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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The RED is mine. The Normal text is Councilman Perkins original complaint. Really.
I won’t address the whole nepotism issue. I worked for a family business in Binswanger Glass Co. for many years. I had a great time. It doesn’t apply here and if it’s that bad just fucking quit. In the words of uncle John Scallion “Don’t whine son, it ain’t manly”
Executive Session: Chief of Police         
What is Nepotism?                                                                                               
       Nepotism includes many of basic government ethics Issues: conflict of Interest, misuse of office. preferential treatment, and patronage •
       Nepotism undermines public trust by making government look like a family business run not for the community, but for the family In power.
       Nepotism Is bIld for morale within the organization. It goes far beyond hiring and remains a problem every time raises and promotions occur.

Nepotlsm creates a culture of loyalty and secrecy. Nepotism in government naturally leads to nepotism in contracting, which means a failure to competitively bid, or bid-rigging.
Fiefdom. I’ll use her definition. “Something over which one dominant person exercises control”  Isn’t that called management?
What is a 'fiefdom'?                                                                        
1. The estate or domain of a feudal lord.
2. Something over which one dominant person or group exercises control: "long the independent head of a powerful fiefdom within the Police Department" (David Burnham).
The City Council was instructed to evaluate Paul Shelley, the Chief of Police/City Administrator by the Mayor in April of this year. like you, I have always liked Paul Shelley. And what exactly was Councils evaluation?   But external affairs in this case are completely different from internal ones. OK .Once you put on the uniform and begin working for Paul Shelley, depending on who you are, things are very different. How in God’s name would you know that? I heard from an informant very close to the force .that there were big problems stemming from nepotism and abuse of power within the police department. You heard? OK.  It is difficult and intimidating to try to find out these things concerning someone with so much entrenched power and influence. I can imagine I could tell the informant was frustrated with the situation. My desire to make things right is what motivated me. In trying to get an accurate, factual picture of the situation I conducted 10 interviews of officers, in which they all did concur the Chief openly demonstrates favoritism, and gives 'carte blanche' to his wife and Captain, Tina. Then why in the name of all that’s Holy didn’t you go to the Mayor?
He does not require she perform to the standards of the other officers, nor does she have to be on time. It's okay if she surfs the internet, does little or no work and then leaves early. It's fine if she threatens and intimidates another officer. She's the Chiefs wife -don't mess with her. What she says - goes. All of the officers I. interviewed concurred that. They all agreed it is a big problem, and said she Is the driving force behind those being targeted and chosen to be got rid of. Since Tina unofficially runs the department -she decides who stays and who goes. Paul looks the other way and does whatever she says. If she doesn't like someone they might as well pack their things -they're be on their way out soon. Once she has it in for you -you are doomed.
I have interviewed 5 currently I only talked to 5. One left for a better schedule. Number two left because he was an asshole and he was going to be fired if he didn’t resign. Chief made the offer and said if you make me fire you it will be harder to find a job. JUST LIKE HE DID FOR MY NEPHEW WHO USED TO WORK HERE. Thanks for that little bit extra Paul.
employed officers (out of a total of 6) and 6 previous officers (1 forced to quit, 3 outright fired, 1 who left for better pay and benefits and 1 who resigned due to personal reasons). All said there is a problem with nepotism. Many told stories of having received certificates of appreciation or rookie of the year awards just prior to being terminated. I have been told by' the current officers that the 5 officers who left CLS and went to Kemah had also complained about the problem although I did not interview them. The current officers have everything to lose by telling me their story. I could understand negative comments coming from those fired or forced to resign, but the ones who are still here have no reason to make these statements if they were not true.
This is clearly a management problem that our City Council has allowed to go forth for the past ten+ years. Council. You have a problem. Fix it without firing the whole goddamned police department please….The officers in the department have a lack of confidence in their chief. His management style is one of unfairness, favoritism and malfeasance. They are powerless to do anything about it. They don't dislike Paul Shelley personally, but professionally they feel abused.
From a former officer, and I have edited the content
I read your blog about the nonsense that is going on in CLS.  You have been a straight shooter and honest as long as I have been around so I figured I would drop you a line.  I am very concerned about what is going on.  I really fear for X and don't want to see X get caught in any of the bullshit crossfire.  It doesn't appear that some of the people involved here give two shits about the current city employees, just getting their agenda heard.  I didn't post on your blog out of fear that it would affect X in some negative manner.  I know when I was there I loved the island and still do.  I would like to be able to come back some day but not while some of the council people are throwing their little bitch tantrums.  I left for various reason but the main ones were money and the ability to do more and "blow and go".  The pace of CLS was just a little slow for my brand of police work. Some of what I see about officers leaving or getting asked to leave worries me.  I can tell you that any past employee that was given the chance to resign could have been fired but the Chief was decent enough to try to salvage their future.  Termination from a police department can make it hard to impossible to get hired else were.  I think he did them a favor and every one of them had it (discipline) coming!!!!  I see a lot of people bitching about Tina, and I would like to ask them have they all been Buddy's with their bosses.  A boss / supervisor has to be honest and a straight shooter with the troops to include discipline when needed.  If this offends there sensitive nature then they need to get out of law enforcement or put their big boy panties on and go back to work.  While this area is pretty laid back, a cop is a cop....we are hated until we are needed, targets, councilors, peacemakers, and from time to time hero's.  Some of the people on council seem to forget we are human as well.  We have to do a job that isn't very popular from time to time. The Chief wants his people to work but not shit in their own back yard.  That isn't wrong but young officers want to save the world.  Being nice to your citizens is very important.  So when a young officer bitches that the Chief told then to go easy on the citizens if you can, my question to council would be is that a good thing or would they rather have a department full of badge heavy assholes that would screw them down just because they could.  Maybe their agenda is clouding their view of the big picture.
I'm sorry to vent but I just wanted someone who I thought was a good person to have this information.  I’m not asking you to go be the champion now.  I guess I am just hoping that if while in conversation you let the right people know this info it might help bring an end to the B.S. that is going on. “


