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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet Rain......

From one of our neighbors……..
I was going off the Island last week and after crossing the two bridges and I came to the stop sign behind the school.  I usually come to a complete stop but at this particular time I came to a stop where I hit my breaks and then kept going since there was nobody around….I thought?!   Low and behold a former CLS female Police Officer was sitting a block away watching and as soon as I left the stop sign I saw her a block away hit her lights.  I said, oh crap….did I come to a complete stop? 
Well she pulled me over and she was direct but cordial,  but there was NO discussion either, other than….I said.. “did I not stop at the stop sign” and she said..”well let’s just say you paused”.  Well she walked away and came back with a ticket.  No warning, no discussion.  I felt like this was a trap.  There are SO many busy intersections around Kemah and this one primarily has ONLY CLS residents going through it.  School is not even in session?
So here is this Kemah cop sitting there waiting until someone does a California stop.  I mean, is that her job?  Sitting in an area with virtually no human activity except to watch for Mom’s, Dad’s, and families going off the Island through that road because of the bridge work?
So how much is this going to cost me being in a school zone?  Not sure yet but I can tell you that I am pissed.  I felt set up and trapped.  I ALWAYS stop at that stop sign but this time I was in a hurry and I guess I didn’t stop all the way.  So I accept responsibility but am still upset.
I have worked in Law Enforcement myself and always used education and prevention as a tool whenever I could and in that situation I would have given the driver a bit of a scolding and a warning and said “don’t let this h appen again”…  I would have appreciated the heads up and warning and would have been more careful.  But instead I have resentments toward the Kemah Police Department and that particular officer.  But no, they must have ticket quotas.
Anyway, the lesson here is:  Clear Lake Shore friends:  please be aware when you come to that stop sign to be sure and stop.  If you happen to see the friendly former CLS cop up the street hiding just look at them and wave.  So much for a small town friendly atmosphere.  BTW, who’s out there looking for the bad guys in Kemah? Aren’t there some other bigger problems going on in Kemah?  Easy pickins’ I guess.   I bet if you sat there for a day you could ring up a dozen or so tickets.  Good work Officer.”
An addendum from neighbor Bud……..” my little moving violation of a “rolling stop”  is going to cost me $192.00”
Now me personally, I think we have more than a few neighbors that need to learn how to stop at stop signs. Seriously it’s a peeve of mine. It’s not hard to do it doesn’t cost anything, it’s the right thing to do and if you like me have a kid with you, you can damn well bet they are paying attention. I’m just saying…
Check this out from last nights City Council meeting. From Neighbor Suzanne “Prior to the Exec. Session I walked up to Tami Perkins, while she was still seated, to ask her if she needed a copy of the ordinance read by Paul Shelley's attorney. (The one that she violated by conducting her own investigation.) She asked me who I was. When I replied I was Suzanne Hubbard she abruptly said she was not going to talk to me. I replied she had no business on City Council if that was how she felt. Her response was, "Fuck you." Jackie Fuller laughed. I moved the microphone closer to her and asked her to say it again. Realizing the microphone was probably turned off at that point, I walked away. I honestly thought Tami needed a copy of what the attorney addressed since she obviously does not have a clue she is in violation of the ordinance.  I was taken aback when she said she would not talk to me, since that is the role of a council person - to listen to the community. The unprofessional manner in which she swore at me displayed who she truly is. This  took place while she was seated in her place at Council.  A seat which carries much responsibility. A seat which, to me, she should not have if she does not know how to conduct herself while in it.  Is there a code of conduct for Council members? Was Paul's attorney addressing council the first  to highlight the ordinance that she violated? Shouldn't the city's attorneys have done that awhile ago?As a resident of this community I do not support a costly investigation into our police dept. Especially one that began by a violation of a city ordinance by a sole council member.  Tami Perkins' behavior and actions has proven her to be a liability to CLS.”
Now the only question you have to ask yourself Clear Lake Shores, Is this really who I want running my city? If not may I suggest the following link.
I suppose the “Montgomery” mentioned in the agenda as bringing the EEOC charge against the city is the same Montgomery that left the rather vague comment in the GCDN today. What EEOC charge?
This is Elliot, an English Bulldog, and this is an "un-posed" picture (trust me, you couldn't actually make Elliot do anything) of said pooch trying to beat the Texas heat after his owners emptied their cooler in the driveway in
Lamesa , TEXAS


Anonymous said...

That particular stop sign has been watched for over a year. Former CLS Officer Soza has given tickets there too. I have noticed many people stopped there by police since the bridge repair started, so everyone be careful.

Anonymous said...

so, who is anonymous??? huh?

Anonymous said...

Susan, Quit crying. At least you were able to get a response from Tami.
Nobody else has been able to.