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Thursday, June 23, 2011

One more day.....

New pics. Yes this is the latest endeavor of Your Artist, Eric. Let’s play what is it and where? I’ll provide daily progress pics as they become available.

A big shout out to a former neighbor who dropped in on the blog yesterday. Howdy Mike!! Good to hear from you! Please tell Georgie I said hi. How’s that grandbaby doing?

Let’s talk about something fun for a minute. That is after all why this blog was started. The Civic Club needs you. Your Civic Club. First, have you joined yet? If you have, good on you. If you haven’t I absolutely expect to see you at the big membership drive on July 4th, Andy Jackson in hand, buying stuff. What you really need to know about the Civic Club is that it functions on an all volunteer army. All the parties, events, parades and everything in between is done for and by you and your neighbors. There are only 4 positions on the club’s board and the way I understand it is the Presidents seat is about to be open. A huge thanks to Sam Fisher for volunteering for the VP spot. I’m not going to jerk your chain (too much of that going around now) and tell you it’s not a lot of work. It is work. It is the most fun you will ever hate. The club needs new faces and more importantly new ideas and fresh enthusiasm. Please, do yourself, your neighborhood a favor and support the Civic Club all the way. I promise you won’t regret it. Any questions? Come and see me.

The Island took a big loss today. Officer Tina Shelley has tendered her resignation and it has been accepted by Chief Cranston. She said she just couldn’t take it anymore. Tina, I miss you already and I know I’m not alone. You deserve better and wherever you go they will soon find out how lucky they are to have you. Chalk one up for the assholes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch……
The way I understand it results from the Executive Session will be discussed at the next City Council meeting. To all you good folks out there keeping up with the goings on here on our little pile of mud please understand one very important thing. This ain’t over. Your vigilance is key. Sunset is nice and the weekend gatherings are a treat but City Council meetings are where you need to be on a regular basis. From time to time we’ll slip in to a nice comfortable glide. Sort of a maintenance mode and you can keep up by reading the minutes or popping in here but you really do need to keep one finger on the pulse of your city. I was chastised by a former Mayor for attending the meetings. My bad. I let life get in the way. I would have thought that my fairly regular attendance for the previous nine years and seats on every committee the city has except the EDC would have bought me a little slack but apparently I was wrong. I will try to do better. Everyone out there should try to do better. This is me stepping off my soap box.

Here you go Dave H….
WW IV. That’s Water Wars to the newbies. The time is nigh. Here is what I know to be true. We need to devise a method to identify participants and non. If you soak a noncombatant expect a visit from the local constabulary. Or EMT. See number 8.
1.    No physical contact with the opposition. Unless there is a special invitation (wink).
2.    No water balloons. I know they seem like a good idea but they are not and they leave a god awful mess.
3.    All official parks are hereby designated DMZs. That’s De-Militarized Zone for Todd. That’s right ALL PARKS are safe zones. You hear that Tipton?!
4.    It’s ON between Sun UP and Sun DOWN. Sunday, July 3th. At sunset retire your weapon.
5.    No water balloons. If you hit me with a balloon I will hit you with a rock.
6.    When this idea was hatched it was all about squirt guns. Not powered pumps that would make a fire fighter drool. While there is no “rule” about pumps and such keep that thought in mind when you are at Home Depot searching for inspiration.
7.    Do I even need to say water only? Clean water only? Nothing you wouldn’t put in your mouth? I hope not…..
8.    If you want to play, identify yourself and your target. Last year we used the three middle fingers pointing straight up to signal W for west side of Clear Lake Road or the same fingers pointed sideways ∑ letting folks know you represent the East side of the Island. If you blast someone who is not playing you are on your own. Know that some of your neighbors have very poorly developed senses of humor. Some of them may be packin’..
9.    Did I mention NO WATER BALLOONS ? I mean it too. No DANG balloons. Spread the word.
Here is a proposed new rules for 2011
NO @#$%#^% BALLOONS!!
Since the general idea is to squirt water at your friends and neighbors, well your neighbors anyway, leave the water source alone. Yes it is war and yes All’s Fair in it, but ….. Please tell the kids the rules. I personally had one of your little darling’s attempt to physically separate my hose from my house. No, he did not bother with the conventional screw on fittings.


David Chambers said...

