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Friday, July 29, 2011

I can smell Saturday....

See that shiny thing in your driveway? The one with the pretty colors? That’s the islander. Your Islander. It’s not a flyer from the new nail salon. It’s the monthly news letter from your Civic Club. Open it and read it! Roselyn’s favorite event is scheduled for the 6th! Wink. Luvya Roselyn. That would be Jammin’ for the unread. Next Thursday though is the Club meeting at the clubhouse at 7:00. See you there

Don update. Looks like we won’t get much. Some update huh?

Trust. It’s a noun I think. Look it up
We trust the folks in Washington to do what we elected them to do. How’s that working out?  Crappy analogy. But that’s another blog. We are trusting animals we humans. More so than lesser on the food chain I think. We trust people to obey traffic signs, we trust friends with a whole host of things. Without it where would be. There’s a vision for you. At a more intimate level we trust our City Council to do things beneficial for the whole. We trust them to write ordinances that are overtly for the betterment of our community. We trust our neighbors will abide by these ordinances and we trust that our elected officials will not only abide by these same rules but enforce them when necessary. We trust our officials, elected and appointed, to obey our mutually acceptable  rules. When that trust is violated what are we left with? If our officials will not, and do not play by the rules they set out for the lay people what’s left? When the powers that be are toothless in their own realm what choices are left for a sanction? An official can openly violate our law with no repercussions? Is anyone’s jaw dropped but mine? We as a city have one councilman who has openly defied our ordinances for years. With virtually no penalty. But that is another blog. We currently have a Councilman who has violated several ordinances and possibly a state law or two. I won’t even mention the ethics issues. While it probably started out innocent enough she has been advised more than once to entertain a different tack. She made the adult decision to do otherwise. She refused communication with the electorate on more occasions than I can name. She refused communication with her peers on Council and with the Mayors Office. Not sure about you but I have no reason to trust anyone that won’t talk to me. Councilman Perkins, I believe you have lost the trust of your constituency. If the people that elected you no longer trust you to act on their behalf and in their best interest councilman, then it is time to step down. If your council seat is more of an aphrodisiac than a desire to serve then it is time to relinquish said seat. I humbly offer this blog as a straw polling place.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Morning Clear Lake Shores!

If Don is not on your mind he will be. Looks like a rainy weekend? Could we be so lucky? Fingers are crossed here.
New road in the making. Hot off the ether from neighbor Ronnie....
another week and we might be able to drive on it.
The bomb is out.... what do you think?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is what I would call an abuse of power under for cause -malfeasance. This is not the corner bakery where the
husband and wife work. This is a tax base salary paid public service department. The scripture says, "whoever is
faithful in little things will be faithful in greater things as well." We have unwittingly set up a fiefdom. I am a
City Council person and I have a duty to share these things with you.
Page 4
If we as council fail to do something about this -these officers will pay the price. There will be retribution for talking to me. We shouldn't let their lesson be to keep their mouths shut and go along or be fired/resign. This Is not the way our department should be run. My only reason for doing this is that I believe we can and should do something to make a change. This is not a problem to be ignored. Our City should not have to pay someone to do virtually nothing. cause constant animosity and fear among the officers, and feather their family nest at the City's expense.
I am not starting rumors, I am not telling you what I think -I am the messenger reporting to you what I have been told by members of his department past and present under tenuous conditions. When I first started the interviews I knew only the complaints of an officer's spouse to spark my curiosity. Now, after having spoken with 11 officers, and heard comments from another spouse of an officer now retired, the common theme in all their statements is "There is a big problem of unfairness and favoritism in the department and everybody knows it." This management style should not be tolerated. City Council should not allow these tactics to flourish just because we 'like' Paul Shelley. The turnover rate of our department speaks for itself. The officers have held their silence this long. We have the duty to set the department right. Our island is a great place to live and likewise, our police department should be a great place to work. It shouldn't matter who you wake up next to... The old song When a man loves a woman ...' is no excuse for blatant favoritism and nepotism in the workplace.
For all of this and in consideration for as much as I have heard from the officers I have spoken with, -I have a lack of confidence in Paul Shelley to lead the police department.
This is not something I have wanted to do. I have nothing to gain and I have nothing against Paul Shelley or Tina Shelley.
My interactions with both have always been cordial. But, this is not about my personal relationship with them. We are
dealing with more than just 2 lives -we also have to take into consideration the officers and their families who were
affected and are currently being affected by the actions of Paul Shelley. If Paul Shelley treated his department .as well as
his citizens we wouldn't be here tonight.
I have more details and info but I tried to hit the high points. I hope you get the picture.
Tami Perkins
This is where I stand next to Councilman Perkins. Our police department, hell, no organization, should be run like the one she envisions. It is not conducive to progress or good will. We, as a community need to stand shoulder to shoulder to make Clear Lake Shores the place everyone wants to be. Just like it has been for 30+ years and was up till about 7 weeks ago. I choose to believe that things are not as dire as Councilman Perkins has painted them. I also choose to believe, rightly or wrongly, this is the best place to live my life and raise my family. Council, I will do what I feel is necessary to meet those ends because as soon I believe there is a better place their will be a FSBO sign in my yard. As of this posting I believe we have a management problem. This issue could not possibly have been more mishandled and I am asking Council to look within for the source of this issue. Just think, If someone would have put on June 17ths agenda. “Discussion to separate Police Chief and City Admin duties” instead of “Discussion and possible action to dismiss….” But no one did. This tells me no one is THINKING! If you’re not thinking what the hell are you doing behind that desk. It’s time to step down before you do real damage. Sincerely.

