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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A quiet day

Except for this.....
and they have pink t-shirts at Target on sale!!

SpaceX is looking to be the first private company to dock a ship to the International Space Station. They have tentative plans for November of this year. Rock on Mr. M!

 A man was telling his neighbor, "I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art.  It's  perfect."
"Really," answered the neighbor.  "What kind is it?"
"Twelve thirty."


craig said...

Except what? I typed for twenty minuets putting in that address, and spent another ten double checking my input,hit enter and got nothing. Can you give a dumb guy a break and just send me the link?


Anonymous said...


Just copy the entire link and paste into your browser - it worked for me!

craig said...

I tried pasteing it to the browser and now I can't get the elmers glue off of my screen. Maybe I should have used that paste kids eat in school.


craig said...

OK, got it. The razor blade played havock on my screen but it got the glue off. I read the article. I can't imagine what we must look like to the real world at this point.


Suzanne said...

Documents from the requests for open records are coming in slowly since city attorney, Bobby, had to review / approve their release.

I am thinking of preparing about 50 packets to distribute to the 95% of the residents. Something tells me 50 packets are not enough. I have been racking my brain what I could do for the fundraiser for residents vs Tami. Perhaps I will sell the packets. Not sure yet.

I have received about 90 pages so far and have invested much time in reviewing them. Approximately 5 pages are critical. With luck I will have them ready by Thurs or Friday.

Trust me, I think you will be interested in these and then furious after reading them.

I happened to be in the street talking to a neighbor when Officier Denise came down Pine. I took the opportunity to express my sympathy to her since this riff has to make her job harder. I asked if she was protecting Tami when she was there the other evening. Denise said she was not. So I guess that is good. I would really hate if our police have additional stress added by the 95% of residents. Let's think of how our actions may be impacting them. Remember they are the ones that get to be investigated now. What fun - not.

Roselyn said...

More nice World news today from Kandahar, Afghanastan: Mayor is blown up and dies when insurgents plant explosives in his turban.

(I am not making this stuff up!)