for his country but is afraid of his neighbors, PUSSY"

Kimmy said...

I am not one to get envolved in politics,however,I will stand behind my man. I have lived here for 29 years and seen this little island go through a lot of changes. One thing has been evident....a small group of people have always tried to keep this community in an uproar, which is sad. Everyone should enjoy this slice of paradise for what it is instead of making it a feuding ground. As far as Travis is concerned, Vern does have a DD214 and I feel very fortunate to be with someone, who lost his early adulthood fighting for this country and the freedoms we have today. It's a shame that there are still people today who can't respect men and women that have served in our armed forces. We wouldn't have the things we have today if it were not for them. God Bless Them All!