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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving right along....

I missed this in yesterday’s blog sorry ladies.
From neighbor Lynda…
Allen, here is a picture of Lunch with Tina today at Bacchus. The largest
turnout ever for a ladies luncheon. At least forty women were there at one
time. This picture was taken at the end after some had departed.

From neighbor Julie……
I have another tip for you about the Kemah Cops.  Several years ago I got a ticket for failure to come to a complete stop at the same stop sign behind the school.  From then on of course I made an intense habit of full stopping at all stop signs.   Then last year after completing my full stop at the same stop sign an going straight to the end of the road and turning left- I did not put on my turn signal because there was not a car in sight on any nearby roads.  Out of nowhere came a former CLS policeman/now Kemah cop and gave me a ticket for failure to signal. Same deal, no warning and honestly I never thought about the need to signal a turn when there is no one to signal to!  After this I had discontinued even driving through the West Kemah area as I figured they would come up with something else-like maybe my windows are too dark or my tires are too thin(don't laugh at this -a Galveston Cop once stopped me and gave that as an excuse)!  But of course now we are forced to drive through there for months. 
So welcome to the club that nobody wants to join!  Feel free to pass on the tip about the turn signal.  Surely I'm not the only lucky one.

Here is a side note some of us need to write down. We are spoiled. I know it, You know it, I know you know it. We are getting kinda sloppy in our safe driving habits. This is not a new thing and it sure didn’t start when the detour signs were put up. In a weird twisted sort of way maybe we should thank the Kemah officerds for reminding us to obey the safe driving laws because we are going into the “real” world. Imagine what an adventure it would be going to Randall’s if everyone drove like we drive our golf carts? Put the damned phone down and drive like your kid is out there trying out her new skates.

Agenda for Saturday’s Special Council meeting

Vern Johnson, Mayor AGENDA Al Burns
Richard Sowrey CITY OF CLEAR LAKE SHORES Jackie Fuller
July 23, 2011, 3:00 p.m.
NOTICE is hereby given of a Special Meeting of the City Council for the City of Clear Lake Shores,
County of Galveston, State of Texas, to be held on the above mentioned date and time at the Club House,
1006 South Shore Drive, Clear Lake Shores, Texas, for the purpose of considering the following numbered
items. The City Council of the City of Clear Lake Shores, Texas, reserves the right to meet in a closed
council session on any of the below items should the need arise and if applicable pursuant to authorization
by Title 5, Chapter 551, of the Texas Government Code.
2. EXECUTIVE SESSION, as authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act, Section 551.071:
"Consultation with attorney," to consult with city attorney concerning pending or
contemplated litigation; a settlement offer; or a matter in which the duty of the attorney
requires it, to wit:
a. Discuss legal and contractual issues involving employment of Police Chief/City
b. Discuss the possible commissioning of the investigation of a complaint against the police
chief and/or the police department
3. RECONVENE INTO OPEN SESSION - Consideration and possible action regarding the
a. Consider possible action involving the commissioning of an investigation of a complaint
against the police chief and/or the police department
b. Consider possible action involving the duties, compensation, and employment of the Police
Chief/City Administrator, including authorizing the Mayor to execute an Agreement
I, Karen Mericle, City Secretary, certify that this Notice of Meeting was posted on the outside bulletin board at 931 Cedar on or
before 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20, 2011.
Karen Mericle, TRMC
City Secretary
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Clear Lake Shores will provide reasonable accommodations
for disabled persons attending City Council meetings. Requests for interpretive services must be made 48 hours prior to this
meeting by calling 281-334-2799 or by faxing to 281-334-2866.