Page 2 & 3

Example -
1 Forcing Tina's supervisor to change Tina's evaluation. Tina's supervisor recently completed her yearly evaluation and made comment on her excessive absences. The next day he was called in by the Chief and told to revise the evaluation on Tina and to remove the statement about her absences. The supervisor did as he was told, (what else could he do?) but still made mention of the excessive absences in the notes section of the form. The Chief then went back in and wrote in excuses under his notes for her absences. I think this qualifies as tampering with an official police employment record or abuse of official capacity.
First and foremost I don’t care what you think. And I mean that in the nicest possible way but was there a reason for the absences?
 2 Unfair forced resignation of XXXX. 2 weeks after rookie of the year XXXX was forced to resign or be fired. A complaint was never shown to him and it was rumored a friend or relative of Tina’s had lodged a complaint on him for harassment that worked at Walgreens. He was never shown the complaint. By law he should have had to sign the complaint and an investigation be done. He was forced to resign or be fired without any information. He was given a bad FS and cannot get work in law enforcement due to Paul’s report on him. The officers currently in the department maintain he was wrongfully terminated. They were forbidden to talk about this or suffer disciplinary action. Let me remind you that according to the other officers Tina didn’t like him.
XXXX and XXXXX were fired for nothing more than erasing a 10 minute private conversation from a patrol car tape. Josh had left his mic turned on after a traffic stop and didn’t realize it was on when they talked. No reprimand, no previous write ups, they were fired on the spot. They were given bad F5’s from Paul that prevent them from ever getting a job in law enforcement. Josh even hired and attorney and received a letter from the D.A. of Galv. County that they found no proof-that it was a private conversation and that no law had been violated. They asked for F5 to be changed. Only with a threat of another lawsuit did Paul change Josh’s F5, but it is still a negative F5 and neither of them can ever get jobs in police work unless this is changed. Some lesser form of discipline would have been in order here. Again, around the office they all knew Tina didn’t like them.
A rumored complaint? Are you shitting me? Did it ever occur to you to ask the Chief of Police?
As for erasing official transcript, that may be a terminable offense. I defer to your judgment as a duly elected Councilman. You may want to check with Richard Nixon.
3        Instructing 2 other officers to change their review of another officer to the negative because he or Tina has targeted them for likely removal. They were told to change their positive evaluations to negative so if they got rid of him it would be consistent with letting him go. How would that make you feel?  WTF?
4 Having a pre-typed resignation form ready to give to any officer they don't like. The constant turnover within the police force is a problem. Right now Tina has targeted another officer. I have been told by several officers that it's just a matter of time before the officer makes a small mistake, and out they will go. This officer has been threatened with this on more than one occasion. This officer is young. This officer is someone's son or daughter. (see CLS letter of resignation form) It concerns me that we have an officer with no discernable name
5) Example of promotion bias: Ross Eliason would have been a better choice for Captain, he has 20 more years of experience in police work than Tina -Tina was made Captain with no other police work experience than CLS, while Ross has -28 years of police background and for 8 years he has been a full time officer with US. He has an excellent work record (unlike TIna), has taken little time off sick, and overall has much better qualifications than TIna for the Captain pOSition. But knowing how he operates it's no surprise Paul chose TIna for the promotion. This is self-serving at the expense of the City and the department. (Ross worked for Pasadena P.O. for 7yrs, then went back to flying helicopters, then a warrant officer, has schooling and leadership experience, and worked for Friendswood P.O. 16-1/2 yrs.) The officers know who is most qualified in these situations. They all agree Tina is barely qualified to be a patrol officer, let alone a Captain. Based on your extensive knowledge and background in law enforcement no doubt.

