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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to

Sean, excuse me, Sir Sean Connery. One of the first books I ever read on my own as a kid was Dr. No. Always was a James Bond fan and he was always the best. Until the new Casino Royale. Sorry Sir C. Daniel Craig is what you were.  I just finished the new James Bond book Carte Blanche. Can't wait for the next movie.

Can you imagine anyone wanting to shut this blog down? Of course you can. Can you imagine why? Who on earth could this point of information possibly scare? It's like being afraid of a news paper. Can you imagine someone setting fire to a news stand because there were ideas they didn't like? Awfully terroristic if you ask me. Right out of Kandahar. But alas and alack you have friends and or neighbors who keep trying. I spent a lovely hour and change in  meeting with our corporate ethics officer and my manager about my blog. We did a little forensic study of my workstation and this blog and when the powers that be were satisfied that I was not breaking any of our comany guidelines or policies oue ethics officer explained that some of my concerned neighbors had called him. Again. Some of our friends and neighbors are worried I was using corporate assets to post on this blog. I did admit that Tuesday I was guilty of posting a happy anniversary to my wife on the blog but the investigtion proved the rest was posted from elsewhere. I also let him know that I was intentionally making it look like I was posting during work hours for no other reason than to expose the assholes for what they really are. PS. I own the clock you stupid bastards.

Hey the good news? Yes it is RAINING ON THE ISLAND! My sources tell me it's not just raining it's pouring WOOHOO!

The Breseman, Party of 4, preps are moving along. It will be 9/11 which is/was our block party weekend but.....There is no rain date. Right now I think most of us wouldn't mind a party in the rain. More later.

A Swiss man, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Americans are waiting. “Entschuldigung, koennen Sie Deutsch sprechen?” he asks. The two Americans just stare at him. “Excusez-moi, parlez vous Fracais?” he tries. The two continue to stare. “Parlare Italiano?” No response. “Hablan ustedes Espanol?” Still nothing. The Swiss guy drives off, extremely disgusted. The first American turns to the second and says, “Y’know, maybe we should learn a foreign language.” “Why?” says the other. “That guy knew four languages, and it didn’t do him any good.”


DaveC said...

The rain makes my attitude better and the temp going down a bit make me feel cooler.

Dave C.

Anonymous said...

Travis claims to be 3rd generation military. Logically it seems like Travis would be a brave, strong (man, woman, Heshe, don't ask don't tell) and would have the brass to use his/her/its real name and let us know who it really is. Hey Alan, were there cowards like this in the Navy?
I'm sure the Army brass would be real proud to see Travis's posts

Larry Lindelow said...

Did Anonymous just tell Travis to use his real name.??? You girls should go outside and play in the rain.


Anonymous said...

This all comes from Anonymous. The Military has always known what "camouflage " is, but not always what restraint is. Secondly, I now have a family and I won't leave them exposed to the likes of you hyenas. You only attack women, stalk them, berate them, are openly hostile to them and their families, and make open threats of hostile intentions. Wow, how proud you must be went you look in the mirror, or your children see how their parents remind them of the "Playground Bullies". If you knew who I was for certain, I wouldn't receive the same attention you have given these women. I had to learn to be tolerant of the ignorant and the just plain stupid.

By the way Vern, I haven't seen your statement on here yet. I did see where you finally admitted that you are a "grade school drop out" and that is finally the truth. Allen and Jim, you both know what a DD-214 is. Vern doesn't know where the truth begins or ends, and neither does Clear Lake Shores.... Why have either of you tolerated this??? Especially you Jim, you have earned all of our respect for your Military Service.

Navy: Bureau of Naval Personnel, PERS-312E, 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-3120
To obtain certificates of service or non-service write requesting with a postal money order for $5.20 payable to the "Treasurer of the US". Include name, date of birth and at least the last four of the SSN.

Roselyn said...

Travis, here is a woman telling you to Fuck Off. Roselyn Pierce, accepted into the Daughters of the American Revolution this past Saturday. Sam Houston Chapter.

I also attend the Westpoint Gala every year with my friend Colonel George Orton, class of 1951.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, don't get your petticoats in a ruffle, or those Southern Belles might kick you out for sounding to much like a camp-follower. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Travis,

My name is Paul Garner. What was your MOS in the army?

Paul Garner
827 Cedar Rd

Anonymous said...

At enlistment a 98.

Anonymous said...

Sure what did you go in to do? What did you end up doing? What was your rank?

If you are wondering why I ask these questions, for me knowing what you did and what your rank was will help me understand where you come from.

Paul Garner
827 Cedar

Anonymous said...

That won't help you but maybe this will it is part of an email to me and what I am involved in for the rest of the day:

Mission details: The Patriot Guard Riders have been requested to help
provide a rolling tribute for about 20-25 of our Wounded Warriors in from
Ft. Worth. The convoy will be leaving the VA in Ft. Worth at 09:00 and
have 2 stops before getting to GOE Harley Davidson in Angleton for lunch.
We will meet up at GOE and leave with the Warriors to bring them into
Galveston‚s Elk Lodge #126 (1518 Tremont Street, Galveston, TX 77550).

This has been confirmed to be a fully supported LEO ride.

Mission Date: August 26, 2011

Maybe you can join us in honoring these men who did serve.

Anonymous said...


Why did you not answer my questions?
It is very honorable for you to do those rides.

Your last statement about these men who did serve. Are you calling me out sir?

