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Friday, June 24, 2011

Raindrops & It's Friday!

What a great way to start the weekend. If you're already off island we got a little sprinkle this morning. just enough to make the plants happy. And just enough to make me blow off mowing.
Where in heck are all these little flying ants coming from? Their little carcases, or is that carki?, are all over the place....
Just read yesterdays comments. Wow. Good to see so many folks are paying attention. I'm going to lob this out there and let it land where it may. First, I'm not mad at anybody, I'm just fed up with the BS. Next, I suggest that some of you take a deep breath and back up from the keyboard. Craig. Think about what is going on in your city and what, if anything, you plan to do about it. With recent events it's hard not to take it personal but try just the same. Remember, when the dust settles, we'll all still be neighbors. Last, I'm pretty sure it's time to set a few things straight. One is our council. I may be wrong, and I'm counting on someone out there in the ether to correct me, but by all appearances we have two people on our council who have committed a criminal offense. I think they are both misdemeanors but criminal offenses just the same. One councilman feels no need to abide by the city ordinances which probably cost his xneighbor a few grand when they sold an adjoining house and the other by her own words to a reporter began an un authorized investigation of a city employee. Ain't that somethin'.....What are you going to do about it?
Now, get away from the keyboard, get out there and enjoy your weekend! See you around the island!

"Face your past without regret..Handle your present with confidence..Prepare your future without fear"


Craig said...


Deep breath taken. You are right I do go ovrboard sometimes but this has really gotten under my skin. If I have offended anyone I sincerely apologize except to a select few who have earned all they are getting from this community.


Anonymous said...

Not me, Craig.
Brian, when government does not represent the people, mobs form and can get ugly. Read your history or watch the Arab world today.
I prefer Tami resigning to revolution.