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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Special Meeting

Looks like the city will be shopping for  new Chief of Police and Paul Shelley will remain in the City Administrators position. More as I get it.


Suzanne said...

Paul will continue to have his full benefits and retain 95% of his current salary. It sounds like a sweet deal for him.

What do you think the salary will be for the new chief?

Although the investigation is suppose to cost between 8-11K, I bet it will be more like 20k. The investigators are out of San Antonio

Anonymous said...

William Young was spotted at Jackie Fuller's this evening. They are celebrating Young becoming our next chief. GOD HELP US!

I am not super concerned since he does not have the credentials. We all know he can't pass a test on his own.

Amanda B said...

So what happened that he is no longer chief yet we are still spending money on an investigation? Will we ever know anything about this ordeal? I am more confused now than ever.

Roselyn said...

Lock and reload is the way I see it.

Anonymous said...


Will you use a local realtor to sell your house?

Anonymous said...

My comments will have to be written in parts here due to it's length.
Part I.
I think I have a better understanding of what's wrong with National politics after witnessing the debacle of city politics in action at CLS.
The special interest of a few council members have what appears to be a personal vendetta towards the police chief removing him from office. The motivation of these few is not clearly understood but it has torn the small community apart.
So, if I have this right one member, based on hear say, made allegation of criminal mischief of the chief, this was presented to the Attorney General stating there was no case. One would think it would have dropped there. Instead in order to save face an outside firm will be hired to further investigate at a cost ranging from 8-20 Thousand Dollars. The chief has agreed to the investigation, resignation and will fulfill the role of city administrator at 95% salary. He has also agreed not to retaliate with law suit if this investigation proves without merit.

Anonymous said...

Part II. I have to ask myself if there were some heinous crime committed why would the chief be allowed to stay administrator? Logic tells me this is much to do about nothing.
After the special session was held Saturday and the announcement was made to the voters in waiting, all were in aghast. It then turned to ugly remarks made towards the few city council members that started all this. Afterwards the crowd of voters gathered into smaller groups trying to make sense of everything that had transpired.
There is certainly a lot of confusion with all of this, mainly the question of what charge is being investigated that the council will not divulge. Hiding the allegation only promulgates fear that something may be amiss. The $10-$30K investigation will alleviate these unknown fears and a new chief will be hired to serve the community.

Anonymous said...

Part III. So who are the winners and losers with all of this? The few city council members seem to be the obvious winners at this time but at what cost; the anger of the community will last years towards these individuals. Does the chief win or lose, he keeps a job with less work at almost full salary but I'm sure there are hurt feelings in his family and dented pride of all he has done for the community. The investigating company is definitely a winner and I'm sure will happily agree to accept the city's money. What about the attorneys involved?
The biggest loser is the community that funds the city through it's hard earned taxes paid. Since all this is an unbudgeted expense the cost of investigation and new hire will most likely lead to an increase of taxes.

Anonymous said...

Part IV.I think about all the things that the money could buy for the community if not spent on an investigation for a person that has already agreed to resign. If the city is bent on spending money foolishly it could be spent on a bridge to nowhere, at the least you would have something to show for.

Suzanne H. said...

I got it from a very credible source that the investigation results will become public knowledge once it is completed. With luck it should be completed by Aug. We have to hang tight until then and correct past errors my electing people worthy of a council seat. This is not easy but the fight is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I used to tell folks where I lived and nine out of ten would say ..something like this: "Gee I would love the live there! Isn't it like a small town from the past..everyone looks out for each other ..and kids ride bikes and dults ride golf carts and all holidays are special and celebrated in an old fashioned "norman rockwell" kind of way..Well, someone just told me - "sure glad I live in South Shore, would hate to live where you live..all that meaness and no one gets along - is is true there are signs in the yards and TV cameras?" What is going on? Seems no one really knows! I am embarassed to say I live here.. Where is the truth? Who is in charge? !

Roselyn said...

Why was Denise our policewoman at Tami's last night? Does Tami now need police protection from the folks who elected her?

I hope Tina is nominated for Police Chief. She doesn't have a job and she definitely knows how things operate at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS NOT OVER. Who are these nut jobs going to put in as Chief? Filling this position with the right person is crucial to the well being of the Island. From what I have heard Bill Young claims he is next in line. We are in deep sh-- here neighbors. We have to continue our efforts to get Tami removed then figure out what to do with Jackie and Arlene. They have done irreversible harm to this Island and should pay the price legally and financially. Paul promised not to retaliate we didn't. We need to become more committed than ever to restoring sanity on our council. What will they do next? Who is their next victim? THIS IS NOT OVER. It has only begun. Lets take our Island back and try to fix the damage as best we can. The first step is getting rid of Tami and her crew and make sure none of Kathy's puppets ever gets in a position of power again. Keep it civil and legal but we have to be more agressive now than ever. everyone NEEDS to sign up to be a scheduled visitor at the next meeting. If you are a scheduled visitor you can address individual council members and ask them questions. I missed the meeting but I heard Tami ran out the backdoor Saturday as citizens were trying to get answers. What a chicken sh--. She won't be able to run during a council meeting, She may curse at you but she can't run. If it is too late to sign up for the next meeting then sign up for the one after that. Everyone should keep signing up and asking questions untill we get the answers we deserve. It will also put Tamis responses on record to support our vote of no confidence petition.