Neighbor Dog in need……
Penny needs a good home.  She is between 6 and 7years old and a female.  Loving as can be and well mannered.  She does need a lot of attention and is very affectionate.  Whenever I leave her for even an hour or so,  when I come back she acts like it is a miracle that I am back and is so excited to see me. She also enjoys sitting on my lap whenever I am sitting down…even at my computer.  She will also sit next to me with her head on my lap. She is good with kids and would probably suit someone who is a senior or a child who would enjoy the attention.
She walks without a leash and responds to commands well.  She just want to be with you.  She is also a good watch dog (although she’s bluffing) and will bark when someone comes to the door until they put their hand out to pet her and then she’s melted ice.
          Penny has had two litters, is spayed and house broken. She also has a chip in her so she will never be lost.   She has all of her shots including Rabies.  I have all of her records on file.  She is low maintenance except wanting to be with you all the time.  When she is not with you she is burrowed under the comforter on your bed (she is mostly Chihuahua but part Dachshund which is why she burrows).
Her only drawback in my mind is that she is not used to traveling in a car.  She gets very anxious for about the first hour and then settles down.  Funny thing is, she can’t wait to jump in the car but then is not sure about the whole thing.  Rolling down the windows helps.  She DOES like to ride in golf carts so she is a good Island dog.  I would really appreciate someone from the Island adopting her so that I could visit her now and then.
          I would love to keep her but unfortunately my ex girlfriend and I rescued her as a couple and we have since separated and I cannot keep her.  I WILL keep her until I find a loving home though.
          If you are interested, please call me and we can set up a visit.  She honestly in one of the best, loyal and loving dogs that I have had.  My number is  409 789 7310 and my name is Bud.

 What do Whales drink when they get thirsty?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I would take Suzanne's letter more seriously if I saw any sign of neutrality on the part of the Mayor or any realization on the part of the Chief's defenders that an investigation might be justified based on complaints to which they are not privy. Ironically, they have probably not been made privy to the allegations in order to protect the Chief from the public dissemination of possibly slanderous accusations. So the very protection being afforded to the Chief results in more name calling. The Mayor has said things in public and to the newspapers that display his complete bias in all these matters. As I read the ordinances (and I, of course, may be wrong), it actually was HIS job to follow up on complaints about the chief and/or the department. It is his failure to do anything about these complaints, even when concerns were raised in open council sessions (apparently before the current mob started paying attention) that led to the need for an independent investigation. Complaints are that -- not proof of any wrongdoing -- but unless they are addressed with true interest in determining the truth -- then the City becomes opened up for liability for any real problems that are allowed to go unaddressed. Calling an investigation into complaints a "witch hunt without merit" seems to assume that all allegations are known and that they could not possibly be true. Without investigation, how can you possibly know this? Because you like the Chief and he has done much good for the community? Past good behavior does not mean that any complaint should be automatically dismissed with no investigation.

Also, an Executive Session is private -- that is why it is an Executive Session. The Council could not come out and announce what occurred as the crowd apparently demanded.

Why am I staying anonymous? Because anyone who expresses these views has become subject to attack on all fronts. I'm ashamed that I'm afraid, but I am. I don't want to be told that most of the island hates me and that I should move away. Does the validity of what I say depend on who I am?

Finally, although I do not think Tami's reported language was admirable, I heard that much the same was said to her and other council members without a similar demand for the enforcement of decorum by Suzanne or others.

Anonymous said...

If you run a stop sign or don't signal you broke the law I get that but Kemah has found a new cash cow and is going overboard. My biggest problem though is during the school year. I have never gotten a ticket but Kemah and Clear Lake Shores pulls drivers over right and left for speeding in the school zone where in the forty plus years I have lived in Kemah and CLS, I have never seen a student present. No kids ever and I mean never go in the street in front of the school, ever. They never go to the stores after or before school on foot and prior to the stores I never saw anyone cross to pet the cows. With the exception of the special needs busses, no busses unload in front of the school only in the back where no officers are present and the parents that drop their kids off in front of the school are met by school personel and they are escorted straight into the school. On the other hand, neither dept patrols the back of the school where many many children walk or ride bikes every morning and afternoon not to mention all of the parents on golf carts. They didn't even patrol behind the school when a child molestor lived on Birch right on the path to school. Why do they patrol religiously in front of the school where no child has ever walked and not in back where alot of kids are present twice a day? As they say follow the money. Do they patrol for the sake of money or safety? I'll let you make your own decision. I would love for a Kemah and a Clear Lake Officer respond to this comment. Im sure they would say it is to keep traffic slow so the cars and bus's full of kids don't get hit. I call BS on that theory. Both depts. create more of a hazzard driving twice as fast as the offender to give the offender a ticket for creating a hazard where no kids are present. The fact is patoling the front and not the back does not provide safety to anyone it is just a cash cow period.

Anonymous said...

Explanation of above: apparently Suzanne's letter to the mayor that was briefly posted to the blog has been removed. My comments above that start with "Maybe I would take. . ." therefore don't make much sense. I would remove them if I knew how.

craig said...