PLEASE TINA if there is anything we can do to make you stay. let us know, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

craig said...


Please don't let these thugs win. They are probably at Bernies celebrateing right now. This makes me sick. Are you happy yet Tami?


Crafty Hoosier Gal said...
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Crafty Hoosier Gal said...

This just pisses me off even more. Allan is right, this is not over. Not in the slightest. Tami, Jackie and everyone else behind this ought to be ashamed of themselves. How do you live with yourselves on a daily basis? All I have to say is karma is a bitch.

Tina, thank you for all you have done for our community, our little slice of paradise. I hope that (up until recently) you have enjoyed your time here as much as we have enjoyed and appreciated your time here. Please know that you will truly be missed. You will always have friends in Clear Lake Shores!

~Amanda B

Roselyn Pierce said...

I am crying and nauseated. This is so *#$%'d up.........As I was talking to folks this past week I heard many good stories about how Tina had helped others outside of being a policewoman.......Here's my story.......Probably 10-12 years ago Tina called and told me and Joe about old Mr. Thigpen who lived in a shack at 318 Oak and had no family. Paul told me that every day after work Tina would go by and clean his kitchen and be sure he was fed, cleaned his butt and had the bare necessities. He had no family so Tina took on the responsibility. She said Mr. Thigpen was to the point he needed a hospital bed and since our Dad had just died they wanted to know if they could borrow ours. We took it over and installed it. It was a sad situation because Mr. Thigpen had no family and Tina was the only one looking in on him. After he died Joe and I went and helped them clean all the crap out of that house and get our bed back. It was a place most of you would not go inside... About a month later someone was mowing the yard. I asked the lawn people who was paying them and they told me. I called the folks paying and it was some company that somehow has a system of finding out who dies without a will or heirs. They tore down the house so taxes would be lowered, they still pay the taxes and I know it is still on the tax rolls belonging to Mr. Thigpen. It is probably about time now, 10 years later, for these folks mowing the grass and paying the taxes to go to court and legally put it in their name, although they never met Mr. Thigpen. All perfectly legal, I told Paul and Tina they could do that as well and they refused....These are the kind of folks Paul and Tina are. There was a great opportunity in front of them to own a house on 3 lots in CLS and they did not take it. .......Then last year Tina and my Joe spent many hours driving Terry Segal on Grove back and forth to the hospital when he could no longer take care of himself. Terry and his parents had been long time residents of CLS, and I believe Terry's Dad Perry Segal might have even been Sheriff many many years ago. Joe and Tina checked on him every day and it was not easy because of Terry's personality at the time. Then they found him dead and took care of that as well..........Over these past two weeks I have talked to Tina a couple of times and she was crying and so worried that Paul was going to have a heart attack because of the stress put on him of being on the agenda to be fired and for a nepotism ordinance to be passed, and of them both losing their jobs. I know she got sick with a cold and then Paul had to take her to the emergency room last weekend for muscle spams. So, to you haters that started this mess I hope when you are old or sick and needing a hand up that it is not forthcoming. The smirks on your face at council meeting did not go unnoticed. Karma is a bitch........Love you Tina and will miss you. Its our trajic loss for me and our community, and I hope Kemah hires you so I can still see your smiling face occasionally.

Suzanne Hubbard said...

My heart is pounding out of my chest hearing we lost Tina. Does Perkins and Fuller realize what a huge loss this is? Not only was she a great officer, she was a social worker to many here. She would call on the elderly residents and help mentor some of the kids. She performed over and above her required duties.

Tami, did your mother tell you Tina was the one offering her shoulder for your mom to cry upon as the Exec. Session was going on? Yep, your mom was crying on Tina's shoulder as you were in session trying to bring down her husband. A session that came about because of you. That is just one example of what an incredible person Tina is.

This is so NOT over.

Anonymous said...

A few people on the Island should be ashamed! Again why would these people want to live in a place where 95% of the people hate them!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I think some new signs are in order!!!
Maybe "Farewell Tina we will miss you"

Jeff T

Anonymous said...

Or maybe " The Island will miss you Tina"

Jeff T

Anonymous said...


Marie said...

This is a very sad day for CLS!

Anonymous said...

What a very sad day in our little community! Tina Shelley will truly be missed.

