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Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of school

You’ve probably heard this one before but too bad. 6 extremely short years ago Wyatt had his first day at Stewart Elementary as a kindergarten student. At the end of the day the students were instructed where to go, West Walkers (us) go to this line, Car riders go to this line and bus riders go to this line. Wyatt decided he wanted to ride on a big yellow bus so he went to the proper line and took his place. I was at the back of the school where the West Walkers were thinning out and being collected by respective chauffer’s. I asked the teacher if there were more inside and she let me know this was the last of the west walkers. I let her know she was one short.  On cue, then principal, Debbie Phillips comes out the back door with W in tow. She told me he said he wanted to ride the bus, hence his line selection. Well today he got to ride the bus. A smile I think uncharacteristic of the first day of school beamed back at me from the last seat at 8:06 this morning. Right on schedule. I hope you had a great ride son.

Here’s the latest on what will surely become known as “Breseman, Party of 4”
It’s Sunday September 11th. As sort of an Ike celebration come on out and help us help a neighbor to another fresh start.
We’ll be there from 4 till’ 7, so hopefully the temps will start dropping and it being a school night we’ll wrap it up early enough for sunset and all that other good stuff. It will be after the Texans game on Sunday so DO NOT fill up on chips! Save some room for dinner and suds. If you’re catching the next game come down for a go box. We will be offering BBQ plates for a donation and we will have a 15/5 gallon container of adult beverages also available for a donation. There ya go. Beer and BBQ. Coonie is making his near world famous pulled pork to compliment the Brisket chicken and sausage that will be there.
Steph H (the new duck lady) is putting together the duck race. Prizes, times, entry fees and rules will be announced as soon as I know them. So check back.
Live music by our very own Senor Beans. God loves ya Ben and so do we. Make sure Andy comes to this one.
And to end this great day on a perfect note the older kids will be dishing out Ice Cream!
Go, put it on your calendar right now.
Some goodies for the grills are coming in and going straight to the freezer but we are still looking for more. Any questions?

Hey Vern, is this your third term as Mayor? I thought so. Apparently anon has her knickers in a twist over ancient history. Evidently it doesn’t matter how many degrees you get you can still be a moron. Anyone wonder why anon is stuck on something from 6+ years ago that evidently doesn’t bother anyone else but all this current bullshit is OK? Amazing.

 11: It is permissible to drink a fruity alcohol drink
 only when you're sunning on a tropical beach ... and
 it's delivered by a topless model and only when it's free.

 12: Only in situations of moral and/or physical peril
 are you allowed to kick another guy in the nuts.

 13: Unless you're in prison, never fight naked.

 14: Friends don't let friends wear Speedos. Ever.
 Issue closed.

 15: If a man's fly is down, that's his problem, you
 didn't see anything.


Vern said...

I have always been sorry I dropped out of grade school. Think where I could have gone. Fortunately my ignorant self ended up on an island full of great people. How ironic that I would now be here. If it wasnt for a few liberals spouting off I would think I was in heaven.
Stay in a positive mood and we will keep doing well. Maybe, someday, some of the naysayers will join us and start enjoying life instead of downing everyone.
Thanks for everything you do for the rest of us

Anonymous said...

David C thinks he ran Mike Bass off. That's kinda funny. If you think you Ran Mike off you are delusional.

Anonymous said...

meant to post this here. Hmmmmmmm. The majority voted for Vern, and the minority is obviously still mad about that. The majority voted for the Town Center and the minority stopped that. The majority wanted to keep the Chief and we see how that ended. The majority wants Perkins to step down and the minority still doesn’t care what you want and they will do what they damn well please because they know what’s best for you. Or maybe it’s just me.

Anonymous said...

Dave C, boy am I glad you waited to run Mike Bass off until after he got our community pool done, fixed all of our lousey roads, eliminated our city property taxes and built up the city's rainy day fund (now over a million dollars).

Anonymous said...

Vern I have been out of reach so I have been unable to respond to your statements about DLI. I did attend as ASA and made the switch to NSA in the 70's. To your statements about PresidIo of Monterey: DLI is a Military School, but it was not accredited in the 70's nor 80's. You could request college credit for you language skill from your College but you were tested for your skill level then given credit for that level if you passed the test. I have known a lot of liars who call themselves Veterans, Special Forces, Seals and claim to have attended specific schools: We make a point of exposing these liars for what they are: "That is shallow want-to-be's" who I wouldn't use their spit to shine my boots with. So, I will be seeking all information on your claim to Military Service and whether or not you ever attend DLI, or you can save yourself some embarrassment and admit to it now.

Great job on the Fund Raiser. I will be dropping off our donations in the next couple of days.

PS: Three Generations US Army and Proud of it.

Anonymous said...

Travis, who is "we"?

Anonymous said...

Travis is a walking example of why we should cut military funding ASAP.

On an added note, Anonymous at 12:06 is dead on when it comes to Bass. Dave C. is clueless in this case. But you also forgot to mention free trash pick-up, the Farmer's Market (his idea originally), a volume of city ordinances, and a solid city budget plan that is now going in the ditch at the hands of our new "leaders".

Michelle said...

I think it's ironic, Travis, that you are so concerned about Vern's education background, yet Vern is not on trial for anything here. Or is he? If you want to spend your time making sure everyone is playing by your rules of honesty and integrity, then why don't you start with the select individuals who started this war????

Roselyn said...

Travis, Tami's campaign letter says she has a degree in political science. Can you look into that one for us also? I find that hard to Meet the Candidates night she used the word "subdivision" twice referring to our city, she does not understand about separation of state and church, and she seems to have a hard time with rules of procedure as well. Let us know if you actually find that degree. Thanks Travis.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service Travis. Keep up the good work of being so outspoken and unintimidated by these idiots. Lord knows one day they will look back and think "geeze i was sounded stupid!"

Anonymous said...

In case you people dont get it, the above in quotations is a humurous "jab" at your stupidity. I figured you would get it, but not sure.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that you have both a mistake in punctuation as well as a misspelled word in the same sentence that you are calling someone else stupid.

Classic stuff.

Anonymous said...

It is official. You have all lost your minds