Tony said...

TINA as CHIEF would be brillant! If we had a brillant council they would make that a reality.

I resent the police having to protect Tami if that is why Denise was there. Tami needs put herself in a undisclosed location if she feels threatened. As someone posted a few dates down - she stirred the pot and now that it is boiling, she feel like a victim. Better yet, Tami, get yourself some security cameras and a alarm system. Take some responsiblity already. This will only get worse for her once the investigation results are public knowledge in Aug.and they show no wrong doings on Paul's part.

Susan Perez said...

I can hardly believe what has happened on our Island. I was so proud of our little island and this is hardly what I thought it was.

This will teach me to be very sure of who is elected to the City Council. I will be very careful, although I thought I was careful this last time.

I had put my faith on someone who I trusted to always put the welfare of the Island and it residents first. I will not make that mistake again!

Anonymous said...

I understand Paul agreed not to pursue Tami but the citizens did not. Can we as citizens file charges against Tami for her investigation if it was illegal. Does anyone out there know? We could have a party and raise the money for an attorney. It wouldn't take but a few hours and it would be fun. If we can do it for a goose we can do it to take Tami down. If anyone out there knows please respond.

Anonymous said...

Let me clairify my question. When I read it back it didn't make sense.

Can we as citizens demand and investigation into Tamis alleged illegal investigation and if it was illegal can we bring civil and criminal charges against her? If so how?

Suzanne said...

I made sure to get Paul's attorney's card. Danny Barfield offices in Kemah. He might be the best one to take this matter forward in court. We certainly would not have to fill him in on the background. :-)

Being a part of Team Perkins Petition I began hitting my street today. With the exception of two homes people could not sign the petition fast enough. Even if you signed online you will need to sign the hardcopy which will be taken to the DA who will assign a judge. That may be the fastest way to get her out of the council seat she does not deserve. Nine months is way too long to have to look at her in the position let alone wonder what she has up her sleeve next.

Anonymous said...

No matter what your opinions are on this matter, I am appalled at the mean, nasty, hateful comments toward the board members including the meetings,on the blodg & on facebook (comments I would never want to repeat), & now convassing her (Tami) home & bringing her child into this(there are kids driving carts all over this island with no parents but why even bring this up?

Are you all the judge & jury? - how would are courts be if a jury was asked to decide a case without all the facts?? does everyone believe that there would be a "vendetta" against the chief just for the heck of it?
Could it be that over 9 complaints came in regarding police matters.
This island has grown & changed & perhaps there are issues that need to be addressed. Eleven turnovers in the police dept, for whatever reason, is high and it costs us money to train & clothes these officers. Could it be that the 2 tops positions in the police dept being husband & wife caused some conflicts? Hoping we get all the facts in a timely manner.

I am not happy with how things are being handled but there are always two sides to everything & if everyone contines the "witch hunt" in this manner against the board members then you are no better than the members you are critizing!

It just makes me sad!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally someone with some common sense...yes, everyone .. common sense. Acting EXACTLY like the people you are angry with could be another definition of insanity. Calm down and follow the law and do not drag children and families into this awful mess we have all made .. Hate and lies do not bring peace and truth.

Roselyn said...

I am sad too. So sad I woke up crying this morning. Maybe in our next life we will be born into a perfect world where no one has to go to war and fight evil. Maybe no lives will be lost in Afghanistan fighting nut jobs.

This plot was hatched about a year ago and its going to take us a while to catch up but we will fight back, and yes, we will be fighting for you too. If you dont want us fighting for you that is fine, just say who you are and we will be sure to not fight for you.

And no, I dont think there was a vendetta against the chief for no reason, I think north shore wanted his city administrator job and are going to be pissed when they get back from vacation and see that he still has it.

Suzanne H. said...

Not sure who emailed me since I didn't recognize your email address but thanks for your interest. Perhaps others are interested, too. Here is Paul's attorney's information.

Danny R. Barfield
609 Bradford Ave. Ste. 207
Kemah, Tx 77565

P: (713) 947 - 7500
F: (281) 680 - 1120

I love the idea of a fundraiser to hire him to represent the residents vs Tami. I bet I could sell copies of what I am requesting via the open records request. Nope, I aint telling yet. When it is in my hands it is a whole other story.

I don't think she has figured out there are one or two other possible lawsuits coming her way so far. So very glad there haven't been hints to them on here or FB. Let's not put all the cards on the table. I find it hilarious that Paul not suing her was part of the agreement. If she knew him AT ALL she would know he would never do that. He is a man of character.

craig said...