Roselyn Pierce said...

Tami: Here is another big word you might want to look up and study. I also suggest that any cureent city employee who met secretly with Tami for her "investigation" study this word and ask youself if you have violated anyones trust? I can tell you if it was a company you would all be fired.

What is a Fiduciary? (

A fiduciary is a person or institution given the power to act on behalf of another in situations that require great trust, honesty and loyalty. Fiduciaries you may already be familiar with include accountants, attorneys, bankers, business advisors, financial advisors, mortgage brokers and real estate agents. These individuals are hired to act in your best interest and must set aside their own personal motives in favor of your goals.

Anonymous said...

Allan, I so appreciate you put this one the blog.

Here are more facts re: Tami Perkins BS pg. 1

Tami violated her job description as a council person by not turning in an evaluation of the chief. Our mayor had to tell her twice. She was given the evaluation form in April of 2011. She told Vern she did not know enough to turn in an evaluation.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the above comment. I also wanted to add that Jackie never turned in an eval either.

Suzanne said...

Sorry, I wrote the 2 comments above this one. I have been gathering facts and there will be more to come!

Anonymous said...

its amazing when council made chief city administrator the assist chief was to run the department. maybe they should evaluate him .someone told me that he was the one who made the fill in the blank resignation form and
gave to tina and said give it to
the officers when they whine about anything. its my understanding that chief found out aboutit he had it destroyed.
torn up.

Anonymous said...

the investigation will also reveal
that tina's evaluation was not changed...... Tami working with alot of lies you will see. the chief told me that the assit chief
will be running the department
I hope they know what they are doing is the right thing. Tami says
Lt ross has alot of experience my be they should make him chief

Anonymous said...

Allen, Thx for adding the information from the police officer. I want to quote him again here since Tami doesn't seem to listen to the 95% of residents. The officer said, "Maybe their agenda is clouding their view of the big picture."

I have read all of it twice. Once with and once without Allan's comments. Where is the beef? It is mgmt style or hearsay. This crap is what we are paying $11,000+ to investigate? It is comical she started her illegal investigation by saying she heard something from a officer's wife that sparked her curiosity. Did DoDoBird Perkins ever stop to think the wife may not have gotten the truth from the husband? Especially if the husband was put on probabtion numerous times? I have so many favorite lines in her pile of BS but let me highlight one of them. "XXX and XXX were fired for nothing more than erasing a 10 minute private conversation from a patrol car tape." Are you FRIGGIN kidding me? That is all they did? I honestly hope you are never harmed in a violent crime, but if you were and part of the tape was erased do you realize none of it could go to court because it was tampered with.

As far as the section on Garza. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID TO PAUL. Don't you get it? Read it again. Paul was never shown a complaint when you were calling for him to be fired.

Roselyn said...

I voted for her and Jackie and I feel violated and dirty. Probably what it feels like to be raped.

And lest anyone forgets where it comes from, here is an old email from Tami as Bernie is organizing her election to council and a year later the public humiliation of two fine people is the ONLY thing she put on the agenda as a council person.

(Bernie wrote to his email group in April 2010):
"Tami wanted to send this information out to all"


From: Tami Perkins []
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 11:11 AM
Subject: RE: signs

If you don’t mind could you send out an email to our rag tag band about the following:

I should have my “Tami Perkins for City Council” political signs either late Wednesday evening or Thursday by 3pm. If anyone would like to put one in their yard please let me know the address or come by and pick one up.