Janna Grubbs Derry

Anonymous said...

sometimes things happen for a reason.I have no doubt that paul and tina's P.R. work was outstanding.It showed in the City hall meeting.Mostly everyone there was in support of Paul and Tina.But what most of you didnt notice was there were also people there againts him.People who Paul made it an personal matter to ruin their Law Enforcement career.People who were outstanding officers that were let go becaue of Paul's intimidation practices."No one" dissagrees or dares to question Paul's athority without the fear of losing their jobs further more their career as a police officer.He's a tyrant boss who rules under his own rules with no remorse of who he steps on.I quote one of CHief's saying to a new employee. "I know what agencies you come from.I dont like them.Their hot heads.I don't want that here in my city.My citizens take good care of me and I take good care of them.Do you understand what I mean?So in other words. Dont F**k with them and you'll be alright here." end quote. It's no wonder why citizens back him. it's also very noticable during the holidays. Gift cards, liquor,wine. Tina says she was tired.....ok. like I said. everything will eventually will come out and will be seen what type of people they were ruling the dept. What I dont understand is why havent no props been given to the hard working officers that get out there and keep you city safe. I guess Chief and tina are an olny dual dept.

David Chambers said...

You cowardly basterd, show your name you have no balls and we will find you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ab said...

Bill? Is that you?

Rob Scherer said...

Let it be said, this is a very sad day for our island. Tina will be missed terribly. She has served our city well, and I hate that she is leaving. Emotions run high, and we are very angry. However , threats and name calling serve no purpose, and only fuel tensions that have existed for years. It also distacts from what we, as citizens need to do, to keep this from happening again. Last Tuesday's CC meeting was not a victory, but was just a start in a long political process. Become involved, stay involved, for there is only one arena where change can occur

Marie said...

Wow anonymous you sure know a lot about the chiefs management style!
My guess is you're one of the hot head cops who was let go from CLS.
OR your just an angry pissed off member of the haters club!

Michelle said...

I am sickened that this has happened despite any of us, save the anonymous people who are too scared to put their names, knowing any of the facts. This is ridiculous. Whatever Paul and/or Tina may or may have done that is so terrible, they are being treated worse than a terrorist from another country would be in our justice system. I guess we don't follow what the rest of the U.S. Jsutice system does, because our city council members think they are above and beyond ( Including some who are not even council members but act as though they are-you know who you are). But what sickens me MOST OF ALL is Tami's complete lack of maturity and professionalism. She was elected (not by me) to represent the cictizen's, and not only has she made it clear she could care less about our views, she is acting like a 5 year old. I should know. I have one. And they are able to show more respect for others even at that age of me, me, me. Tami, I hope that you could begin to at least act a bit more professionally as the elcted leader you are at this time. You have no respect for others (closing your eyes in front of Chief and stating, "I will not talk to you. I will NEVER talk to you!"). You should be treated as the 5 year old you continue to behave like, and have a Time Out. Preferably forever from any position of power.

Michelle said...

It didn't post my full name. Michelle Pajak at 612 E. Shore. And Tina, I want you to know how much Brendan, Robert, and I will truly miss you. Thank you so much for your service, compassion, leadership, and kindness.

craig said...


I have tried to be the voice of reason and encourage folks to do the right thing but now I must disagree with you. I have never seen a better time for name calling if it helps folks release their well placed anger. While we still don't have any facts and no matter what they are these arrogant, power drunk people have mishandled the whole situation and now we have permanently lost a valuable Officer who wasn't even the target. Our Island will suffer due to these arrogant, incompetent, as-ho---. I would be willing to bet that when Tami is done with her campaign, she will move. If she does not I hope her stay here is miserable. I hope Mary can find peace. She is standing behind her daughter as she should but from my view she is a far better person and doesn't deserve what she is having to deal with.

To anonymous who posted at 3:04 PM. When you learn how to spell, correctly structure sentences, capitalize, avoid statements that make no sense, and have the balls to sign your name, get back with us. Until then bite me. What the hell does "I guess Chief and tina are an olny dual dept" mean. Do you even know? My writings may not be perfect but at least I try to make them readable.

To who ever pointed out that I repeat myself, you are right but none of this can be said enough times. Rob, call them a few names. They deserve it. We just need to get back to being professional in a day or two so we can get on with the business of taking our Island back from these thugs. You all realize they are celebrating today don't you? Get pissed off and never stop letting them know you are pissed.