Why do all of the folks who seem to support Tami and her gang always remain anonymous? Anon asks if we are all judge and jury. Did anon not see three council members attempt to put an item on the agenda to fire the Chief before any outside investigation was done? Anon asks how would our courts be if they were asked to decide a case without all of the facts? Well anon it would be just like our council asking us to accept their actions without giving us the facts. You are entitled to your opinion but you shouldn't be a hypocrit. Facts are what I and most of us have ask for from day one. Apparantly only Bernie and Kathy, a handfull of excops and the three on council have the right to those facts. The other thing I think most of us are pissed off about is Tami conducting what appears to be an investigation possibly in violation of laws and ordinances that are in place to protect folks like Paul from lynch mobs like our current council majority seems to be. They are still whining about that item being taken off the agenda even though it was clearly putting the cart before the horse . Council either has no respect for procedure or are just clueless. Some of each I would bet. I guess you feel they should just handle it any way they wish like they do regardless of proper procedure. We have lost two good officers for alleged wrong doing while some on Council may have broken the law in pursuit of Paul and Tina but remain on council and are not being investigated. If you are so fair minded, explain to me how that is fair. If we find Paul is guilty of actions worth all of this, so be it but It seems clear there are problems with how Council has handled this as well not to mention their unprofessional attitude and if so they need to go. By the way it is Council if anyone who is on a witch hunt. The rest of us are only responding to their hunt. In case you didn't notice we are now going to pay salary on two chiefs, thousands on an investigation of a Chief who is no longer on the force and who knows what else will pop up in the form of lawsuits against the city. There better damn well be something signifigant show up in this investigation to justify this much of our tax dollars to be spent against the will of the majority of citizens. Lastly no. I don't believe there is a vedetta over nothing. It is my opinion that Kathy found two puppets and an old friend to carry out a vendetta for her. One of the puppets already had it in for the Chief from what I understand. Who are you? Grow a pair and sign your name. I would be willing to bet you won't.



Roselyn said...

Jackie, I hate a liar. Saturday when council came into the hall to give its results I asked you if you were happy you had taken Paul down like you told me you were going to when you came to my house. You lied to the citizens who elected you and said you didn't say it. I was amazed that you had gone from an unemployed truck driver to a lying politician so quickly. Well, yesterday I asked my husband if he was present a year ago when you were in our house and you were talking about taking Paul down because you had been "falsely arrested" for not cleaning up your yard when told to, and that you were "falsely arrested" in Bellaire (which actually was Houston in 1981) and he said yes he remembers exactly what you said. Unfortunate you thought I was in the North Shore camp just because I was against CLS going into the commercial real estate business at the front of the island. If your political career continues, in another city of course, you will learn what you can and cant reveal to strangers.

Anonymous said...

how can you be an unemployed truck driver? Most trucking companies have permanant signs on their trucks advertising for drivers. If Jackie is unemployed why doesn't he have time to clean up his junkyard as required by city ordinances. Somebody should complain to council about his house. Wait.... oh yea! He is on council. I guess he doesn't have to follow the law.

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Roselyn, for revealing Jackie has an arrest record. Do you know what the chareges were for? Misdemeanors? So we have an unemployed truck driver that is behind on his taxes with at least two arrests on his record, one of which was in CLS, living in a home that violates city code as a leader of our city. If I understand it correctly he is a cop hater, yet, he is friends with William Young (the cop that was fired after numerous times of being on probation) who would sell insurance while on duty here.

Does anyone know Jackie's legal name or the name of Wm. Young's attorney?

I was pleased to see Young finally started following the agreement he had with the city, as part of his settlement, NOT to be here. I only recently found out it took a restraining order to keep him away from council mtgs. His verbal assault came real close to being a physical assault on one of our finest councilmen following the first CC mtg. in June. Now he is running for Gal. Cnty Sheriff. Since he violated the agreement, does anyone know if measures are being taken to have him return the 11k since he violated the agreement?

This sure sounds like a soap opera, "As the Island Stirs" but those are fictional. Sadly this is our reality.

I only recently learned, too, that since a previous mayor would not open her mail numerous council members and Paul had to make a trip to Austin to beg and plea to correct her errors. Perhaps that is when the North Shore hatered toward Paul began. Due to her incompetence Paul was appointed to the position of City Admin. That is such a fine example of how something awful could result in something wonderful; exactly what I am praying for when all of this is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Kathy was the worst Mayor this Island ever had hands down no question there is not even a close runner up. Now her two puppets and her weird old friend have caused more damage than any Council ever. Does anybody remember the unemployeed guy Kathy tried to get elected as Mayor. Just like Jackie hardly anyone had heard of him and he was as crazy as Tami. You felt like you needed a shower after talking to him just like when you talk to Jackie. Before he ran for Mayor he had never been involved in anything I know of and after he lost we never heard from him again. He apparantly didn't really care about being involved he was just their to do Kathys bidding it appears. WAKE UP PEOPLE. DON'T EVER LET ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THEIR GROUP GET ELECTED AGAIN. There aren't many left but there are still a few Mc Guthries, Cave pepole (Citizens Against Virtually Everything), Blue Hairs, Mc Interians whatever you want to call them laying low right now. At election time we need to expose them as they come out of hiding and nip the problem in the bud.