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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The day after

What a great Independence Day! I hope everyone out there had as great a time as we did. So How many buggies did we end up with in the parade? We can do better. Anybody interested in setting a State record for largest Golf Cart Parade? We’ve kicked it around a time or two but it just seems to have dies on the vine. Maybe it needs to.It was fun to see everyone out and having a good time. I hope y'all renewed you club membership. It is the membership that makes all the events happen. If you have an idea for an event please come to the meeting Thursday, and pitch it out there. And while you're there meet some of your neighbors and find out what else the Civic Club does. I think you'll be impressed.
So now what’s got Skippers knickers in twist? A fence? Really? It was probably posted in side but I sure as hell didn’t see a building permit. I’ll ask about that next time I’m in the office. Would hate to see them get a daily fine for an illegal structure. I don’t recall seeing survey gear out there either. They must have been real fast in making sure the fence was on the property line. Would hate to see it torn down and all for being on City property. Who looks in to that? I’ll ask and keep you posted.
 Speaking of quirky neighbors…this whole public information requesting is getting weirder by the moment. In case you haven’t heard I filed a request for Councilman Perkins Phone records, email, and any or all correspondence concerning her investigation of any and all City employee’s. I guess if she won’t tell us whats’ going on I’ll just have a look myself. I let you know what I find.

Andthen ther’s this…..

"John Vurpillat, past president of the College of Technology Student Council and a member of the committee, wrote to Vice President Glenn Aumann on June 10, protesting the appointment of the only candidate of three (McIntyre, Brown and Curtis Johnson) whose application was forwarded with reservations.
According to Vurpillat, reservations voiced by committee members included McIntyre's lack of recent publications, alleged favoritism toward the Electrical-Electronics Technology department, and what Vurpillat described as "dirty tactics."
"He'd tell you one thing to your face and then turn around and do the
exact opposite," Vurpillat said.
In 1989, Associate Dean McIntyre acted as interim dean while Brown was recovering from a heart attack.
"During that time, the ELET department got whatever they wanted and the others be damned," Vurpillat said.
"I had to get back to the college much sooner than I should have because of the things that were going on," Brown said of that period. "He was taking after faculty with a vengeance."

And just when you thought it was coming to an end there’s this fun little tidbit…

Special Civic Club meeting
Thursday July 7th
Meet on porch of Club House at 7 pm
For group PHOTOS taken during
STAIR CHAIR dedication
Followed by
PIZZA get-together (Pizza supplied by Civic Club)
and short meeting

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?
One, but the light bulb has to want to change.


David Ruocco said...

And what was up with Skipper's hiring an armed off duty constable to tell people that they couldn't go to the market after they just probably dropped $30 for a breakfast for two. Not cool

Roselyn Pierce said...

I dont get it...........if I owned Skippers and my only source of income was selling food, then the city I had paid taxes to for many years started selling breakfast tacos on my best business day, and using my parking lot, I would be pretty pissed off. What am I missing here? It was only recently when Home Depot arrived that we stopped appreciating our only sources of sales & liquor tax income which was tax paid by Sand Bar, SS Beer Garden and yes, Skippers.

Anonymous said...

The Farmers Market Committee has tried to work with John and Terry and their son; we offered them free booth rent if they wanted to see some Greek delicacies and they declined. We set up a Skippers corner and ran orders in for carry out for the vendors that wanted something to eat but couldn't leave their booth.
We've had numerous meeting with them to see if we can resolve the issues but they don't want to compromise. It will be interesting to see if Vern and the Chief follow up on the no permit issue and fine them....I'm betting they won't.

Anonymous said...

If there is not a permit, Jack Friday is the one to look into it.

Is it possible that Skippers may be getting additional customers due to the market? Perhaps some of the people coming in from Houston are having lunch there after the market. It seems real petty to me unless their is no parking for their own customers.

Has anyone else heard the wonderful rumor going around? Sure hope it is true that T Bones is making a bid on the Sandbar property. Love that they have bands. We sure need our own Cheers and the increased tax base would be great.

Roselyn Pierce said...

Well, I just remember receiving an email the first year of the farmers market. It was from the female organizer's husband and sent to maybe 50 people. It was calling for a boycott of Skippers because his wife and Skippers wife had gotten in a fight about the Farmers Market. So the "being a good neighbor" idea flew out the window a long time ago......If, on the other hand, we had a mayor like Matt Wiggins, he would have already bought or seized by eminant domain a couple of houses that adjoin the Opus parking lot and we would have solved TWO problems. When Sandy Drake was mayor before Guthie and McIntyre, he condemned a house on Elm that was stacked to the ceiling with junk. It can be done when the city wants something cleaned up, or if the city decides it could have a better use for its citizens than what it currently is. Just sayin...