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Friday, July 1, 2011

It’s Canada Day!

Eh? I suppose that’s our neighbor to the north’s independence day? If so Happy Birthday Canada.
From the office of the Chief

Happy Friday y’all!  Do we need to go over the rules for WW IV again? NO WATER BALLOONS and everything else is pretty much negotiable.

Busy weekend so pay attention. If this is your first fourth get ready now. They re route traffic and because of our unique physical location we have tons of off islanders come for the fireworks displays. Some of these visitors are first timers so they’ll be technically lost and not looking for your dark green golf cart on our skinny streets. Heads up! And keep an eye out for kids! Anybody heard when the show in the lake starts? What about Kemah?

WW IV is set for Sunday. Be nice! Larry!

So Carlo Ianni is considering a run for city council. Good luck Carlo It should be an interesting 11 months coming up. Hope to see you at the Council meetings.

The petition is still out there and still collecting signatures. If you meant to go to the web site and sign it but haven’t managed to get there yet please do. Like I said a week ago. This ain’t over. Now I’ll add We ain’t done. Spread the word. Want to know what you can do? Spread the word!


Roselyn Pierce said...

This letter shows what a class act Paul is......So, in planning for the next election I will support anyone for council that:
1. has a job and has employees or co-workers, or is recently retired with business experience and understands how a company with employees is run and employees interact (i.e. that all businesses have internal problems that are solved in-house, not by a public lynching in the newspaper). It would be helpful if they can understand a financial statement and a budget from their employment experience.
2. I will not support anyone who does not answer my letter or email when I have a concern or question. Even just a thank you for your letter and I dont agree is fine....Ever notice how you can write a letter to the Pres. of the USA and get a form letter back? Its because they figured out how to get elected and re-elected. Just common courtesy so that I dont have to take the route of coming before an open meeting of council to voice my concerns and fear another citizen screaming at me. I have written 2 letters to council over my many years here. One was when McIntyre was mayor and I wrote a 2 page letter pleading for common sense when she told Jim Mago to cut 5 ft. off the side of his completed house when the building inspector discovered it encroached into the setback line...Brian Chernecke was the only one to answer my letter, so I told him I would vote for him again just for answering my letter, even though the Mayor drug the problem out for 2 years before it was resolved. The other 3 page letter I wrote about 3 weeks ago and still have not heard from anyone. I dont think I am special, but I do know from having a business to return phone calls and emails.
3. I will not vote for anyone who loves to hear themself talk. These types normally are not good listeners.
4. I would support Jim Mago and Patrick Michaelski since they have both been financially affected in the past from coming into contact with the North Shore Annex. Don't know if either of them would be willing to run.
Anyway, I am anxiously waiting to see who the replacement candidates are, and there is no need to contact me for support unless you meet the criteria above. Thank you.

LSmith said...

Amen! The Error can't end soon enough. Then maybe we can get our Island back on track and moving forward!!!

Lezlie Smith

Anonymous said...

There are lots of people who would not vote for someone who's major solution to a problem is a lawsuit or back door talk to the Daily News - Patrick - may not correct the error, just change sides.

Suzanne H. said...

Speaking for myself, I am reassured after reading Paul's letter. This is the first time I have felt good re: CLS politics since two council mtgs. ago. What I experienced there was unreal.

Unless there is some hard evidence of significant wrong doing, I do not understand why CC would want to spend 30K on an investigation.

I hope we will get an explanation as to what the end goal is before there is a vote on the investigation. In other words, will council explain what this is all about? 95% of the residents want to know. We are entitled to know before that much money is spent and more than likely wasted.

Sure hope a variety of people take the time to add their comments along with their names. If you are against the investigation let's put it out there.

I think there is much we can do prior to the next election. Hope to see you at CC on Tues. night.

Suzanne H.

David Chambers said...

We have a cancer in out community and it needs to be cut out for the good of all!!!!!!!