6) LettingTina get away with any amount of absence or dereliction of work with no penalty. She demonstrates free reign in the office over the assistant chief. Her attendance record speaks for itself. Police blotter given to Tina – isn’t You noted this during all your time in the office or………
Page 3
being done. Background check (taken from XXXX) and given to Tina -to help build her comp time -currently isn't being done according to another officer. Denise takes care of background checks and If a background check was done she didn't do one on McCarroll before they asked us to hire him on 6/7/11. I saw a background check was included in this agenda so maybe she got it done since then.
7} Paul gets payroll advances whenever he wants one. He has had 4 in the past 12 months totaling $2,900.00. {Another
example of fiefdom} Date 6/10 $600.00, 10/20 $600.00, 1/25 $1200.00, 5/2 $500.00. Were these deducted from the
next paycheck? Does the city have a policy for payroll advances? Who is eligible for a payroll advance and how many
employees have taken one in the past year? Together Paul and Tina Shelley account for over 1/3 of the police
departments annual budget. No other employee has the freedom of doing this that I am aware of. Using the City for an
ATM. So what? This is old news. No law has been broken. No ordinance has been violated. If you don’t like it Councilman draft a resolution against it.

8) The only reason 2 officers haven't been targeted is because one does Tina's work and the other Paul's work.
Someone has to do the work -that is why they have lasted this long. But, they and the other officers will not last long
now, if we do not act. There is no one to hear them except council because as you can see -the citizens like him. They
don't have a clue what it's like working in his department. I will not comment on this item
9) Another example of fiefdom would be Paul and Vern's obvious ill treatment of Barbara Nichols when she expressed
concerns over the failure to put the natural gas generator project out for public bid. She is very knowledgeable on this
and offered to help in any way but was given the cold shoulder and basically told to butt out. They made it clear that
they don't have to listen to her. She is currently consulting with the OAG on this. (see attachment email from Barbara
dated 4/18/11). Is it possible the bids were done and she was coming n after the fact to “fix” things? I do not know. I might question your acceptance of her “knowledgeable” status but that’s all. The only time I’ve seen Ms. Nicholls in action was at the EDC meeting and that looked contentious at best.

10) An official written reprimand from TCLOSE (see attached letter of reprimand) in November 2010 was given to Paul
Shelley for improper assistance (called cheating) of officers on FEMA courses that were required training related to
FEMA grant eligibility -adds to the list of concerns I have on the integrity of the Chief. The Mayor did not disclose the
reprimand from TCLOSE to City Council while at the same time asking us to evaluate his position. His answer to the
question of turnover is to say the officers keep leaving for better pay and benefits. That is not the main reason in almost
every case. FYI It is called Improper assistance. And he did receive an official reprimand which is in his personal folder. Next!

11) Many of the officers I interviewed are certain they will lose their jobs if their names are disclosed, and asked that I
refrain using their names because of fears of retaliation and in them being fired. Their comments were as follows: I will
be signing my death warrant by telling you this, my job will be history if it gets out that I talked to you, I will be gone, etc.
Do you get the drift? This adds to my concern because his power is so strong no one dare challenge him (or her). His
power is magnified by being both police chief and city administrator. City council is the only one to bring this problem out into the open and then do something about it. Really? I mean Really?
12) Paul has requested residents and council members come to his office for one reason, only to begin interrogating and accusing them of 'starting rumors' about him. That is official oppression under color of office. I call bullshit. Someone get their dainty little feelings hurt. Too damn bad. Welcome to the real world. You got a problem with that ? Call Norway.