Maybe I would take anonymous's letter more seriously if he or she had the stones to sign their name. Suzanne did. She isn't scared. Neither am I. There is nothing to be scared of. I would respect Suzanne no matter what her opinion is because she has the nerve to sign her name. I don't agree with anything Bernie says and probably never will as we seem to live on two seperate planets but I do respect that he will sign his name so kudos for that much anyway Bernie. The fact that Tami used the F word while in her seat as a representative of this City is beyond belief. She owes Suzanne a public apology as well as the citizens of this community. I am sure she see's nothing wrong with speaking to citizens in that manor but to professional, respectful citizens this is just another clear indication she does not belong on Council or in any position dealing with citizens. Anonymous, you say you heard the same was said to other Council members. Who was it said to, who said it, is it a secret or do you just not know? Tami said it to Suzanne. Those are facts, you are only providing third hand gossip with no names or alleged facts to back up your allagations so it can be confirmed. No wonder you stay anonymous. Lastly, no matter what the final investigation finds, this whole thing has been mishandled and we need to investigate some of our council pepole as well. If Council feels there are problems with our PD that reach the level of needing to be investigated I am all for it but I also encourage Pauls attorney to investigate how this has been handled by Council and if laws or ordinances have been broken then I would ask that he make sure proper action be taken against those on Council that are found in violation of these laws. I am sure as the fair minded person you claim to be you would agree. I would welcome your signed response. If you can't find the courage to sign your name there is no need to respond for my sake as it will mean nothing.


Suzanne H. said...


How can you possibly forget to post this wonderful picture of the beautiful women of CLS! Duh! I hope Tina knows many more women would have gone if they were able just as many more people would have attended Sat. evening.

Vern said...

To follow up on a complaint I would first have to know about the complaint..State law AND our city ordinances state that a complaint against an employee or a police officer be in writing, state the complaint and be signed by the person filing the complaint..None of these rules AND laws were ever filed. Bias on my part..You are right..Paul is a good friend and excellent co-worker and very much deserves my respect and support..Do not even attempt to say I was not doing my job as Mayor..It would be easier to do if I did not have people going behind my back. There is no excuse for that kind of disrespect for the rules...including excuses for conducting illegal investigations.
Check your facts before you make accusations.
Vern Johnson, Mayor

Allan Batchelor said...

Hi everybody. Thanks for stopping by. Just a quick note from me mostly to anonymous. Sorry for removing Suzanne's post and you are correct it was only there for a couple of minutes. She asked me to remove the original for editing. I promise the revised edition will be here first thing in the AM for your reading pleasure. Anon, if you have any info other than your anecdotal accounts please feel free to share. As for neutrality of the Chiefs defenders I suggest you read some of the older posts. A note from me to everyone else, I heard (rumor) that someone in the room shouted an obscenity at Councilman Perkins. Even though I did not hear it, if it is true, you should apologize also. There is no room for that. None. Not even a little bit. You too may use this blog to apologize, And if you are afraid also there is an anon button at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ms. Perkins supporters aren't any smarter than she is. If I was you anon, I wouldn't want anyone to know who I ws either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon. Don't be ashamed that you are afraid to put your name on your comment. Be afraid and ashamed that you aren't very bright.

craig said...


You are right we don't need to sink to their level. Just wondering though, do I have to apologize for what I was thinking at the meeting?


Jim Adams said...

Suzanne Hubbard said...

I am so glad Vern replied on the blog. He also made the time today to meet with me in person. I am the most relieved to know that our city attorneys will not be the ones representing any council members since any potential lawsuits would be filed individually. What else I learned today that I found interesting is some council members pick up their mail frequently and some never do. Karen will take it to CC to deliver it to them. How's that for dedication?
After much thought I am going to try my best not to be within talking distance with Tami Perkins, nor do I want her to talk to me even if it is an apology. I am going to try my best to be patient. As anxious as I have become about this situation I am beginning to realize it may go on for some time. I want answers yesterday, like most of us - lingering in limbo with so much at risk doesn't feel very good. Let's keep learning the lessons from this season of political unrest in a way we can look back on and be proud of how we helped to get our slice of paradise back to normal or, better than before.

Suzanne said...

I had the opportunity to ask Vern about some members of council not picking up their mail. He said there are some that will not go anywhere near him. Does that strike anyone as a bit odd for someone who serves this community? I think Vern is very approachable. It struck me as very odd.