I will show you my DD214 will you show me yours? Delta Company 327th infantry regiment Ft. Campbell Ky.

Are you a REMF Travis?

Paul Garner
827 Cedar Rd

Mike Linbeck said...

Alan, I am truly amazed at what a few folks on this island will stoop to. No they don't want your blog shut down, they want you fired from your job. We support your right to post any damn thing you want.
Travis get you panties out of your butt and go lead a productive life and stop crying like a little girl.

Capt. Mike Linbeck
619 Narcissus

PS: Please leave Vern out of this, we knew hia past when we elected him and STILL DID NOT CARE!!!!

DaveC. said...

2 dictatiors are running 3 council persons and aren't supposed to be a good soldier and fight that kind of thing? unless your one of the dictators! Travis

bernie mcintyre said...

Dave - what are you drinking ?

Roselyn said...

Bernie, its my understanding that Allan's wife monitors this blog while he is at work. I have asked her a couple of times to delete things I have posted and she obliged me. Why would you even be concerned about how Allan is spendng his time and our tax dollar? You aren't concerned about the tax dollars we are spendng on this investigation whose seeds were probably planted by you. I saw in some legal newspaper article yesterday where you are being sued by your neighbor so why aren't you focusing on preserving your assets instead of trying to take down all these good folks?

Adelia said...

I think we should all choose to ignore Travis and his foolish posts. The poor man has nothing better to do than pick fights (which I believe he enjoys) and is obviously a bitter and hateful person. Like a child having a hissy fit I think we should refuse to read his comments and refuse to comment back.
Texas Old 300
Serving my friends on Clear Lake Shores food and love for 5 years!! - My best and proudest time of my life!!
Adelia Oakes

Carlo said...

Bernie, really? That is a big and dangerous assumption you are making, one that could result in his losing his job. Spitefulness such as yours is un-neighborly as well as unnecessary. It leads me to believe that you may have been the, “concerned neighbor.” Surely you would not let something as petty as the comments on this blog lead you to an action that could have dire personal consequences on someone family and life. Did you ever think he could be at lunch on a personal laptop, off for the day, he does work eight nines you know, or like me using his cell phone to make these updates? Bernie, really, get a life.

bernie mcintyre said...

Why dont you just ask him to put the comment back.

Melinda B said...

Bernie, you sad sad little man. I have pretty much stayed out of the blog comment section (unless I'm removing some crazy rant) until today. I have sat by and watched you call my husband everything but a white man and I am done. If you think for one second that I'm going to sit back and let you screw with my husbands job then you are sadly mistaken.This blog is a combined effort and most of the time I am the one who is posting, on my lunch hour and yes,on my personal computer not that I have to justify that to a wind bag like you. Allan is the kind and gentle one in our family, me, not so much. Enjoy your day sunshine!

bernie mcintyre said...

I guess I hit a nerve ! Allan is busy calling others assholes, bastards etc, but gets pissed when he is refered to as a tax cheat.

Carlo - If he is doing nothing wrong, and LM is happy with what he is doing, why are you worried about his job ?

Roselyn - I have a right to be concerned about how tax dollars are spent. You want tax $$ spent on the support of this blog but not on determining what problems we have in our city administration
I have different priorities. But congratulations on your entry into the DAR; but should a proper new DAR member be telling people to FUCK OFF ? You should consider running for CC

Anonymous said...

Bernie this response is to your statements/question to me.

Do not FUCK WITH ME you trespassing, tree killing, trouble causing old man, I was not talking to you.

I asked Travis certain questions that would help me understand where he is coming from. Where did I insult him? Asking for his rank and MOS? Asking if he was a REMF?

Just remember this Bernie you started this shit with me.

Paul Garner
827 Cedar Rd

Michelle said...

Does anyone besides me think it's funny that "Travis" isn't afraid to serve his country and die for people he doesn't even know (thank you, in all seriousness, for your service), yet he wont admit his real identity on this blog because he's afraid of his own neighbors??

P.S. To those who don't like what they read on here and want it shut down, here's a novel idea.... Either do something else useful with your time and CHOOSE NOT to read it or enjoy the fact that you live in this country where we can say what we want to without fear of retaliation. (Unless, of course, you're Travis, and then you can change your name or hit the anonymous button.) But shutting it down? Only reason I can think of is that someone (Bernie?) is afraid the truth might prevail.

ab said...

Hi Y’all. Happy Friday. As you know I try to refrain from commenting on the comments. That is for you. But every now and again I just can’t help myself. I got a call from the misses a while ago telling me about a comment that was by my own definition inappropriate. When I address anon I try to use anon terms. When I address an individual I mention their name. I don’t mention home address’, work places, telephone numbers and try to moderate personal information. So I post and call a nameless person(s) asshole or bastards or whatever I want to because , well, I can. And It’s my blog. Seems my name calling struck a nerve with Bernie McItnyre. Hit a little close to home there Bernie? Who knew? And now you’re suggesting I’m a tax cheat? Does that mean you love me too like you do our councilman? Are you going to start making excuses for me too? This could be fun. And all this time I thought you loved tax cheats. Ball park it for me Bernie, how much do you think I owe you? Think it could compare to the $$ your meat puppet on Tindel has screwed our city of in city taxes (when we had them) and fines not paid for ordinances violated? How close would your figure be to the $$ the other talking head has spent and cost us on this inane investigation. You might want to up your meds neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I'd want to read the article about the McI getting sued. Where can I find it? GDN? Thanks.

Anonymous said...