Anonymous said...

This was copied from the Gal. Daily News comment section.

Bill Young (justaman)
June 23, 2011 7:34 PM

#8 of 8
Reply | Request staff review

Dear Kemah Kat,

I have learned from experience when dealing with people that if they make accusations hiding behind false names, it tends to indicate the accusations are false. Again you have proven this true. Your rant about me is understandable since My partner and I jailed you sometime ago... Let it go!..or post under your real name so I can fairly respond.

For the readers,, The situation at Clear Lake Shores is not unusual for small towns. I still have many friends back in the Shores. No matter what happens it will still be a good place

to live and raise your kids. The Police Chief, Paul Shelley, I've known for 20 years. I remember when he was hired and he became a friend of mine. I even loaned he and Tina money when they needed it. Read This carefully...There was a time when I was officer of the year and I could do no wrong. I can't count the Thanksgivings and Christmas's I worked Double shifts so Tina the Chiefs wife could stay home with Chief and her son Josh.

Let me further say I did not resign, I was fired without cause or explanation and everyone whos ever been fired knows it sucks. I was more hurt than mad. Fired by a man I respected and who after 25 years of service to the city wouldn't even give me an exit interview. He had his Wife and Assistant Chief do it. This is one of the main reasons I want to bring Civil Service to the Sheriff's Dept. I never want any employee fired without just cause and go through what I did.

(I have a disabled older brother I care for and those times weren't easy)

The current investigation into Police dept turnover is being spearheaded by Tammy Perkins a city council member. I'm not involved in anyway whatsoever in her efforts. My name only comes up because of the reprimand Chief Shelley recieved last December from TECLOSE. A state investigation of training records was done and to be honest, Chief Shelley in my opinion took the fall for others who did the record keeping and preparing reports to the state agency. I was involved because I reported the violation to the state.I felt Chief Shelley calls to me and registered mail he sent was designed to intimidate me and this is simply how I responded. What can I say,

I don't like Bullies!

While I was typing this response to the person Kat I learned from my friends in the Shores that Captain Tina Shelley resigned today. I feel sadness for her in spite of her involvement with my termination. She was in the "cross fire".

I won't insult anyones intelligence by saying I don't have hard feelings for Chief Shelley. I DO..But as a christian I forgive him. But as a man, I would like to put a rock in his shoe.

Warm regards to all readers,

Bill Young

Republician Candidate for Galveston County Sheriff 2012

craig said...

Hey Rob,

I was thinking. No I didn't hurt myself but realized the last time we disagreed was in 1965 or 66. I don't remember what it was about but I had to put you down and draw a mustach on your face so I must have been right. Don't make me do it again.

Rob Brown said...


My apologies for being slow to comment, confirm, and bless the upcoming festivities:

Sunday, July 3rd - AB's fans water his yard for him... ahem, I mean..... Sunday July 3rd, West Side takes another beating from a bunch of old folks and kids with water pistols.

Ok, seriously this time - Sunday July 3rd, Water War IV:East v West.
For all of the new faces I've been seeing around the Island, this is the one day of the year we all get together for a little good natured (i.e. non-competitive) fun and arm ourselves to the teeth with water guns and proceed to soak each other silly. Clear Lake Rd. is the dividing line for the East and West sides. For the directionally challenged - boat ramp side is East, Sunset side is West.

If you're not playing be sure to identify yourself as a non-combatant and shooters, be sure of your target (thanks Todd Ford, my neighbor still reminds me of the case of mistaken identity you pulled last year). If you're going to bring your camera or cell phone on the cart - be sure to put it in a Ziploc baggy or something. All these techno gizmos we have these days are amazing.... until they get drenched in an unexpected golf cart water war joust.

Win, lose or draw - we could all use a little relief from this heat and a little water on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

June 24, 2011

Mrs. Perkins-

My hats off to you for sitting in the position that you are in right now; city council is not an easy job, especially with all this turmoil going on. We don’t have the facts, so I would be just as wrong as you in making assumptions about you as you are making about the Chief and Mrs. Shelley.

FACT: You initiated an investigation without the permission of city council. This is clearly against the law, and city charter- this would have had to been put on the agenda, voted for or against and then initiated as a council.

FACT: Texas is an AT WILL state with no reason needed for termination and no implied employee/employer relationship in the absence of a contract.