To the blog: I apologize I voted for both Tami and Jackie. I was misled.

Anonymous said...

You are great for having taken the time to request records. Please keep adding them here for all to see. Thank you.

I hope one day I can meet you. I guess I am looking for someone all in pink at the next cc.

Anonymous said...

Read the complaints carefully. It is fairly well written and contains virtually no hilbilly english. I do not say this to make fun of anyone its just a fact. Someone else crafted this complaint or edited it for Tami. If you have ever spoken to her you know she could not have written this herself.

Anonymous said...

I bet it was the nutty professor who helped or wrote it. You are right the grammer is too good to be Ms. Perkins and alot of it doesn't make any sense much like the Professors blogs.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The nutty professor. Ingeneous!

Anonymous said...

Vern, TP clearly violated an ordinance. Is that grounds to kick her a__ off of city council? She uses phrases like:

I heard from an informant very close to the force

I conducted 10 interviews of officers

I have interviewed 5 currently employed

Many of the officers I interviewed

She can break a law. She can get Paul to resign. She cost us Tina. She can divide our city. She stressed the police dept. She added an unbelievable workload to the staff, especially Karen. To say nothing of additional stress for Al and Richard. If I am calculating our monatary loss it is over 100K (investigation, attorney's fees on both sides, a new chief's salary.

What are you going to do Mr. Mayor? And if your action is to take no action -
What is she going to do next? Please stop this insanity. Please.

Roselyn said...

City Hall has released a small amt. of info I requested. I am still waiting for the rest of it which is personal emails between council people, between council and McIntyres, and between council and Bill Young & atty, that reference Paul and Tina. I also requested arrest records looking for a felony that would disqualify them from serving. They have not released those to me and tell me it may be Aug. 8, which is the deadline date with the AG, before I get them. Tami has admitted by the complaint Allen posted here that she did an independant "investigation" outside of council, which I understand is illegal, and then I am waiting to see through personal emails if she Conspired (that's another big word you can look up Tami) with any of the other council and violated the Open Meetings Act. I think that the 3 of them going10 days ago to city hall to make sure Vern put mess back on the agenda gives me a strong sense that this was not hatched by Tami alone.

So check back around August 8th and in the meantime I am taking AAA taxi at night.

Suzanne said...


I am so glad you have lots of juicy stuff coming via your open records request.

For the 87 of you that want the scanned documents emailed to you hopefully I will get that to you by sunset Friday. I threw my scanner off the Kemah bridge but a good neighbor and new friend is scanning them for me. He wanted all 80+ pages. The five critical pages are posted on Allan's blog. Thank you, Allan.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your kind words in the emails. I am blessed to have made so many more CLS friends.

I hope many of you are inspired to be a SCHEDULED VISITOR at the Aug. 19th CC. If many of us would challenge TP's complaints perhaps we will get more answers. Remember to be a scheduled visitor you must submit some paperwork by the Weds. before CC.

I want a front row seat for this Tuesday's CC. The unscheduled visitors comments should be very interesting. Let's be mature adults and confront TP in a very appropriate way. Bring a bullet to bite on it you need to so you don't bite the tip of your tongue off.

Roselyn - I can't wait to see what else you uncover. Rock on, Rosie

Anonymous said...

Tami Perkins is amazing! a ballsy female who stands up for herself and takes a shot at something like this knowing she will be ridiculed!!!! now thats my kinda chick!

Anonymous said...

who's writing this stuff are you insane. Tami does not think for her self shes not that bright shes a soldier and follows orders you ass if you had a brain you'd realize this. She speaks for a 2 member group and that we can't have. This island is made up of more than just 2 people and most of us don't like where it's going.

Anonymous said...

I get your point and suppote it, But....WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. It invalidates everything you say
. Jane Marzano A "renter"....

Anonymous said...

This is CRAZY! First off. Tammy, I believe you have done a great job so far. With all the threats you have recieved. Your a strong person and dont forget that. I cant believe people have been so blunt with threats and posted them with their names. I hope some of them get charges of terrositic threats placed on them. As a police chief paul should have put an end to it but I guess it was good for him to see the uprise he has caused. What most people fail to understand is that Tammy didn't ask for this. It was brought to her by a concerned person hoping to get help from someone who can possibly do that. Tammy is doing what is right for the police dep., employee's and the city. When this is all done and over with. I hope all of you who were talking crap will see why she did what she felt she had to do. And for good reasons. She stands up not for herself but for those who are unable to stand up for themself's without fear or the "Stong arming practice".So you keep your head up high Tammy. You have people behind you. Someone had to stand up to the Shelley's and im sorry for all that you are going through. It's about time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it was meant to say the "strong arming practices" of the shelley's