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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA

This just in from the front….
WW IV shows no signs of winding down. It is past 6PM and from the relative safety of my second story I see wave after wave (pun intended) of new, dry faces. The battle  cry “No Dry Hair” can bee heard in the distance followed by shrieks and giggles.
 Technically all weaponry must be retired at dusk. You ever really considered a bucket as a weapon? Hmmph.  I retired about an hour ago. A nap was calling.  Being out in a Texas July day will suck it out of anyone over 40. Our 10 year old is still at it.  I heard of one hybrid weapon that was a drill turned in to a water gun? Anyone else? The standard hand pump propelling iced water was the weapon of choice. Who needs coffee to get your blood pumping? Many thanks to Fort Massey for supplying LOTS of ice. I know in my heart the surly rebels at Camp Lootens enjoyed it also. A welcome to new neighbors Jackie and company who fell right in to the spirit of the event. They put up a good front but still got their butts…… washed(?). Surely the comments to follow from some Eastie suffering from a heat induced ailment will proclaim a victory but all of us Westies will know better. We had them out watergunned and waaaaay outnumbered.
I think that makes the score two to two.
We need to discuss safety a little more next year.

Last Tuesday I got the call for help from the Bay Area Turning Point shelter, the one where the bad guys stole their AC unit, I was at work. The flyer I rec’d was fairly large and formatted all over the park so I cut and pasted the whole thing to Tuesdays blog. I evidently captured a piece of my company email signature. Everything except the logo and it hit the blog. My manager who was on vacation, got a call from HQ. The Ethics department received a call about a corporate asset being used to spew political agendas and was asked to look into it. I explained what happened and we discussed our corporate use policy and I assured my manager I would look into it. First, I don’t know who called my work. I suspect even if I had the pull I would find it was left by anon. What I do know for a fact is both the McIntyre’s have “warned” me of the consequences of using my office time when I get involved in matters of the city. There is no polite way of telling someone to kiss my fat white ass so I’ll just leave that out. To the rat bastard that called my work. Karma is a bitch. Have a nice day.

If you’re traveling over the holiday please look out for the other guy! Be safe, have fun and hurry back.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me??!!....some people need to get a life, or move to a retirement village. Maybe their presence would be more appreciated there. They could bitch & nit pick their hearts out.

Anonymous said...

Some folks were a pain in the ass at their university, then where they live, and guess what? They would be a pain in the retirement village too. But, I would prefer they were a pain there rather then here. Time to move folks!

Allen Cruthirds said...

Against.....good men the fiends who have fallen from the order of the virtues level their fiercest stokes. Often times their deadliest schememing takes the form of something good, but they really strive to divide and scatter our affections toward what is good. John Tauler died 1361.

Let us strive to do good and good will prevail over those who seek to harm us.

Allan, we are with you man!

BlondeStar said...

As to the WW, I sent out mercinaries about 4pm. We found them a golf cart that was hunting a traitor who had gone to the dark (Westie) side. Good time reported and a great way to entertain juvanile nephews.

As for calling LockMart for helping BATP, pretty low...

Anonymous said...

I hate to be the first one to disagree with you BUT East Side won!!