FACT: You are an elected official, for the people by the people. Do what is in the best interest of the city and its people, not your personal vendetta agenda, or something being carried out for someone else.

FACT: You are intimidated by Bernie and Kathy McIntyre. The city’s perception is their reality.

FACT: Your own mother was physically ill crying on the shoulder of Captain Tina Shelley the other night, while you were in executive session behind closed doors. This is fact because we saw and heard her talking.

FACT: There is a 99.9% chance that the citizens will never elect you to a position of leadership again.

FACT: 95% of the island supports the Police Department and Chief Shelley.

I am praying for you and the council Mrs. Perkins. I am praying that you make the right decisions, no matter what they are, and that you can stand before your creator on judgment day and say that you did the right thing- and there was no malice or discontent. We will all answer for our actions one day.

-Concerned in Clear Lake

cc. Mayor Vern Johnson
cc. Mayor Pro-Tem Richard Sowrey
cc. Councilman Jackie Fuller
cc. Councilman Al Burns Jr.
cc. Councilwoman Arline Laughter
cc. T.J. Aulds

Bryan Hoerner said...

Looks like we have more passion being expressed on this Island than I have ever seen since moving here. If we want to make a change there is no better time than now. From what I have seen in the past we have had far more strategists than activists. The Election of 2010 is a perfect example of that. We got a little complacent and lazy, and look where we are now. A group of folks are planning a Concerned Citizens Social that will be held at the Clubhouse in the near future. We are working on the agenda now, but certainly one of the main topics will be to draft a letter to Council outlining our expectations of them as representatives of this city. We will also discuss the steps required to remove someone from Council in the event the majority of attendees agree with that course of action. Stay tuned for more details.


Susan Perez said...

I cannot even express the sadness I am feeling for the loss of Tina Shelly. Tina and Paul have been wonderful asstes to our commnity.
There was a time when I would tell everyone who would listen how wonderful the island is, but now I am in a state of confusion about how wonderful we are.

I only hope that at some point the island will come back together and everyone will forget about the problems. What I do know is that a stand needs to be taken to fully support Tina and Paul.

I do this with great pride and I am not someone who expresses alot in difficult times. I tend to want us all to get along and therefore seldom take a stand. This time is different.

Susan Perez

Carey DeRousse said...

We have lived on the Island for thirty-four years, more than most less than some. I have seen people , city council, mayors, even police chiefs come and go. I usually don’t get involved in “small town politics” which should have a good connotation but sadly doesn’t. I had the opportunity on Thursday morning to spend some time with Tina, and during our conversation she never mentioned that she had tendered her resignation the day before. What I saw was someone who was tired and hurt after everything they had done for this community and now what was transpiring. A place they don’t live in but none the less consider it their home and all of us their neighbors. I saw no anger or bitterness almost a disbelief that this was all happening to her and her husband. It isn’t difficult to pick out a thief or a cheat. We all have had that opportunity, and that is not what I saw. Rather than attacking the people that have the power to change their life’s I would rather appeal for them to make a educated decision not a emotional one. To only consider the proven facts not the rumors or hearsay. To consider the importance of your decision and it’s effect on not only his livelihood but his life as well. When some people want something bad enough they can stray from the truth. I believe it’s your responsibility as city council members to be discriminating and only consider the facts, and also to how your decisions can have much further reaching ramifications than you may realize at this time.

Anonymous said...

From the research I have done, a petition can be signed and an application for a recall election can be filed to remove council members from city council. I would go door to door on the island to help with this.

Suzanne said...

In my opinion, one solution would be Tami Perkins could resign her seat on council. It would show some amount of character on her part.

As stated in the GDN by her mother, Tami did not want this to happen. And that was prior to the dreadful news of Tina resigning.

I could not help but to wonder what was going through your mind, Tami, as you sat facing all of us last Tues. evening. Were you proud that you listened to Bernie, Kathy and Young? Were you truly driven to take matters to Exe. Session? If at any point you regretted what you initiated, stop. Resign your seat on council.

Perhaps by resigning there would not be charges brought against you for breaking the law. Don't know. In the very least it would show this community you realize you need to take responsibility for your actions and your poor choices.

Suzanne Hubbard

E. Brian Chernecke said...

The issues which are apparently facing people who blog here, are not the result of reasonable disagreement, they are the result of misunderstandings.

The representative government we have on the island and in fact throughout the governing bodies in the United States, is just that, representative.

There is no place for individuals or groups of individuals to input their opinions directly into government and have them acted upon, except through persuasive efforts to legislators, or by voting for the right person as a representative.

If the government were responsive to individuals on separate issues, the place would be in chaos. Surely everyone realizes mob theory, a lynch mob of any kind is rule by majority of those present. Majority rule is NOT the type of government in the US, it is a representative government.

The elected officials on the city have and/or are taking action they deem appropriate. The time to take issue with that was at the ballot box, not with petitions and badgering.

If acts taken are unlawful, then a blog is not the place to voice that, the place is either in the county prosecutor's office or civil court. Published allegations by an individual, that another person has committed a crime, is an actionable offense itself. The only part a citizen plays in criminal matters is to bring it to the attention of the duly vested public authority.

I have many times suggested that council meetings be streamed to the internet and have found immense resistance, now there's an issue, why is that? That would allow many more citizens to "attend" the meetings while at work, or at another time, or without childcare, and that might well lead to better choices at the polls. This is something the citizens could legitimately lobby for which would help everyone.

I also note many, many threats on these blogs. First of all, the threats themselves are at best demeaning to the person issuing them. Whether person A works for the city or not is certainly nothing to threaten another human being over, let alone their honest opinion. I guess the idea is that another person cannot disagree without fearing for their well being...hmmm, now there's a person I would listen to...a bully. Are you kidding?

Tina, has apparently decided it would be in her best interest to resign and has done so. One would think that if they value Tina so much they would respect her choice, and not make her or anyone else feel bad about it. It is done.

If anything the council should acts immediately to enact an ordinance prohibiting nepotism, not to harm anyone, but rather to prevent this dynamic in the future. I might point out that since the city is very small in both government and population, any such nepotism ordinance should address any blood relationship, since working in any part of such a small community is essentially working together.

All in all, the blog has taken on the character of a mob, I would ask that in consideration of the island and the family values we cherish, that the tone be softened and that the discussions be without heated emotion and anger.

It is odd to me that people cannot fathom the idea that they do not know all the facts and perhaps are making decisions without some facts.

Lastly, on the issue of kindness and good deeds. Mother Theresa and Ghandi did good deeds, certainly. Unfortunately, so did Hitler and Ghengis Khan. It just depends upon who you were and your point of view. In order to evaluate a person's worth to society, one does not look for a good deed,one examines performance as a whole and in order to do that, one has to have knowledge of the performance as a whole. I am sure Ghengis Khan's nephew thought he was a swell guy!

E. Brian Chernecke

Anonymous said...

Well Said Brian! Thank you.

bernie mcintyre said...

To continue on Brian's theme on government, CLS is a general law city and can not have a charter. There is no provision for a recall of an elected official in a general law city. Larger cities, like League City, can have a charter and can incorporate more stringent ordinances on issues such as nepotism, and can define conditions for recall.
All the demand before and during the council meeting for facts overlooks the fact that it had to be a closed executive session because Paul chose it. The employee being discussed can choose between open and closed session. I suspect that all involved are cautioned by attorneys to keep quiet and not answer questions before and during the council meeting. And, they can not talk about the closed session proceedings. The wording of the agenda item was probably a standard wording for any agengy which wants to discuss an employee. Altrhough Vern removed the additional wording to include taking action on the discussion, and posted the agenda at the very last minute, I believe the council could still have insisted on a vote. In order to prevent a vote or other action, the agenda would have to state " For discussion only". To state there will be deliberations on disciplining ar terminating an employee implies action may be taken. The action they took was to authorize an investigation, and I would guess it was unanimous. They want an independent entity to determine facts.
Most of you wish to shoot the messenger, but every council member has a responsibility to bring issues to light when they see irregularities and possible mismanagement.


Anonymous said...

If no one can see the facts because it was a closed session. Why do you and Kathy have the facts

Anonymous said...

Let's remember we collectively vowed not to engage in Bernie's rants. It is so tempting since he claims to only be the messenger but, in fact, he is one of the leaders who insisted Tami break the law by not following correct procedures. Are we going to engage someone that after a beer or two writes things like - "any agengy" and "Altrhough Vern". We are better than that!